Lee Hyori talks about her boyfriend’s humble nature

Lee Hyori talks about her boyfriend’s humble nature

Lee Hyori talks about her boyfriends humble nature

Sexy Queen Hyori talked about what attracted her to her current boyfriend.

On the April 23rd broadcast of SBS Healing Camp, Hyori shared the love story behind herself and her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon.

He first contacted me for advice when adopting a dogĀ I liked the way he took his time to select a dog to adopt, she said. Seeing his prudent and cautious nature, I thought that he must be a good guy.

But back then, we were not romantically interested in one another, she continued. We became close while writing a song to support and help abandoned animals. While listening to the song, I realized I really liked his voice.

Ive never met anyone like Sang Soon oppa who is so easy-going when it comes to money, she added. He does not chase money, and whats most important to him is his own happiness. He lives within his means, whether he has a lot or a little.

Hyori revealed that she became further attracted to him after visiting his home. He had a small rooftop home, and it was so well-decorated and charming. He had a lot of books, and a lot of flowers. I thought, this person prioritized happiness and fulfillment, more than money.

He had more happiness than gold, and until then, I only had a lot of gold, she continued. Taking that into consideration, he probably didnt dislike me too much either, she joked, causing the MCs laugh.

Viewers showed their support for Hyori and Lee Sang Soon saying, Lee Sang Soon really must be a good guy. Wish them the best.

SourceImage : TVDaily via Nate