35949pen Painting Exhibit Shows Theyre Not Just For Writing

'Pen' painting exhibit shows they're not just for writing

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'Pen' painting exhibit shows they're not just for writing

Amid the bold and sharp pens created in oil, a glimpse of nature peeks through.

"Pens 3: Butterfly of Rebirth", one of Hong Kyoung-tack's most recent paintings in his "Pen" series, is eight meters (25 feet) in size and took a decade to complete. Provided by the gallery

Colorful and rhythmically flowing patterns of pens overload the surface of the smooth canvas in artist Hong Kyoung-tack's "Pen" series paintings that are shown at his solo exhibition "Full of Love" at Doosan Gallery in central Seoul.

The repetitive explosion of pens is densely compacted in "Pens 3: Butterfly of Rebirth" (2010), a painting that measures eight meters (25 feet) in size and took a decade to complete. It was first exhibited at Doosan Gallery New York in 2010, where Hong was an artist-in-residency, but there has been a slight change since then.

"The painting was simply named 'Pens 3' in the 2010 exhibition in New York", Hong said in an interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily at the gallery last week. "And I was planning to go with this title once again, but at the last moment, I changed my mind and added 'Butterfly of Rebirth'.?"

Amid the bold and sharp pens created in oil, a glimpse of nature peeks through in the form of flowers and butterflies. The flowers blossom in the middle as if eager to grasp attention with their vivid and glowing colors.

"Vivid color, various textures and glossy but also smooth surfaces can be found in my paintings", Hong said.

Within Hong's obsessive detailing of his subjects - pens, flowers and butterflies - a calculative structure can be found.

"The symmetrical structure gives a sense of authority and solemnity that I prefer in my paintings", Hong said.

While the massive "Pens 3" has missile-like pens shouting its grandiosity, "Full of Love" (2012) is light and bubbly, with a sense of humor.

"It was the first time I used only a few pens in a painting for this series", said Hong. "I wanted people to feel light and simply enjoy 'Full of Love'.?"

His decision to make a slight twist to his "Pen" series came all of a sudden when one of his friends told him about the origin of his favorite song, "All Is Full of Love" (1997) by Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork.

"I heard from a friend one day that Bjork was haunted by her experience with a crazed man who tried to kill her", Hong said. "But rather than writing mean and nasty lyrics, she wrote a song that was about love, which triggered me to paint 'Full of Love'.?"

In the painting, a bear proposes to a skull while surrounded by hearts and pens. Viewers shouldn't have a hard time guessing whether the proposal was successful, but Hong offers a hint for those who struggle.

"For the painting, I drew a person's heart with a cupid's arrow piercing it. I even looked at autopsy books several times to be as realistic as possible", he said.

The exhibition runs through April 29. Admission is free. Hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays to Fridays and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends. The exhibition is closed on Mondays. Go to Jongno 5-ga Station, line No. 1, exit 1.

For more information, visit www.doosangallery.com or call (02) 708-5050.

By Shin Ji-ye Contributing writer

Kim Yuna shows support for Team Korea in 2014 FIFA World Cup by painting mural

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Kim Yuna shows support for Team Korea in 2014 FIFA World Cup by painting mural

Kim Yuna is seen painting a mural as a part of her support for South Korea’s team in the World Cup.

E1, the nations cheering team was seen working hard in Gyeongi Province in Korea, painting murals in support of the Korean team. They are set to face off against Russia in less than 2 days for their first match.

Have you been keeping up with your teams for the World Cup?

Source: MK Sports, My Daily, XSports News , Seoul TV Sports

Exhibit aims to explore reasons painting endures

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Exhibit aims to explore reasons painting endures

The oil painting "The Table of Monet", far left, By Nam Kyoung-min and the "Present" by Hong Kyoung Tack are part of the "Art of Painting" show at Hakgojae Gallery. Provided by the gallery

Why are paintings still being made in the era of photography and various new media (which make even photos seem like old media)? That was the question that prompted Lee Jin-suk, an art critic, to curate a group exhibition titled "Art of Painting" currently at Hakgojae Gallery.

The five artists participating in the show - Chung Sue-jin, Hong Kyoung Tack, Lee Dongi, Nam Kyung-min and Seo Sang-ik - are in their late 30s or early 40s with relatively strong positions as painters.

These people have built careers of as long as 20 years as painters, though they are in generations familiar with new media.

"So I have asked them 'why do you paint?' and 'what is the reason behind the enduring value of paintings in the 21th century?'?" Lee said during a press preview earlier this month.

