Why does SNSD’s Tiffany feel stressed

Why does SNSD’s Tiffany feel stressed

Why does SNSDs Tiffany feel stressed?

SNSDs Tiffany recently said that she feels stressed because of her fashion at the Airport.

Tiffany appeared on the April 24 episode of SBSs Strong Heart and said, I didnt care about my fashion when I go to the Airport before. But when people started to pay attention to the Airport fashion, I started caring about it.

She added, When I was very careful about my appearance, there are no reporters at the Airport. But when I dont wear makeup and just wear slippers, many reporters take pictures of me.

Besides Tiffany, many stars, including Ivy, Park Kyung Rim, Oh Yoon Ah, Lee Hyun Jin, Lee Joon, Han Ji Woo, Kim Na Young, and announcer Kim Hwan will appear on the show.

Source: TV Report