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Four films and two shorts from South Korea showcased at Terracotta festival

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Four films and two shorts from South Korea showcased at Terracotta festival

The Terracotta Far East Film Festival, London's premier festival celebrating Asian film, returns to the Prince Charles Cinema and will run from 12th-15th April 2012.

Terracotta Far East Film Festival is an annual event which aim is to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK and to further promote this genre to existing film fans.

For this year's 4th edition, the festival aimed to emphasize the leading position and diversity of Korean cinema and will feature a panel of 4 films from different genre including blockbuster "My Way, Kim Ki-duk's "ARIRANG - Movie" and a Double Bill of Korean hit comedies.

For the occasion, we are launching a new Korean Breakfast Club and Terracotta Festival are proud to host the European premiere of "Dancing Queen" and International Premiere of "Couples" where there will be kimbap on sale in the intermission.

We are delighted to be able to show "Dancing Queen" so close after its successful release earlier in February and those familiar with the K-pop scene will enjoy a few cameo from the music industry such as Singer Lee Hyo-lee and Leessang member Gil have a cameo as judges on the reality talent show "Superstar K".

Both comedies are very different and unique:

"Dancing Queen" is a feel-good comedy and Korea's first big movie hit of the New Year that satirizes the reality of Korean politics and cheerfully depicts the characters' struggles as they attempt to realize their dreams.

A comedy about a middle-aged married couple who each pursue their lost dreams, with two very talented main leads: Hwang Jeong-min as a Seoul mayoral candidate and Uhm Jung-hwa as his wife who still hasn't given up her dream to become a singer.

"Couples" is a multi-character, multi-stranded comedy, starts with a distraught Yoo-suk, after his girlfriend Na-ri suddenly disappears in a caf. Desperate, he enlists his friend, a private detective to help find her. While searching for her he finds himself constantly bumping into a mysterious girl, Ae-yeon. As the two of them strike up an unlikely rapport, his estranged girlfriend Na-Ri makes a sudden appearance...

From director Jeong Yong-ki ("Descendants of Hong Gil-dong, "Dll Master" and the "Marrying the Mafia" franchise), "Couples" is a smart comedy that tracks various couples and their personal struggles, love and destiny through a tapestry of narratives that are, in some ways or another, linked in comical and serendipitous ways.

"For those who like cleverly constructed, boxes-within-boxes light comedies, "Couples" is the charm" FILM BUSINESS ASIA

All Korean films in Terracotta Far East Film Festival Programme:

""My Way" Opening Film Kang Je-G-gyu I South Korea 2011 I UK premiere

A Korean man and a Japanese man meet as enemies, but become each other's hope. Based on the true event of a Korean discovered among the bodies on D-Day and portrays WWII from an East Asian point of view

13th AprilFrom 20:45 Part of TERROR COTTA Horror Movie Marathon

"Mother, I Love You" HONG Young-geun I South Korea 2009

One of the six episodes from the movie "The Neighbor Zombie"

"Metamorphoses" OH Inchun I South Korea 2011

Is There Anybody Out There? Erlend Palm I U.K. 2011

"A young woman" (Kim Kkobbi) is trapped in a filthy toilet cubicle.

"ARIRANG - Movie" Kim Ki-duk I South Korea 2011 I UK premiere

Kim Ki-duk's long anticipated documentary about his self-imposed exile and solitude.

Winner of 'Un Certain Regard' Award at Cannes Festival 2011.

Korean Breakfast Double Bill

"Couples" Jeong Yong-ki I South Korea 2011 I International premiere

A cross between rom-com and caper movie with overlapping stories and multiple deceptions.

Korean Breakfast Double Bill

"Dancing Queen" Lee Seok-hoon, South Korea 2012, European premiere

A comedy about a middle-aged married couple who each pursue their lost dreams.

Venue: Prince Charles Cinema

Festival Pass 60 (No concessions, excludes Terror Cotta Horror Night)

Terror-Cotta Horror Triple Bill 18 (17.50 PCC Members)

Box Office: Tel: +44 (0)20 7494 3654

Committed to bringing quality and entertaining Far East films to the UK.

Releases by Terracotta Distribution include the multi-award winning Breathless directed by Yang Ik-june and forthcoming Korean titles to be released will be "ARIRANG - Movie" and Enemy at the Dead.

A new imprint label TERROR COTTA devoted to Asian horror and thrillers was launched with "Death Bell".

Terracotta Far East Film Festival is an annual event which aim is to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK and to further promote this genre to existing film fans.

