[Review] Girl’s Day ‘Every Day II’

[Review] Girls Day Every Day II

[Review] Girls Day Every Day II Despite not having won a music program yet, Girls Day closed out 2011 as one of the years hottest rising rookie groups. They scored three consecutive top twenty hits on the GAON chart, including the top five smash Twinkle Twinkle, and their larger-than-life personalities and sense of humor helped set the girls apart from the likes of SECRET and A Pink, who also sported aegyo-heavy concepts last year.

With their star status on the rise, youd have expected Girls Day to pull a T-ara and flood the market with music to further establish themselves in the crowded K-Pop scene. Instead, they ran off to promote in Japan, and didnt actively promote their music in Korea for a whopping 10 months.

The fivesome finally made their comeback last week with a new single OH! MY GOD and the release of their second mini-album Every Day II. After their long absence, I was expecting big things from Girls Day, but unfortunately, theyve left me cold.

[Review] Girls Day Every Day II

Everyday II opens with the sweet midtempo Two Of Us. Its got cute lyrics about two people who havent experienced love, but then they discover it together and pretty much live happily ever after. Its the kind of nondescript filler song that would show up as a B-side from A Pink, Girls Generation, KARA, or any other girl group sporting a cute image. Personally, Im a sucker for those songs (as unoriginal as they are), but objectively speaking, its nothing you havent heard before and probably wont impress anybody who isnt already a fan of the style.

The girls follow with Oh! My God, which serves as their title track. When I had previously envisioned Girls Days comeback, Id expected them to either continue the bubbly synth sound they started with in Twinkle Twinkle, or to undergo a radical change similar to what Dal★Shabet did with Hit U. With Oh! My God, theyve done neither. Its the kind of cheap auto-tuned dance-pop song that Brave Brothers could produce in about two seconds, and it lacks the charm of Girls Days former hits. Listening to it gives the impression that Dream Tea wanted to mature Girls Days sound a little, while retaining the cute style that made them breakout stars last yearbut as the old saying goes, you cant always have your cake and eat it too.

OH! MY GOD isnt terrible or anything; it just feels like such a huge step backwards. Id expect Girls Day to have put this out in their early days, somewhere between that weird Tilt My Head tune and Nothing Lasts Forever. Its such a rookie type of song that might get a pass if released as the debut single from some new group, but its totally unacceptable for a rising star like Girls Day. The most shocking part is that it was composed by Kang Ji-won and Kim Gi-Bum, who are behind all of SECRETs flawless hits.

Luckily Dont Let Your Eyes Wander (also known as Dont Flirt) is next. This song was amazing when it dropped last year, and its still amazing now. The aegyo-fuelled europop production is brilliant, marking an evolution from Girls Days previous single Hug Me Once, while also keeping in line with what was the groups distinctive sound at the time. I still cant believe that this was just a digital single that wasnt even officially promoted (seriously, who is managing this group?).

Every Day II wraps up with Telepathy, which was apparently written and composed by Girls Days leader and oldest member Sojin. Its a sweet pop number with a boppy beat and splashes of retro arcade effects sprinkled throughout. Its not title track material, but its a perfect slice of album filler that ends Everyday II on a really fun, upbeat note.

Girls Day has a great deal of potential to become one of K-Pops more popular girl groups, so its a shame to see the band squander it with a disappointing title track like OH! MY GOD. Theyve got the concept down (have you seen the OH! MY GOD MV? Its hilarious!) but all thats missing is the right song. Hopefully the girls will get it right next time, because right now, Every Day II just isnt cutting it.


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