Ha Ji Won is an action queen on ‘The King 2 Hearts’

Ha Ji Won is an action queen on ‘The King 2 Hearts’

Ha Ji Won is an action queen on The King 2 Hearts

Ha Jin Won is getting a lot of attention thanks to the action scenes she shot for MBCs series The King 2 Hearts.

In the 12th episode of the series, which will air on April 26, Ha will show off her action skills, including kicking and climbing onto a roof by hanging on wires.

Ha has been showing off her feminine and elegant charms as a royal fiance of South Korea rather than a North Korean special forces officer. However, in the 12th episode, Ha will transform into a warrior once again to emit her powerful energy.

The action scene is one of the most difficult scenes, in which Ha has to move fast. She will bring a female North Korean enlisted woman under control using a 90 degree kick.

In addition, Has spectacle action is like a vitamin on the set. Even though she might get hurt while shooting the action scenes, she always smiles and says, I want to do my best to measure up to the audiences expectation. She is also encouraging the entire crew by working hard and showing her passions.

In the 10th episode of the series, Lee Seung Gi made Yoon Jae Moon tell him that he killed the preceding King Lee Sung Min and they faced off against each other.

Source: Sports Korea