Kim Jong Kook to make a comeback to the music scene

Kim Jong Kook to make a comeback to the music scene

Kim Jong Kook to make a comeback to the music scene?

It seem Kim Jong Kook will finally be making his comeback to the music scene!

Kim Jong Kook is currently a fixed cast member of SBSs Running Man and has been active on variety shows, but has remained silent in the music industry for a while. That is until now. If sources are correct, he will release a new album next month.

A staff member seemed to have confirmed this statement for they said, Kim Jong Kooks new album seems to be a little late.  It was originally planned to be released in March but they were still deciding on what tracks they should include so they pushed it back a little.  I assume the album will be released sometime in May.

This new album that Kim Jong Kook will release will be the first after his album in September 2010, which was a remake album that was released an year and 8 months ago.  You would have to go even further back, 2 years and 4 months, to see the last time he released any original material, which would be his 6th album back in January 2010. Before releasing this new album, Kim Jong Kook took a bold step by setting up his own agency called JK Entertainment, made by the initials in his name.

With his appearances on variety shows rather than music programs, fans had started to wonder if he had decided stop with music for a while. However, with this news, the singer, who debuted in the popular group Turbo and made a successful transition as a popular solo ballad singer with such hits as, One Man, Its this Person, and Today More than Yesterday, seems to be preparing to top the charts once again.

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate News