“The King 2 Hearts” and “The Equator Man” compete for viewers

Nothing is predictable now. The sixth episodes of the three major dramas from the three major broadcasting systems battled fiercely this week as SBS drama "The Rooftop Prince" caught up with MBC's "The King 2 Hearts"

Nothing is predictable now.

The sixth episodes of the three major dramas from the three major broadcasting systems battled fiercely this week as SBS The ” caught up with MBC’s ““. drama “The Equator Man” also increased its viewering percentage just 10%.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the April 5th episode of SBS drama “The Rooftop Prince” rated 12.5%.

MBC drama “The King 2 Hearts” rated 12.1% and KBS 2TV’s “The Equator Man” rated 10.2%.

In March when the three dramas began, “The King 2 Hearts” took in about 15% of viewers and “The Rooftop Prince” had about 10%, appearing as if it had absorbed the popularity that lingered after the conclusion of “The Sun and the Moon”. On the other hand, “The Equator Man” dropped to a single digit percentage at one point.

But the differences between the viewing percentages are becoming narrower. “The King 2 Hearts” rated 13.5% and “The Rooftop Prince” rated 11.2% on April 4th.

In the end, second place “The Rooftop Prince” caught up with “The King 2 Hearts” on April 5th.

The Equator Man” was said to have a weak cast compared to other dramas that land Hallyu stars in lead rolls but it’s now surpassesd 10% and the competition is intense. The difference between “The Rooftop Prince” and “The Equator Man” is only about 2%, so there is always a chance of a ratings reversal.

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