"The exhibition title 'Art of Painting' refers to Dutch master Johannes Vermeer", she added.

"Well, we have bodies and there is no better genre than painting for expression of senses felt and remembered by bodies", said Seo. He is known for paintings that realistically depict partly surrealistic scenes in mundane everyday settings. "Paintings can deliver the senses through the images that are ambiguous, unbalanced or cracked".

That could be true for not only Seo's paintings, but Nam's as well. Her paintings depict interiors of bright colors in which famous paintings by old masters or modern artists are hanging. As for "The Table of Monet", it is ambiguous whether the French Impressionist's famous "Terrace at Saint-Adresse" in Nam's painting is just a painting or a window open to an actual terrace - a Monet world.

Lee Dongi, one of the best-known Korean pop artists, is presenting paintings in very different styles from his earlier ones for this exhibition.

He is known for paintings featuring the character Atomaus, which he created by combining Atom (Astro Boy), the boy robot hero of Japanese anime, and Mickey Mouse of U.S.-based Walt Disney.

The acrylic painting "Woman Opening Door", above, by Lee Dongi is also part of the exhibition.

But some of his paintings in this show have no Atomaus in them. One of them shows a girl behind a partly-open door, which looks very familiar, somehow.

"It depicts a cliche scene which I have seen from numerous Korean TV dramas", the artist explained. "I plan a series about the cliches in Korean dramas, which led the so-called Korean Wave before the rise of K-pop".

Hong, who is one of the most popular Korean artists overseas, also shows some paintings that deviate from his signature styles. He has been best known for paintings which are crowded with pens, books or other objects of vivid colors. But this time, he shows a series of calm paintings depicting a hand juxtaposed with an ominous mood that recalls Western traditional Vanitas (vanity) still-lifes carrying "Memento Mori" ("Remember your Mortality") messages.

"This exhibition surely will be the event to spot the well-known artists' change and revolution", said curator Lee.

* The show runs through Dec. 30. Admission is free. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Monday. Go to Anguk Station, line No. 3, exit 2, and walk 10 minutes. For more information, visit www.hakgojae.com or call (02) 720-1524~6.

Secret’s Jing Geo shows off her decent painting skills

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Secret’s Jing Geo shows off her decent painting skills

Recently, Secret’s Jing Geo revealed her drawing skills.

On June 1, the star tweeted her drawing on a white board and commented, “Isn’t it a decent drawing or what. Just wanted to give you guys a good laugh to blow your stress away.”

In the drawing she posted, two cute girls are facing each other enjoying their ice cream. The trees, flowers, and bird around them create a warm, cozy atmosphere. By leaving her autograph with the comment, “Jung Jing Geo’s work,” she made sure it was her drawing.

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Wow, it looks cute.” “The picture is so adorable.” “Unnie, you can’t be a good drawer too!” “Proving herself to be good at everything?” “Is the title ‘Spring Picnic’ or something like that? Because I want to have one on my own.” “Look at the bird~ It looks like a chic.”

Yubin and Basick Exhibit a Hip-Hop Couples glance for Allure

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Yubin and Basick Showcase a Hip-Hop Couples appearance for Allure Basick and Yubin, two of the freshest rappers this year in Korea, met to do a photo shoot collaboration with Allure magazine and FILA. They posed as a hip-hop couple, and showed off more than a few fashionable couples look.

Basick won “Show Me the cash 4,” and Yubin used to be very a success on “Unpretty Rapstar 2.” Their not unusual interests brought them in combination very quickly, and they appeared like a true couple when they had their fingers around each and every other.

Meanwhile, this pictorial is special for Basick, as earlier than his debut, he worked for FILA’s marketing team for 2 years.

What do you call to mind their pictorial?

IU's facet responds to rumors that IU might now not be attending any award shows

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IU's facet responds to rumors that IU might now not be attending any award shows

It has been reported that IU are sometimes not attending the "2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Track Awards)" because of the alleged tantrum she threw at the "2014 MAMA." Afterwards, IU supposedly boycotted all music award shows, equivalent to the "2015 Melon Music Awards" and the "Golden Disk." 

However, IU"s side temporarily stepped ahead to refute those reports, claiming the true reason why the singer will no longer be attending the "2015 MAMA." 

IU"s firm Loen Entertainment to Asia Lately on November 19, "The boycotting of the awards displays isn't true. We never were given the requests in the case of attendance from the hosts. She couldn"t attend the "2015 Melon Music Award" on account of a fan meet in China and as for the "2015 MAMA," she just hasn"t gained a call for participation yet. Attendance for the alternative awards haven"t been showed because of the her domestic tour." 

