Wonder Girls’ Hyerim’s Date with Her Mother

On April 14, Wonder Girls' Hyerim wrote on her twitter, "Had a little wine date with my lovely mom! But..She didn't wanna be in the pic so..Here's me! Ha!" A picture was attached along with the tweet

Wonder Girls' Hyerim's Date with Her Mother

On April 14, ’ Hyerim wrote on her twitter, “Had a little wine date with my lovely mom! But..She didn’t wanna be in the pic so..Here’s me! Ha!” A was attached along with the tweet.

Hyerim is seen enjoying her date while sitting in a dark room lit only by candles. She is holding a wine glass while looking towards the . With her no makeup face and simple clothing, she looks her age.

Hyerim then tweeted again, along with another photo, “We should do this more often! Love spending time with my mom!” Just by looking at the picture, one can probably guess that she had a great time with her mother.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “You are so adorable,” “Her no makeup face is pretty too,” “Glad you had a good time,” “When are you making a comeback?” “Beautiful,” and “Please put up more pictures like this in the future.”

Wonder Girls' Hyerim's Date with Her Mother [PIC]

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