"King of Pigs" invited to Cannes

Animation "King of Pigs" has been invited to the 65th Cannes International Film Festival.

Cruel thriller "King of Pigs" which deals with school violence has been nominated for the Golden Camera Award which aims at rookie directors at the Cannes Internatiional Film Festival happening this 16th of May.

"King of Pigs" is an animation that gathered ten thousand audiences among other independent animations last year and it withholds the content of a man who kills his wife impulsively due to business failure and reminisces the old times with his friend back from junior high school 15 years ago.

This animation portrays the cruel and brutal fight for authority and violence well with voice acting by Oh Jeong-se and Kim Kkobbi.

"King of Pigs" was also awarded 3 times last year at the Busan International Festival for Asian Movie Development, Korean Director's Award and for The Best Director. This is the first long term animation to be invited to the Cannes International Film Festival.