Who wore it best: Yuri or Gong Hyun Joo

Who wore it best: Yuri or Gong Hyun Joo

Who wore it best: Yuri or Gong Hyun Joo?

Photos of actress, Gong Hyun Joo and Girls Generation member Yuri working out at the gym in the same skin tight outfit have been spreading rapidly, provoking netizens to choose who wore it better.

Screen captures of Gong Hyun Joo running on the treadmill were caught when SBSs Stupid Mom aired its episode on April 21st.  The actress sported an skin tight black top and short pants along with some sleek headphones.  Her overall appearance is quite similar to Lara Croft from the classic game, Tomb Raider.  The tight outfit does an outstanding job, revealing her slim and sexy body line.

Meanwhile, Kwon Yuris treadmill run sparked much interest earlier in the month, as screen captures circulated rapidly on the internet.  Yuri, also sported a skin top black top and short pants, but covered herself with a light pink jacket, displaying a bit more of a feminine look.

Both actresses certainly rocked their individual outfits, but if you had to chooseWhich is better?

SourceImage: Chosun via Nate