Maknae Will Always be Maknae

This picture has surfaced of maknae Seohyun and has netizens talking. In the picture, she is reading a script while getting her hair done

Maknae Will Always be Maknae This has surfaced of maknae and has netizens talking.

In the picture, she is reading a script while getting her hair done.  Always diligent Seohyun never wastes time when work needs to be done!  It has been said that she also read a lot when she is in the car on her way to a schedule.  All this diligence has led to her being given the title of “straight and narrow daily life girl.”  I think this totally makes sense considering who we are talking about!  Just you wait, one day after the girls go their separate ways (but not anytime soon Maknae Will Always be Maknae), Seohyun will definitely do something of a greater calling.  Maybe take her idol Ban Ki-moon’s spot perhaps?


Girls’ Generation Members Come Out to Support Maknae Seohyun’s Romantic Musical
Sunny, Jessica and Sooyoung came out to enjoy the musical “Moon that Embraces the Sun” to support their fellow Girls’ Generation member Seohyun. Seohyun is currently performing along side Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun for the historical musical based off the 2012 drama of the same name. A photo of the members along with Kyuhyun smiling backstage was posted on Sunny’s Instagram page along with the message, “We watched #MoonThatEmbracesTheSun~~~ i-ya… It’s an impressive piece of work…...
Airport Fashion Spotlight: miss A's Maknae Min Show her Biker Outfit as She Leave for Hong Kong
miss A Min's Airport Fashion Half of JYP Entertainment"s girl group, miss A has been spotted in the airport leaving for Hong Kong to attend to their first concert in the Asian city. Their maknae, Min seemed to have appeared as a strong and fierce woman with her biker/rocker look. Min was seen wearing a a leather jacket from MCQ Alexander McQueen priced at $1047. Underneath her jacket she is seen wearing a black hoodie partnered with white washed jeans and white leather biker flat boots...
Kim SungGyu, the spoiled maknae
  Infinite’s SungGyu really received a lot of love from his hyungs during the filming of KBS new variety show, The Dreaming Sea. SungGyu was one of the cast members of the show together with Shin HyunJoon, Nam HeeSuk, Lee Hoon, Jung GyuWoon and Jeong HyeongDon. The others, especially Shin HyunJoon, really spoiled him to death. HyunJoon, the cook, made some food and called it “Gyu-sta” because he cooked it especially for SungGyu...
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