"Happy Ending"starts off with more than 1%

JTBC drama "Happy Ending" started off well.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 24th, "Happy Ending" aired on the 23rd rated 1.482%.

Compared to the previous drama "Syndrome" which rated 0.926% on its first episode, "Happy Ending" can be said it's off to a good start.

"Happy Ending" is based on a Japanese writer and novelist's original "The Elephant's Back" about Kim Doo-soo (Choi Min-soo) who prepares to say goodbye to his wife Yang Seon-ah (Shim Hye-jin) and the rest of the family as he is given only a short time to live.

"The Elephant's Back" wet Japan with tears and had been made into an animation, movie and even a drama.

This day's episode showed reporter Kim Geum-ha (So Yoo-jin), a daughter of Kim Doo-soo, not being able to stand injustice and running back and forth the police station while doing her work, keeping busy everyday until she hears news like a bolt out of the blue from the doctor.