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[Review] U-KISS DORADORA U-KISS has been through a bumpy road, but as far as their musical progression is concerned, its surely one of the most established in K-Pop. They had a number of minor hits in the past with their former go-to producer, Brave Brothers, but therein lies the problem. They didnt sound any different from the other boy bands at their time. It wasnt until their commitment with Marcan Entertainment that UKISS really defined its sound and image.

U-KISS returns to the K-Pop scene with funky rock-tingled track, DORADORA, a production by Kim Hyung Seok. If you guys dont know who he is, hes a respected producer responsible for hits for Kim Gun Mo, Baby VOX, Insooni and even J.Y. Park. Here, we have some influences of electronica and dubstep, but its tastefully done. The blippy synths dont distract the listener from enjoying the smooth and sensual feel of the track. The only thing that might disinterest DORADORAs listeners is that it strays from the usual pop formula that U-KISS and most K-Pop artists tend to abide by. A composition by a less contemporary musician might be the cost of having a less-trendy track, but making bold choices is something rare in K-Pop (especially when it comes to title songs) and its certainly more rewarding for an artist/group.

Another star collaboration we hear on this album is U-KISS and Jay Park with 4U. Its an interesting blend of 90s club beats and light synth layering, giving the song a sharp dance beat, but yet a sweet sound many U-KISS lady listeners will fancy. U-KISS is no stranger to American influences in their music so 4U sits nicely with the rest of their songs.

Amazing is the next noteworthy track on DORADORA. Many fans will point out that U-KISS member, AJ, co-produced this track. This could have been a decent single, but personally, Amazing fares better as a strong album track, strengthening the quality of the album as a whole. Theres not much to say here besides the usual side-chained bass on a fast paced common time beat, but the fact that its the song that sounds the most like U-KISS prior to Neverland, brings a lot of attention to the track.

For those who are familiar with the groups recent expedition to the Japanese market, you guys will already know this one. TICK TOCK (Out of Time) is pretty much an upgraded Neverland. Im a little against having clocks ticking and rain drizzling in K-Pop now since its been beat to death, but the track is so catchy and enjoyable, its forgivable. Unlike many of their other tracks, this tracks chorus opens with complete English lines, which is interesting, but in a way, its also sort of distracting. You can either take pieces of English phrases to convey your Korean lyrics better like most good K-Pop songs, or keep it all in English like 2NE1s Ugly. Singing half of it straight through in English and then all the sudden with a line Korean like in TICK TOCK will probably throw most listeners off. TICK TOCK, like Neverland, is loud and hook heavy. They both sort of have this snowball effect where the track starts steady and melodically, but releases an outburst of energy once the chorus hits. Now when I said that TICK TOCK is like an upgraded Neverland, I meant it as a good thing. One thing I really admire about pop producers is when they develop a distinct, yet practical formula that works exclusively for an artist. SHINee has one that can be heard in Sherlock and Lucifer, and UKISS has one that in Neverland and TICK TOCK. Its this formula that helps us identify that this is a U-KISS song, and its something more K-Pop bands should take note of.

U-KISS is experimenting with new sounds, and to be honest, this time around, the band took this reviewer by surprise. Too often, we hear K-Pop bands stuck on a sound once they find some success in it, but its clear U-KISS learned from its mistakes. They suffered enough from their catchy-but-basic string of Brave Brothers singles. Seeing that they just missed winning that Mutizen over KARA with Neverland, it seemed only natural that they release a better version of it (aka TICKTOCK) in Korea the second time around. However, by using DORADORA as their title track, that is exactly what they didnt do.

DORADORA (album) is a combination of a safe pop sound as well as an experimental one, but with Ryan Jhun playing executive producer for UKISS, were handed one solid, consistent and interesting mini album. Even if U-KISS doesnt win a Mutizen this time around, they shouldnt be too bothered, as theyve already shown their quality as artists by taking on risks.

Reviewer's Rating:[Review] U-KISS DORADORA [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] [PIC] (4.1 / 5)

Spoiler 'One More Glad Ending' Jang Nara and Kwon Yul proportion insecure kiss

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While Han Mi-mo used to be on a date with Goo Hae-joon, all she mentioned were things associated with his friend, Song Soo-hyeok (Jeong Kyeong-ho). Goo Hae-joon kissed Han Mi-mo on her lips and stated "With the lips from now on, speak aboutbest me only from now on".

Goo Hae-joon also said, "Do you know you just talked about Song Soo-hyeok all day long? Please tell experiences solely about me from now on". And then he hugged Han Mi-mo.

The explanation why this 'Hard to get' man, Goo Hae-joon replacedthis mannerchanged into because he knew that secretly beloved Han Mi-mo. Even if Goo Hae-joon shared their first kiss, he looked at Han Mi-mo insecurely.

Shim Hyun Tak and iKON's Kim Jin Hwan cope with a disabled cat

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Because Lucky's hind legs were paralyzed it could noteffectivelyunencumber its bowels and had to wear diapers at all times. Shim Hyung Tak and Jin Hwan's assignment of looking afterFortunateconcernedassisting the cat release its physically waste. Careful not to harm the cat, Shim Hyung Tak gently squeezed the decreaseframe of the cat whilst Jin Hwan stood via alongside a diaper in his hand.

