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Four films and two shorts from South Korea showcased at Terracotta festival

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Four films and two shorts from South Korea showcased at Terracotta festival

The Terracotta Far East Film Festival, London's premier festival celebrating Asian film, returns to the Prince Charles Cinema and will run from 12th-15th April 2012.

Terracotta Far East Film Festival is an annual event which aim is to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK and to further promote this genre to existing film fans.

For this year's 4th edition, the festival aimed to emphasize the leading position and diversity of Korean cinema and will feature a panel of 4 films from different genre including blockbuster "My Way, Kim Ki-duk's "ARIRANG - Movie" and a Double Bill of Korean hit comedies.

For the occasion, we are launching a new Korean Breakfast Club and Terracotta Festival are proud to host the European premiere of "Dancing Queen" and International Premiere of "Couples" where there will be kimbap on sale in the intermission.

We are delighted to be able to show "Dancing Queen" so close after its successful release earlier in February and those familiar with the K-pop scene will enjoy a few cameo from the music industry such as Singer Lee Hyo-lee and Leessang member Gil have a cameo as judges on the reality talent show "Superstar K".

Both comedies are very different and unique:

"Dancing Queen" is a feel-good comedy and Korea's first big movie hit of the New Year that satirizes the reality of Korean politics and cheerfully depicts the characters' struggles as they attempt to realize their dreams.

A comedy about a middle-aged married couple who each pursue their lost dreams, with two very talented main leads: Hwang Jeong-min as a Seoul mayoral candidate and Uhm Jung-hwa as his wife who still hasn't given up her dream to become a singer.

"Couples" is a multi-character, multi-stranded comedy, starts with a distraught Yoo-suk, after his girlfriend Na-ri suddenly disappears in a caf. Desperate, he enlists his friend, a private detective to help find her. While searching for her he finds himself constantly bumping into a mysterious girl, Ae-yeon. As the two of them strike up an unlikely rapport, his estranged girlfriend Na-Ri makes a sudden appearance...

From director Jeong Yong-ki ("Descendants of Hong Gil-dong, "Dll Master" and the "Marrying the Mafia" franchise), "Couples" is a smart comedy that tracks various couples and their personal struggles, love and destiny through a tapestry of narratives that are, in some ways or another, linked in comical and serendipitous ways.

"For those who like cleverly constructed, boxes-within-boxes light comedies, "Couples" is the charm" FILM BUSINESS ASIA

All Korean films in Terracotta Far East Film Festival Programme:

""My Way" Opening Film Kang Je-G-gyu I South Korea 2011 I UK premiere

A Korean man and a Japanese man meet as enemies, but become each other's hope. Based on the true event of a Korean discovered among the bodies on D-Day and portrays WWII from an East Asian point of view

13th AprilFrom 20:45 Part of TERROR COTTA Horror Movie Marathon

"Mother, I Love You" HONG Young-geun I South Korea 2009

One of the six episodes from the movie "The Neighbor Zombie"

"Metamorphoses" OH Inchun I South Korea 2011

Is There Anybody Out There? Erlend Palm I U.K. 2011

"A young woman" (Kim Kkobbi) is trapped in a filthy toilet cubicle.

"ARIRANG - Movie" Kim Ki-duk I South Korea 2011 I UK premiere

Kim Ki-duk's long anticipated documentary about his self-imposed exile and solitude.

Winner of 'Un Certain Regard' Award at Cannes Festival 2011.

Korean Breakfast Double Bill

"Couples" Jeong Yong-ki I South Korea 2011 I International premiere

A cross between rom-com and caper movie with overlapping stories and multiple deceptions.

Korean Breakfast Double Bill

"Dancing Queen" Lee Seok-hoon, South Korea 2012, European premiere

A comedy about a middle-aged married couple who each pursue their lost dreams.

Venue: Prince Charles Cinema

Festival Pass 60 (No concessions, excludes Terror Cotta Horror Night)

Terror-Cotta Horror Triple Bill 18 (17.50 PCC Members)

Box Office: Tel: +44 (0)20 7494 3654

Committed to bringing quality and entertaining Far East films to the UK.

Releases by Terracotta Distribution include the multi-award winning Breathless directed by Yang Ik-june and forthcoming Korean titles to be released will be "ARIRANG - Movie" and Enemy at the Dead.

A new imprint label TERROR COTTA devoted to Asian horror and thrillers was launched with "Death Bell".

Terracotta Far East Film Festival is an annual event which aim is to widen the audience for Far Eastern film in the UK and to further promote this genre to existing film fans.

For further information:

Terracotta Far East Film Festival full programme:

"My Way"Opening film Kang Je-gyu I South Korea 2011| War Action I UK premiere

ONE MILE ABOVE Du Jiayi I China 2011 I Drama | UK premiere

RETURN TO BURMA Midi Z I Taiwan, Burma 2011| Drama |UK premiere

UFO IN HER EYES Guo Xiaolu I China 2011 I Comedy | UK premiere

FROM UP ON POPPY HILL Goro Miyazaki I Japan 2011 I Anime | UK premiere


"ARIRANG - Movie" Kim Ki-duk | South Korea 2011 I Documentary | UK premiere

THE WOODSMAN AND THE RAIN Shuichi Okita I Japan 2011 I Comedy | European premiere

MONSTERS CLUB Toshiaki Tokoda I Japan 2011 I UK premiere

SEEDIQ BALE Wei Te-sheng I Taiwan 2011 I War Action | UK premiere

"Couples" Jeong Yong-ki I South Korea 2011 I Comedy | International premiere

"Dancing Queen" Lee Seok-hoon I South Korea 2012 I Comedy | European premiere

INSEPARABLE Dayyan Eng I China 2011 I Black Comedy | European premiere

HIMIZUclosing Film Sion Sono I Japan 2011 I Drama | UK premiere

About Prince Charles Cinema

From cult festivals to the latest box office hits, the Prince Charles Cinema is the heart of independent film in London. The Prince Charles Cinema is located at 7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY.


