[Spoiler] Shocking Elimination on latest episode of SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’

The top 5 contestants who survived last week’s audition met for another round of intense auditioning on this week’s SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star‘

[Spoiler] Shocking Elimination on latest episode of SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’

The top 5 contestants who survived last week’s audition met for another round of intense auditioning on this week’s SBS‘s ‘‘.  Surprisingly, the eliminated contestant turned out to be Michelle Lee.

On the April 8th broadcast of the show, the top 5 contestants included Michelle Lee, Lee Ha Yi, Park Ji Min, Baek Ah Yeon, and Lee Seung Hoon.  Michelle Lee, who many believed would be one of the finalists in the competition, made a relatively early elimination.

Michelle Lee performed Soul Society‘s “U Just“.  Lee Michelle did an amazing job with her latest performance and even corrected the previous flaws that the judges pointed out, which earned her many compliments from them on today’s broadcast. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to survive the round.

Lee Ha Yi, on the other hand, performed Keyshia Cole‘s “Love” and earned an impressive 279 points from the judges.  YG did not hesitate to cast Lee Ha Yi under his label first.

Contestant, Park Ji Min did a rendition of Carnival‘s “Goose’s Dream“.  However, the judges weren’t too thrilled with her lack of emotion in the performance.  Luckily for her, she was still casted under SM Entertainment by .

Meanwhile, contestant, Baek Ah Yeon made a dramatic transformation and sang Girls’ Generation‘s “Run Devil Run” in a sexy black outfit.  She delivered an outstanding performance and was ultimately casted under .

Last, but not least, contender, Lee Seung Hoon performed his own modified version of ‘s “Champion“.  Although he ended up being casted by JYP, his performance did not completely satisfy the judges, due to his lack of skills and sensation.

Even though Michelle Lee was eliminated from the competition, she was still professional and smiled all the way through.  JYP praised her work ethic as he told, “I was wondering during this whole competition, why Michelle Lee didn’t have much emotional expression, but I realized that she grew up with a lot of pain.  Despite that, she still overcame the difficulties and showed amazing potential.  I really want to applaud her for that.”

Check out the performances for today’s broadcast below!

<Superearls Performance>

<Baek Ah Yeon>

<Lee Ha Yi>

<Lee Seung Hoon>

<Park Ji Min>

<Lee Michelle>

Source + Photos: Nate


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