It's transparent that neither big name is used to taking care of a cat, especially a cat with a disability, yet it's candyto peer them treating the poor creature so gently! 

Results for the “Idol Superstar Athletics Championship” Men and Women’s 400m Relay Are Out

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Results for the “Idol Superstar Athletics Championship” Men and Women’s 400m Relay Are Out

Results for the Idol Megastar Athletics Championship Men and Womens 400m Relay Are Outck525 February 10, 2016 0 Spoiler alert for folks that haven’t watched the “2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

A Pink, EXID, G-Friend, and Lovelyz competed every other in the play-offs for the women’s 400m relay. A Pink, who had won gold closing year, once back took the crown. EXID got here in second, whilst G-Friend came in as third.

BTS, B.A.P, VIXX, and BTOB made it to the finals of the men’s 400m relay. BTS took the gold medal, B.A.P took 2nd place, and VIXX came in third.

Lee Sung Min Is Filming 'Memory'

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Lee Sung Min Is Filming 'Memory'

Lee Sung Min these days won compliment for his role as the hardworking branch manager in the marvel cable hit "Misaeng." After "Misaeng" he had a cameo functionality in "Hogu's Love" and also gave the impression in the ancient drama "Splendid Politics." He's also been in a string of moviesthroughout the last two years, adding 'Venus Talk," "Kundo: Age of Rampant," "My Vibrant Life," "The Piper" and this week's box place of work reach "A Violent Prosecutor." In "A Violent Prosecutor," he plays an assistant prosecutor.

"Memory" also stars Kim Ji Su, last noticed in the drama "One Warm Word" and the movie "Gangnam Blues." Kim plays Search engine optimization Young Joo, Park Tae Suk's ex-wife, who now serves as a judge.

Park Tae Suk's diagnosis and aggravating symptoms will also lead him to imagine the relationships in his life and have a look at to mend fences. His relationships are complicated. He has an ex-wife and a present wife.

Kwak Si Yang finds how it used to be when he first met Kim So Yeon on 'We Were given Married'

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In a up to date interview with TV Daily, actor Kwak Si Yang mentioned 'We Were given Married' in which he's paired up with Kim So Yeon.  The couple is doing really well and receiving loads of love!

He said, "For the primary filming of 'We Got Married,' I actually had no concept who used to be going to come out.  I had some combinations that I imagined.  There became an actor-actor couple and a singer-singer couple, so I presumed there might be an actor-singer formation this time, so I used to befascinated about who would come out, yet then I saw Kim So Yeon.  At that point 1 was taken aback, wondering, 'Why is Kim So Yeon here?' and, 'Is Kim So Yeon my wife?'"

Regarding their first meeting, Kwak Si Yang admitted, "When I first saw Kim So Yeon, I was also very shy.  I did notmeans her viafeelings but viaa chain of nerves. Of course, we movieeach two weeks so every time I pass into filming, there is somewhat of awkwardness, but now, just sharing a couple of words straight away makes me feel at ease.  It's transformherbalto hang her hand, and I think that we havedevelop intook withone another when we comic story around.  Also, after 'We Got Married' filming is over, we do not just separate after saying, 'Good job,' but we converse, and we even touchevery oneevery so often on days we do not film.  After filming ends, the feelings linger for a few days."

Spoiler Added episode 36 captures for the Korean drama 'Glamorous Temptation'

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Added episode 36 captures for the Korean drama "Glamorous Temptation" (2015)Directed by potential of Kim Hee-won-II, Kim Sang-hyeobWritten by Cha I-yeong, Son Yeong-mokNetwork : MBCWith Choi Kang-hee, Joo Sang-wook, Cha Ye-ryeon, Jeong Jin-yeong, Kim Mi-kyeong, Lee Jae-yoon-I,...50 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00Also referred to as "Fancy Seduction"Synopsis"Fancy Seduction" is the tale of a set of buddies and their excellent and bad facets of life. There is abloodlesscombat and a warm circle of relativestale in the drama too.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/10/05

SPICA disclose plans for their comeback!

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SPICA's firm reported on February 10, "SPICA is making ready a new album with all the members.  We have now not yet made up our mindsat theprecise comeback date.  Our comeback purpose is for April and we are in the word of collecting songs.  Although we did notcome to a decisionwhat sort of album this would possibly increasingly be, it's far being ready as a mini-album."

Netizens Claim Those GIFs Of Popular K-Pop Idols Are MUST-SAVE

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I will also update those later too.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

Korean Ladies Debate Which WHITE Items They suspect Are The PRETTIEST

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Korean Ladies Debate Which WHITE Items  They suspect Are The PRETTIEST

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231 / -1 Hahahaahahahaahah f*ck.. (When I saw number 1) Isnt it obtrusive 1?? (When I saw number 2) Isnt it apparent 2?? (When I saw number 3) Isnt it manifestly 3?? . f*ck.. my handicapped resolution making talents

Himchan stocks a quick preview to new song 'My Girl'

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Himchan stocks  a quick preview to new song 'My Girl'

Much like "Carnival," "My Girl" sounds lighthearted and airy; no less thanthat is whatwe willacquire from the short 13-second preview on Himchan's Twitter. Either songs appearto slot the cheery symbol of the group's comeback which have been bursting with pops of color.