'Moonlight Drawn by ability of Clouds' Park Bo-geom and Kim Yoo-jeong have first meeting: First script reading, candy as honey

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Epitome of good-natured man, Park Bo-geom will play the Crown Prince Lee Yeong, who is bloodless and blatant yet shy and warm-hearted inside, and is expectedto show his other aspectsthat experienceno longerobserved before. As he's going to meet Hong Ra-on (Kim Yoo-jeong), who humiliated him in the past, back in the palace and maybroaden a romance with her in this palace romance tale of a new concept.

The shownlength drama fairy, Kim Yoo-jeong will play Hong Ra-on, an eunuch in disguise. Her remarkable acting functionality is growing anticipation among drama fans. The unpredictable romance between Lee Yeong and Hong Ra-on starts this way.

Jin Young will play Kim Yoon-seong, who is a rival with Lee Yeong in the palace romance. The good-looking young gentleman from a richcircle of relatives lacks not anything as he is elegant and smooth.

Hwang Jeong-eum presentations off flawless frame in rash guard pictorial

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In the pictorial unveiled on Would possibly 27, Hwang Jeong-eum displays of her toned frame in the rash guards of brilliantcolors and more than a few designs. Hwang Jeong-eum's authentic healthy allure is highlighted through the vivid colours and highest bodylines that got herein combination perfectly.

Hwang Jeong-eum is these days starring as Bonnie Shim in MBC's new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Lucky Romance" co-starring Ryu Jun-yeol.

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Kim Jin Kyung expresses her hobby in the martial art and says, “When I heard Jota does judo, I assumedit can existgreat if we did it together. I will have tobe told IT diligently.”

When she enters the gym after converting into her uniform, Jota is helping tie her belt round her waist and the couple finally ends up in a back hug, making Kim Jin Kyung shy.

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Give a spice up to the artist by purchasing XIA (Jun Su) - Xignature from YesAsia Related Tags JunsuJYJPost NavigationOutdatedTaleMin Hyo Rin Clarifies What Paintings Shes Were given Done On Her Face

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Min Hyo Rin Clarifies What Paintings Shes Were given Done On Her Facean0ya Would possibly 28, 2016 0 Actress Min Hyo Rin has once back slammed rhinoplasty rumors.

On the May just 28 broadcast of KBS2TVs Entertainment Weekly, the actress sits down for an interview to communicate about her newly came uponability as a wide range star.

When asked to remark on plastic surgical treatment rumors, she clarifies, I didnt get surgery on my nose, and expectantlyunearths what work shes got done, I fixed my eyes and got veneers on my teeth.

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As soon as she sees them, she greets them with 90 level bows, and Jo Se Ho’s father recites Chinese greetings and a brief self-introduction he diligently memorized for her. She says in an interview afterwards, “I felt loved. He took away part my nervousness.”

Moreover, her spouse's mother sheds tears when she reads a letter from Cao Lu. Jo Se Ho’s mom explains, “She is sensible and sensible. She turns out like an excessively blessed person.”

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung Catches Up With Friend Park Shin Hye

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On Could 28, the BEAST member shared a lovely black-and-white snapshot occupied with the actress on his Instagram account. For the caption, he just added two smiling emojis which appear to refer to their facial expressions in the picture.

In the picture, the stars are sitting in the back ofa cafe table and casually posing for the camera, taking a lookat ease around every other. The two are known to be close friends, and they have consistently updated enthusiasts on their reunions via social media.

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On the 28th episode of the MBC show, Sun and Eric Nam spark off to their new home. In the moving truck, the couple sits snugly in combination as they devour the meal Solar prepared.

Caught off guard through Solar’s surprising touch, Eric Nam says in an interview afterwards, “I used to be surprised. She suddenly comes close like that sometimes. My heart races each time she does that.”

Watch: Lee Kwang Soo Presentations Off Hilarious Dance Talents At “Running Man” Producer’s Wedding

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Watch: Lee Kwang Soo Presentations Off Hilarious Dance Talents At Running GuyManufacturers marriage porshia Might 28, 2016 0 Lee Kwang Soo has given a slightlyoriginal wedding provide to the manufacturer of Running Man!

On May just 27, singer Sook Haeng uploaded a video with the caption The day Myuk oppa gets married on her Instagram. The video used to be taken at the wedding of Running Man producer Kim Joo Hyung, who is nicknamed Myuk PD.

The video shows Running Man famous person Lee Kwang Soo celebrating the marriage amongst his feature and hilarious dance skills. He maintains a significant face as he dances, limbs wildly flailing about, yet the visitors and Myuk PD cant hold back as they burst into laughter.

Ha Jung Woo Addresses Dating Rumor With Kim Yuna

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Ha Jung Woo Addresses Dating Rumor With Kim Yunakokoberry Would possibly 28, 2016 0 Ha Jung Woo addresses his dating rumor with figure skating queen Kim Yuna.

The actor lately had an interview to advertise his new movie The Handmaiden. Right through the interview, Ha Jung Woo was once asked about a rumor that says he became on a date with Kim Yuna in Songdo, Incheon final April. The rumor claimed the pair were protecting hands and sharing an umbrella whilst walking in the rain.

Ha Jung Woo answers, I heard it, too. I used to be shocked. Folks asked me the similar question. I haven't met Kim Yuna offline. But even so going to Incheon Airport, I have no longer recently been to Songdo either.