TVXQ, KARA, IU, Lee Seunggi and more in Oricon's monthly charts for March

TVXQ, KARA, IU, Lee Seunggi and more in Oricon's monthly charts for March

TVXQ, KARA, IU, Lee Seunggi and more in Oricons monthly charts for MarchWith so many releases by Korean artists in Japan every month, the monthly rankings are filled with albums and singles. The charts for the month of March aren't any different, as over 10 different artists are included.

The monthly single rankings show TVXQ's "Still" on the 3rd spot, with 126,975 copies sold. KARA follows at the 6th place, while Super Junior's DonghaeEunhyuk can be found on the 10th. IU and Lee Seunggi's debut singles sold enough to get them to the 23rd and 26th places respectively, leaving Supernova's leader Yoonhak and The Boss at a 31st and 38th spot. Girl group Rainbow charted 41st with "Gonna Gonna Go!".

March's album rankings show us Big Bang at the 7th spot, closely followed by 2PM's "Best" album on a 16th spot. Jang Geunsuk and Big Brother's Team H were left at a 18th place. Big Bang labelmates 2NE1 got to the 22nd position, whereas After School's "Playgirlz" brought them to the 28th. Big Bang's Korean version of "Alive" also charted on the 33rd, just above Rainbow's first full length on the 37th spot. SHINee's "Sherlock" Koreann mini album closes the chart on the 50th place.

Releases for the April charts include SHU-I, 2AM, Infinite, FT Island, Lee Seunggi, Chi Chi and more!

Monthly Singles

03. TVXQ - STILL (03/14) 156,150 copies

06. KARA - Speed Up/Girls Power (03/21) 126,975 copies

10. Super Junior DonghaeEunhyuk - Oppa Oppa (04/04) 68,475 copies

23. IU - Good Day (03/21) 27,566 copies

26. Lee Seunggi - Alone in Love (03/06) 25,741 copies

31. Yoonhak from Supernova - Alone (03/21) 20,853 copies

38. The Boss - Jumping (03/28) 17,597 copies

41. Rainbow - Gonna Gonna Go! (03/14) 16,544 copies

42. T-ara - Roly-Poly (02/29) 16,247 copies

Monthly Albums

07. Big Bang - Alive (03/28) 66,043 copies

16. 2PM - 2PM BEST ~2008-2011 in Korea~ (03/14) 35,229 copies

18. Team H - Loung H the first impression (03/21) 32,739 copies

22. 2NE1 - COLLECTION (03/28) 27,404 copies

28. After School - PLAYGIRLZ (03/14) 22,737 copies

33. Big Bang - Alive (02/29) 20,478 copies (Korean Release)

37. Rainbow - Over the Rainbow (03/28) 17,364 copies

40. Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (06/01) 16,360 copies

50. SHINee - Sherlock (03/23) 13,737 copies

Source: Monthly (SinglesAlbums)