SHINee reveals Japanese “Sherlock” PV

via Tokyohive As reported earlier, Korean group SHINee will be releasing their new single, “Sherlock (Japanese ver.)“, on May 16th

SHINee reveals Japanese “Sherlock” PV

via Tokyohive

As reported earlier,  group  will be releasing their new single, “Sherlock (Japanese ver.)“, on May 16th. However, prior to its release, the group has unveiled the PV for the song.

This is the Japanese version of SHINee’s song “Sherlock”, which has already been released in . The single will also include a Japanese original song called “Keeping love again” as its coupling track.

“Sherlock (Japanese ver.)” will be available in 3 different versions: Limited Edition, Regular First Press Edition, and Regular Edition. We have some time to go before the official release, so check out the PV in the meantime!

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