Park Yoo Chun makes the audience suffer from Lee Gak

Park Yoo Chun makes the audience suffer from Lee Gak

Park Yoo Chun makes the audience suffer from Lee Gak

The whole country is suffering from Park Yoo Chun, who plays the role of Lee Gak.

In the April 12 episode of SBSs series Rooftop Prince, Park and Han Ji Min, plays the role of Park Ha, went to Chuncheon to find their past.

Han went to a photo studio to find her family picture that she took when she was a little girl but there was no original copy of it.

Park tried to make her feel better by playing a trick. Even though she was very disappointed, she smiled again thanks to Park. When Han couldnt find anything at her elementary school, she started to cry. Park, however, said, Dont cry. You will only have good memories from now on.

Park also let Han pillow her head on his shoulder while riding a bus. As a result, Parks lovely behavior made many peoples hearts flutter.

Park showed off his gentle personality not only in the 7th episode. He spread a curtain over sleeping Han who was going to go to the United states.

He also tried hard to make Han not to go to the States by stopping the bus and showing her a picture of the tropics, which is her favorite place.

After the series aired, the audience responded: Park takes good care of her. If I live in a rooftop room, that kind of sweet prince will show up? Rooftop prince has become a romance prince. Im suffering from Lee Gak.

The April 12 episode of the series received 12.5 percent of the audience rating and ranked first among Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

Source: TV Report