Miss As Fei and Jia debuting as actresses

Miss As Fei and Jia debuting as actresses

Miss A’s Fei and Jia debuting as actresses?

Miss A’s Fei and Jia are likely to appear in Happy Noodle, the joint TV series between Korea and China.

On April 13, JYP Entertainment said in an interview with Starnews, “Fei and Jia were cast to appear in Happy Noodle. Nothing’s decided yet, but we are revising over the conditions in a positive way.”

If these two Chinese members decide to take the opportunity, it will be their first official acting since their debut. Following Suzy and Min, they will also be called actresses which makes the whole group actively involved in both singing and acting career.

Member Min made her cinematic debut in the movie Count Down while Suzy has been showing off her excellent acting skills in KBS 2’s Dream High last year and in the recent film, Introduction to Architecture.

On the setting of a popular noodle restaurant in China, Happy Noodle describes the ambition and passion of those who long to be the best chef. Recently, actor Yoon Si Yoon has decided to play the leading character of the series.

Source: Starnews