[Spoiler] "Fashion King" Yoo Ah-in striked by Lee Je-hoon

"Fashion King" Kang Yeong-gul (Yoo Ah-in) fabricated a scenario at Jeong Jae-hyeok's (Lee Je-hoon) charges.

On the twelfth episode of the SBS drama "Fashion King" on the 24th, Kang Yeong-gul put on a self fabricated scenario.

Kang Yeong-gul's production work was put to a stop thanks to Jeong Jae-hyeok's charges. Kang Yeong-gul's departure from the country was also banned since he had a past record and the meeting with Michael Jay seemed like it was going to be difficult. Choi An-na (Yoori) helped Jeong Jae-hyeok by putting up a false statement that Kang Yeong-gul threatened her and stole her designs. In return for canceling all charges, Jeong Jae-hyeok asked for Kang Yeong-gul's share.

Kang Yeong-gul pretended to receive a call from Michael Jay when he was with Choi An-na. He intentionally said it out loud that Michael Jay had decided to introduce him to an investor and a spy behind Kang Yeong-gul and Choi An-na delivered this message to Jeong Jae-hyeok.

He went to visit Jeong Jae-hyeok and said, "I'm on my way to meet someone Michael Jay introduced to me. Go on and press charges if you want to". Jeong Jae-hyeok was in panic and decided to cancel all charges and told Kang Yeong-gul, "I will buy your share but give me Lee Ga-yeong (Sin Se-kyeong)".

However, the American investor Kang Yeong-gul had mentioned was Jang Il-gook (Sin Seung-hwan). Kang Yeong-gul made him wear an expensive suit. Madam Jo (Jang Mi-hee) who regretted holding hands with Kang Yeong-gul also misunderstood him as an investor and got herself out of danger with Kang Yeong-gul for support.