[Updated] SM Releases ‘Dear My Family’ OST Track & MV

To add to our excitement for SM Town’s upcoming movie, ‘I AM’, SM has released the OST track, ‘Dear My Family’ along with its music video

To add to our excitement for SM Town’s upcoming movie, ‘I AM’, SM has released the OST track, ‘Dear My Family’ along with its music video. SM’s artists, Girls’ Generation, , , , TVXQ, , , EXO-K, and EXO-M, have come together to participate in this soft and beautiful track.

[Updated] SM Releases ‘Dear My Family’ OST Track & MV

‘Dear My Family’ is a re-recorded track that was originally from well-known SM composer’s, Yoo Young Jin’s, 3rd album ‘지애’, released in 2001, in which SM’s artists at the time, ’s Kang Ta, Moon Hee, Jun, , , , and BoA, participated in. (Unfortunately, in present day, some of these artists have disbanded or are no longer under SM’s label except for BoA and Kang Ta :[)

To many SM Town family , even though ‘Dear My Family’ is a re-recorded track, it’s heartwarming to hear ‘another’ SM family track after so many years. I believe the last time SM released a family track with almost all of its artists participating in was back in 2007; if you can recall, that track was, “Only Love” and it was released a few months after our girls officially joined the family.

According to SM’s Facebook page, later today, the new music video of ‘Dear My Family’ will drop with highlights from “I AM”. We’ll keep you guys updated once it’s out.

Sources: SM Town’s Facebook Page, PP2pinkyTOP89, angel15, & LOvEkbliss @ YouTube

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