For further information:

Terracotta Far East Film Festival full programme:

"My Way"Opening film Kang Je-gyu I South Korea 2011| War Action I UK premiere

ONE MILE ABOVE Du Jiayi I China 2011 I Drama | UK premiere

RETURN TO BURMA Midi Z I Taiwan, Burma 2011| Drama |UK premiere

UFO IN HER EYES Guo Xiaolu I China 2011 I Comedy | UK premiere

FROM UP ON POPPY HILL Goro Miyazaki I Japan 2011 I Anime | UK premiere


"ARIRANG - Movie" Kim Ki-duk | South Korea 2011 I Documentary | UK premiere

THE WOODSMAN AND THE RAIN Shuichi Okita I Japan 2011 I Comedy | European premiere

MONSTERS CLUB Toshiaki Tokoda I Japan 2011 I UK premiere

SEEDIQ BALE Wei Te-sheng I Taiwan 2011 I War Action | UK premiere

"Couples" Jeong Yong-ki I South Korea 2011 I Comedy | International premiere

"Dancing Queen" Lee Seok-hoon I South Korea 2012 I Comedy | European premiere

INSEPARABLE Dayyan Eng I China 2011 I Black Comedy | European premiere

HIMIZUclosing Film Sion Sono I Japan 2011 I Drama | UK premiere

About Prince Charles Cinema

From cult festivals to the latest box office hits, the Prince Charles Cinema is the heart of independent film in London. The Prince Charles Cinema is located at 7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY.


Young Koreans In finding It Tougher to Climb Social Ladder

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Younger Koreans are locating information technologymore and moretough to climb the social ladder, in line with a learn aboutvia the Korea Institute for Fitness and Social Affairs. Young folkscontinuouslydepend uponmonetarytoughen from their parents to earn university degrees that will get them safe jobs and housing, the researchers acknowledged on Monday, expanding inequality. The examine of 1,342 individuals divided them into 3 historic periodteams -- 21-41, 42-56, and 57-76 -- to inspect social mobility. From June to September remaining year, researchers analyzed the effects of parents' instructional background, processand sophisticationat the academic achievement, jobs and source of revenuein their children.It suggests that social immobility is more not unusual among folks in their 20s, 30s and 40s than the older generation. For instance, 35.1 % of topics in the 21-41 age crew alongside parents in the decreaseearnings bracket ended up remaining in that bracket. Simplest 2.9 percent of them controlledto transport up to the center or high-income brackets. For the ones in the 57-76 age neighborhood born right through the country's industrialization, the percentage who moved into a upper social magnificencewas once 6.3 percent, and for the 42-56 age organization born all through the country's democratization it become 11 percent. That means Korea is returning to pre-industrial criteria of upward mobility.

Researchers divided subjects into manual laborers, professional workers, provider and sales staff, place of jobstaff and execs and discoveredthat kids of manual laborers and experts were much more likelyto stick in their bracket, and the rage was more conspicuous among younger people. The share where parents and youngsters are all professionals was 37.1 percent in the 21-41 age group, and that where either parents and kids are manual laborers was 9.4 percent.There was also an increasing tendency for parents' academic background to have an effect onthe learning achievements of their children. In the oldest group the proportion of kids of university-degree holders who also were given degrees stood at 64 percent, emerging to 79.7 percent in the middle-aged group and 89.6 percent in the youngest group.But the researchers said, "It has grow to bemore challenging for members of the low-income bracket to upward thrust to prime economic prestigeeven though they succeed in a high point of education". "In the old days, schooling was the largestthingfiguring out earnings, but that will no longer be the case any more", they added. "Today the social connections of oldsters and their economic background have becamevery important factors".

4Minute Stagnates with “Hate”

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4Minute Stagnates with “Hate”

Its clear that 4Minute is attemptingto imitate the luck of remaining years Crazy. Thats 4Minutes total tactic for comebacks: unlock one track with solely new sound, if it does well, get back months later with a track that follows the similarprofitable formula. Just glance at 2014s inquisitive trio of Whats Your Name? and its follow-ups Is it Poppin? and Whatcha Doing Today?

With the fulfillment of 2015s Loopy information technologybecomejust atopic of time prior to a sibling track appeared. For Hate 4Minute not only stuck with the unmarriednote title, semi-appropriated aesthetics, old brass sounds, but also the chant-style repetitive chorus. Unfortunately, Hate does little to build on what made Crazy successful, and throws fans into the opposing camps of love it or hate it.

Its not just the musicality of the chorus that reasons Hate to disappoint, theres also the jarring impact of the converting aesthetics. The intro scenes are full ofwealthy imagery of flowers, thorns, blindfolds, desert-scapes and gorgeous close-ups of the members. There are evident symbols in the pictures that lend a hand make the emotion of the lyrics. But, just like with the track, the wholeartful imagery is desertedall through the chorus as the members don track matches and scowl at the camera. In every of the chorus shots, it looks as if the members of 4Minute fell into an early 2000s Missy Elliot music video a reality only heightened by Hyunas pig tails.

Netizens in finding irrefutable evidence of BTS V’s alleged girlfriend

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Netizens in finding irrefutable evidence of BTS V’s alleged girlfriend

Korea media is understood to notice secret love courting of idols and exposing them to the public. But, netizens have also proved that they've what it takes to also investigate themselves to discoversymptoms and clues hinting love relationships of idols. Did the netizens to find yet any other dear relationship of a most sensible idol?

I heard this woman is a member of a few group? BTS V changed into in a wide range program and they couldnt hide their love for every other.. And I also found some evidence.. BTS Threat lyrics moveday after day Lim Hyunsik, you're me, I'm you. I am your techniques what!..

