Driver of ‘devil Equus’ threatens to sue Hyori for defamation of character

Driver of ‘devil Equus’ threatens to sue Hyori for defamation of character

Driver of devil Equus threatens to sue Hyori for defamation of character

On April 22nd, singer Lee Hyori expressed her thoughts through Twitter regarding the devil Equus accident that had been heating up the web stating, As a same human, I’m ashamed and I am sorry. I hope you aren’t reborn as a weak dog that’s unable to speak in your next life…

However, as the driver has been found innocent, it looks like the driver may sue the singer for defamation of character.

On April 24th, Lee Hyori wrote on her Twitter, After the driver has been ruled innocent, the person called our agency and has warned us stating that he would be suing us for defamation of character. I told them that I sincerely hoped that all this had happened due to a mistake rather than on purpose, and that they can go ahead and sue.

The singer later tweeted, Whether it was a mistake or not, I wrote that post expressing my sorrow and how ashamed I was also a same human being as the person that had caused the death of that dog. I dont even know the name of the driver or what that driver looks like so how could I have defamed that persons character?.. However, if what I have done was an offense, I will allow being sued and accept any punishments.

The photos of the accident, known as devil Equus, spread throughout the web and left many furious. The photo showed a beagle dangling behind the trunk of a Hyundai Equus sedan with a mere leash attached around its neck. It is said that the driver had adopted the beagle from a close friend at a restaurant and had put the dog in the trunk because it had stepped in stool. As the car came to a stop, the beagle somehow got out of the car without the driver knowing.

Lee Hyori further remonstrated on Twitter, Have police closely investigated the matter such as how long the driver had the dog for, how and where the driver bought the dog, and where he was taking the dog to?

SourceImage: Star News via Nate, Hyoris Twitter