[Spoiler] "Love Rain" cries at Jang Geun-seok's love confession

Jang Geun-seok from "Love Rain" confessed his love for Yoona only now.

On the third episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Love Rain", In-ha (Jang Geun-seok) confessed his love for Yoon-hee (Yoona) whom he fell for in 3 seconds.

On a trip with his friends, In-ha announced, "I think I'll be joining the army" and surprised everyone. He said, "I plan on taking a break from school right after the open radio show. I have to go anyways so I volunteered to go".

Yoon-hee met In-ha at a bridge with an amazing view and asked him, "Is is because of me?" However, In-ha said, "It's just me. Every thing was a lie. You didn't step into my view in the painting but you were my view. You have been since the first day I saw you. You were so beautiful and I was always fluttery because of that".

Yoon-hee started tearing up as he said this. He told her, "Thank you and I'm sorry I'm cowardly". Yoon-hee said, "Why now...why not sooner..?"

In-ha told her again, "I'm sorry I'm late".