Netizens claim this woman staff has no visual holes

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Netizens claim this woman  staff has no visual holes

However, netizens these days discussed an feminine idol workforceand no longeremploying a such visual holes. In step witha well-liked mail on PannDream Tea Entertainment lady group Girls Day is original in that there aren't any members who are visual holes for the group. The post has wona massive number of attention recently, with many agreeing that all of the members of the crowd are relatively beautiful.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

Piano Prodigy Returns for Concert in Seoul

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Pianist Cho Seong-jin is back in his house country for the primary time since his win at the World Fryderyk Chopin Piano Festival in Poland ultimate autumn.He and five other Chopin winners are acting in a gala concert in Seoul on Tuesday. At a press event, the prodigy statedhe'll existfreeingsome other album with classical label Deutsche Grammophon. His first solo album used to be released in November at the same label and integrated 30 tracks of are living performances. It posted listing sales here with more than 80,000 copies sold last year alone.Cho said that he may beoccupied with the opportunity to record a functionality for his approaching album with maestro Chung Myung-whun in Dresden this April.

Jessi Becomes a 58-Year-Old “Hip-Hop Ahjumma” on MBC Pilot “Future Diary”

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Jessi Becomes a 58-Year-Old “Hip-Hop Ahjumma” on MBC Pilot “Future Diary”

Jessi Becomes a 58-Year-Old Hip-Hop Ahjumma on MBC Pilot Long run Diaryck525 February 7, 2016 0 Are you in a position tobelieve the sassy diva Jessi as an old lady?

On the episode of the MBC pilot program “Future Diary” to air on February 8, celebrities get to are living the future they dream of.

Jessi makes a decision to commute to her mother’s age, 58, and shouts “oh my god” when she sees herself. However, she soon adjusts to her new face and turns into a hip-hop ahjumma. Her mother, too, participates and transforms into an 87-year-old woman.

Cooking Categories Surge in Reputation Among Teenagers

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With a developingchoice ofscholarsappearing an hobby in studying to cook, and in making careers as chefs, cooking categories have mushroomed recently.In a up to date straw ballot conducted by capacity of the Korea Studies Institute for Vocational Schooling and Training, being a chef was once among students' most-desired occupations.Competition may be intensifying among students who follow for facultiesthat provide culinary courses. Personal cooking sessions are transferring their center of attention from housewives to students, retaining seminars providingrecommendation to students enrolled in their lessons on how to get into culinary schools at house and overseas.

The boom has been attributed to the surging approval for cooking and other foodie displays on TV, as neatly as a newfound interest in cooking itself."As living criteria increase, food becomes more than justanything to eat; it's miles perceived as a phase ofan advanced culture. This has induced many students to pursue a occupation equally a chef", acknowledged Im Hyung-uk, who runs a personal cooking college in Seoul. However, some are involvedthat scholars are justinterested in the glamorous aspect of cooking, as personified by superstar chefs. It in maximum cases takes more than 10 years to transform a chef, and just a fraction of those that do are ready to open their own restaurants or paintings as a prime chef at a top-end hotel.

Netizens recoil at Sulli’s New Year greeting

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Netizens recoil at Sulli’s New Year greeting

However, after seeing former f(x) member Sullis maximum recent Instagram post, netizens flooded the quick video with criticism. Whilst many netizens stated that the SM Entertainment artists post made them cringe, others criticized Sulli for wasting her time on social media instead ofpopping out of hiatus.

Yook Sungjae Discusses Dating With “We Were given Married” Spouse Joy

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Yook Sungjae Discusses Dating With “We Were given Married” Spouse Joy

Yook Sungjae Discusses Courting alongside nosotrosWere given Married Spouse Joyhellohalcyon February 7, 2016 0 The February 7 broadcast of MBCs SegmentTelevisionprinted an interview with BTOBs Yook Sungjae. The interview used to be held at a location for an advertisement shoot where he shared his affections for Red Velvets Joy.

In regards to his imaginary marriage with Joy on We Got Married, he said, Weve grow to beok witheach and every other like friends, and now there isnt anything else we cant say or displayto every other. At the other hand, I know lovers can concern so I you should be careful. He additional mentioned, Joy is terribly assertive. At the existing time there are a huge number of times I am gettingstuck off guard when she approaches me first.

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Samsung Drops Out of Best five in Chinese Smartphone Market

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Samsung dropped out of the headfive in the Chinese smartphone marketplaceultimate year as local competitors soared ahead.According to market researcher Method Analytics, Huawei ranked most sensible in the fourth quarter last year with a 15.2 % market share. 2dused to be Xiaomi (14.8 percent), followed through Apple (13.1 percent), Vivo (10 percent) and Oppo (9.2 percent). Apple becamethe sole non-Chinese smartphone maker in the head 5. Strategy Analytics named bestthe end five gamers and ranked the remainder equally "others". Samsung ranked 5th in the 3rd quarter yet was then overtaken by Oppo.For all the year, Xiaomi ranked top, followed by Huawei, Apple, Vivo and Oppo. Samsung led the box as these days as 2014, but now the 4 Chinese companies account for 46 percent of the market there.