‘Flower boys’ keep time in Japan

Drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” To launch tvN’s hit drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” in Japan, CJ Media announced that it has an unusual promotion planned

‘Flower boys’ keep time in Japan

“Shut Up! Flower

To launch tvN’s hit drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” in , CJ Media announced that it has an unusual promotion planned.

The company has joined forces with the Japanese clock Web site “Bijin Tokei,” which features “flower boys” holding signs displaying the real time.

The cast members – actor Lee Min-ki, actor Sung-joon, L from the boy band Infinite, singer -jae, model -gyu and actor -seok – will feature on the site leading up to the show’s in Japan.

“The boy band members from the show will appear on the Web site at random hours to surprise ,” CJ Media said on Saturday.

The promotional event has been planned to coincide with the launch of the drama on Mnet Japan. The popular program will air starting Sunday.

The show is based on the trials, triumphs and love lives of a teen boy band. It is the follow-up to tvN’s “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” and rose to prominence for its cast of “pretty boys.” The tvN program aired from Jan. 30 to March 20 in Korea.

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