'Twenty' Actor Kang Ha Neul Shows His Endless Charm During Singapore Showcase

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'Twenty' Actor Kang Ha Neul Shows His Endless Charm During Singapore Showcase

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Korean actor Kang Ha Neul was in Singapore last month to attend a series of events including a public showcase, meet-greet session and a private fan meeting. In conjunction with the Korean Film Festival, the actor also attended the film screening of his coming-of-age comedy Twenty, in which he stars alongside Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho.

Despite having flown in at midnight, the actor showed no signs of jetlag or tiredness at all. Quite the opposite, in fact, he was seen interacting closely with his fans right upon his arrival and trying to fulfill their requests and wishes as much as possible.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) For his first ever Singapore fan event, Kang Ha Neul was pleasantly surprised and happy to see a large turnout at his Plaza Singapura public showcase. Decked in a formal midnight blue suit and slicked back hairstyle, the 25-year-old was nothing short of suave and charming. His tall stature of 1.82m might seem intimidating but his bright toothy smile and approachable personality was what had fans squealing in delight.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The down-to-earth actor showed off versatility by singing "The Three Things I Have Left", a song from his TV drama, Angel Eyes. The actor let on that singing is a hobby of his and admited to practicing his singing at home. However, when asked about the possibility of releasing an album in the future, Kang Ha Neul sheepishly laughed it off saying, "No no no no. I am just (an) actor."

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The actor"s first impression of Singapore was that "Singapore is ... uh very, very hot. (laughs) But ... beautiful view and beautiful hotel. Beautiful food and beautiful drink." His efforts at conversing in English to his best ability were certainly impressive, never mind his lack of vocabulary! The audience certainly had a laugh listening to the actor speak to them directly.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The highlight of the showcase was when lucky fans were picked by the star himself and had the opportunity to play a game on stage. Upon reaching the stage, fans were warmly welcomed into his arms with a handshake and a hug, initiated by Kang Ha Neul. Throughout the event, he was seen dispensing limitless amounts of fan-service such as giving heart signs, posing his signature "v" sign, linking arms and replying to shouts of love confessions from fans.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) The first game, "Song Charades" required the fans on stage to listen to a song via a headset and try to hum or sing the song. Kang Ha Neul then had to guess the title and singer of the song. As the fans were rather shy and unable to do a proper humming, Kang Ha Neul resorted to seeking help from the audience and had a scrunched-up expression most of the time as he was deciphering what the answer was. He made many adorable mistakes such as identifying H.O.T"s hit song "Candy" as a Sechs Kies song, to which he profusely apologized and corrected the error. He also appeared to be a YG Entertainment fan as he tended to guess 2NE1 or Big Bang as the artist whenever he is unable to identify the song. The game ended with the winner walking away with a polaroid selfie with the star. However, being the angel that he is, Kang Ha Neul requested for a group polaroid shot with all the participants and a special solo shot with the winner. He dispensed another round of hugs and smiles before waving the fans off stage.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) He went on to answer some questions from the media and ensured eye-contact with each media personnel who asked a question. KpopStarz asked why his signature pose is a "V" sign and if there was a significant meaning behind it, to which he replied that he feels awkward without the pose and wouldn"t know what to do with himself. When the rising actor was asked which type of commercial he would be interested in doing, the coffee-lover shyly responded that a coffee advertisement would be wonderful but thinks he might be too ambitious about it. He also expressed his wish to work together with his Twentyco-stars, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jun Ho again in future.

(Photo : Syafiqah Shah | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Kang Ha Neul showed his gratitude by singing yet another song, "I Choose to Love You." Despite his shyness, he decided to sing live without any background music and asked for fans to sing along. His sincere heart certainly touched the audience. His final gift for those present was a group selfie together. He even acceded to the request of the second-level fans and took a selfie with them as well. He then made a closing speech to thank his fans for turning up and supporting him, and expressed that he hopes to return to Singapore many more times in future. The showcase came to a closure with a group of lucky fans getting a group photo with the star on stage.

(Photo : Ong Melin | Special Thanks to KMTV ASIA) Get to experience the action with this recap reel of the event:

Special thanks to KMTV ASIA for inviting KpopStarz.com to cover Kang Ha Neul"s 1st Showcase in Singapore.

Writer: Syafiqah Shah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin and Syafiqah Shah | Video Credits: Ong Melin

Girl's Day Yura impresses with her top quality oil painting!

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Girl's Day Yura impresses with her top quality oil painting!

Girl"s Day lovers have known that Yura is extremely inventive and will draw and comic strip portraits skillfully then again netizens are in awe after seeing her first accomplished oil-painting.

