The Rooftop Prince becoming more popular throughout the world

SBS’s drama series The Rooftop Prince (written by Lee Hee Myung, directed by Shin Yoon Seop) is becoming more and more popular throughout the world

The Rooftop Prince becoming more popular throughout the world

SBS’s series The (written by Lee Hee Myung, directed by Shin Yoon Seop) is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

Recently, SBS was offered an unusual interview. In fact, it is a rare case for a foreign country to dispatch a reporter to cover a drama series which is actively on air in Korea. However, NBC Universal from has revealed its hope to visit Korea to cover The Rooftop Prince.

On April 24, reporter Nini Yusof who visited SBS from Singapore explained the local reaction to the series, “The Rooftop Prince is very popular in Singapore. After a few hours of the broadcast in Korea, the episode will be translated in many different languages on the Internet. As a worker in the field of media, I’m simply surprised and envious of this explosive popularity of a drama series.”

On hearing this, producer Shin Yoon Seop expressed his gratitude and said, “The series has just gone over the middle phase, and we are having a hard time shooting. But as we receive positive feedback from the viewers, we’re trying to cheer up and have fun shooting. I’m so grateful to hear that people outside the country are interested in watching our series, and it makes us feel more responsible shooting it.”

NBC Universal will broadcast the coverage to 33 million households in the Asia Pacific area, bringing the reputation of the series seven more higher.

The series builds more expectations as Park Ha (played by Han Jin Mi) has confessed her feelings for the prince (played by Park Yoo Chun) by texting, making viewers more curious about how their romantic relationship will develop. The next episode airs on April 25 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report

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