Yura stocks her finished product on her instagram and printed that it"s her first oil painting. She painted a picturesque of a sundown reflected on a stupendous lake. the colours are blending so neatly that netizens are filled with admiration in opposition to her.

They flood her with compliments by way of commenting, "I know she"s just right in art yet here's this kind of high quality painting!","This is equivalent to a pro painter. She"s so amazing.","With this quality, she can in fact install a studio and her works will sell well!","Pretty, talented and so artistic. Yura is so charming."

She"s for sure on a other point of art primary scholars among idols!

Best Of Weekly Music Shows: 11/9 — 11/15

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20151115_seoulbeats_f(x)_krystal Best Of Weekly Music Shows: 11/911/15 Written by Lo On November 16, 2015 Welcome back, readers to another roundup of the Best of Weekly Music Shows! The glut of November comebacks clearly has no plans to slow down. Vixx, MyB, Tahiti, and Seo In-young have all added to the fray of returning artists, with M.A.P6 making their debut this week.

Show Champion and M!Countdown both were off the air this week. On the shows that did air, f(x) took first place on Music Bank and The Show, while Zico took Inkigayo. Though Show! Music Core has announced that its abolishing its ranking system, a winner was still given this week, with IU taking the prize.

Vixxs Chained Up, KBS Music Bank, November 13, 2015

Chained Up is far from Vixxs most challenging choreography, and some of the moves are a bit. . . odd, but K-pops favorite princes of darkness are killer in their latest comeback. They have an intensity that transcends the stage and the camera, an aura that always makes it feel like theyre staring at you in the most hauntingly wonderful way.

Twices Like Ooh Ahh, SBS MTV The Show, November 10, 2015

Spending a dozen or so years as a competitive dancer has given me a few quirks; namely, my unending adoration of formations. There are few things I enjoy more than seeing a larger group like Twice use their numbers to create interesting and unique ways to stage themselves. Everything from using their bodies as props to the unending whirling from one mark to the next makes Like Ooh Ahh fun to watchwith their boundless energy as the cherry on top.

N.Flyings Lonely, Arirang Simply K-pop, November 13, 2015

There is a reason why keep it simple, stupid is usually seen as solid advice. This, right here, is it. N.Flying are bare-bones and poignant, the raw emotion of Lonely shining through every note. Their despondency rings true to anyone whos experienced loss at a visceral level, heartbroken yet factual about just how much theyre hurting.

Ranias Demonstrate, SBS Inkigayo, November 15, 2015

Demonstrate is another piece of choreography that speaks to me as an ex-dancer. The use of levels here is top-notch. Rania and their back-up dancers are constantly dropping to the floor and popping up, using height to draw emphasis rather than the formations. Ranias specific aura on-stage is the perfect complement. The six all give off the vibe of being factually sexy; they dont need to draw attention to it, they just are.

f(x)s 4 Walls, KBS Music Bank, November 13, 2015

f(x) never cease to impress with their live stages, and 4 Walls is no exception. While softer than their prior releases, 4 Walls is a tricky bit of business that relies on flawlessly in sync timing to look right, half a beat off that and the whole performance goes down the drain. Yet f(x) achieves it and they not only make it look easy, but look perfectly serene.

Those are my top picks for the week, readers. Any you think I missed? Leave them in the comments!

(Image via KBS, YouTube [1], [2], [3], [4])

A Pink's Naeun Shows Her Youthful Style In Grazia

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A Pink's Naeun Shows Her Youthful Style In Grazia

A Pink"s Naeun starred in "A Better Me" for the November issue of Grazia. The stunning star rocked youthful combinations that used a variety of geometric shapes, studs, buckles and decorative zippers. All of the pieces were from Rebecca Minkoff"s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The K-pop favorite brand is known for its sensible pumps, miniature purses and beach-ready dresses.

According to the magazine, Naeun"s makeup included dark red lipstick so she would look more feminine and mature. Thus, there was contrast between her wardrobe and her face. The stylists also used a-line mini skirts and wide pants to play on the trend that retro is now considered modern.

Among Naeun"s standout accessories there was the "Astor" saddle bag. The purse has a "rock n" roll" inspiration, as well as a rounded silhouette and zip detailing on the back. It can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Meanwhile, the idol"s footwear included the "Billie" boot. The knee-high boots are made of soft leather and have overlapping buckles that give them a Western vibe. The brand describes the piece as an "all about attitude" accessory. The shoes can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

In other fashion news, Naeun recently shared skincare tips in the pages of Sure.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.