allkpop?s Top 10 stories of March!

allkpop?s Top 10 stories of March!


allkpop?s Top 10 stories of March!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April, time sure does fly with allkpop!

March was a wonderful month.  We welcomed Spring, March Madness for you college b-ball fans, not to mention Spring Break for some of you students, there was even ‘Free Ritas’ day. It was a hectic month, but don’t worry allkpop has got you covered with this handy digest of the 10 most popular stories on our site for the month of March!

In March 2012, we published 1,765 stories. Phew! The general trend for this month shows that our readers love scandals. Dominating the list is none other than the JYJ and Sasaeng fans scandal(s).

Without further ado, check out the top 10 stories of March 2012 below!

10. SHINee releases their first teaser featuring Minho!

SHINee finally made their highly anticipated comeback in March.  They ushered in this promotional cycle with eye-popping photo teasers.  The first teaser was Minho, like you’ve never seen him before. You can say SM really knows how to please its fans; with fantasy-like half naked pictures, leaving the rest to Shawols’ imaginations.

09. Who’s the skinniest and heaviest among male idol groups?

Netizens were at it with yet another average [insert random physical attribute] graph for idols! This time, instead of heights they have summarized the average weight of male idol groups.  The surprising results definitely caught the attention of fans and allkpop readers alike. The lightest group overall was TEEN TOP at 55.1kg ~ 121lbs, check out the article to find out who was the heaviest.

08. JYJ’s Junsu kisses a guy?

Taking a break from sasaeng fan controversies, JYJ Junsu kissed a guy for his musical, ‘Elisabeth‘. Don’t believe it? You can check it our for yourself at the above link.

07. SHINee releases their teaser for Taemin

Following the release of half-naked teasers for SHINee‘s Minho the group unveiled a new set of teaser photos featuring Taemin. No doubt many fan girls drooled over these pictures and had double ‘nose bleeds’. Were you one of them?

06. 2PM Nichkhun’s new hairstyle captures attention

His short hairstyle is what surprised the fans and grabbed many netizens’ eyes. Was Nichkhun going to the army?

05. Which couple is the all-time favorite on ‘We Got Married’?

Although 2AM‘s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In, aka the Adam Couple, topped the list with a total of 45% of the vote (12,891) in Korea. allkpop readers had a different say, 2PM‘sNichkhun and f(x)‘sVictoria, aka Khuntoria topped allkpop’s list with a total of  31.44% of the vote (19,257 votes).

04. Video of JYJ’s Park Yoochun being assaulted by a Sasaeng fan revealed online

In the clip, Yoochun was exiting a building after getting his hair done and was walking through a large crowd of fans when suddenly, a female reached her arm out and slapped him across the face. What won’t these sasaeng fans do for attention?

03. Dispatch reports on JYJ members’ acts of violence and cussing against sasaeng fans

Dispatch released audio tapes of JYJ members’ cursing sasaeng fans. The BIG controversial question was; was it right for JYJ to have acted the way they did or should they have conducted themselves in a different manner?

02. Big Bang’s Taeyang surprises IU for White Day?

Oh I remember this day like it was yesterday. As I was watching ‘Inkigayo’ live and saw this, I almost broke my computer screen. Yes, this is a confession of an ‘Uncle Fan’. Don’t know what an ‘Uncle Fan’ is, check out this post here.

01. Photo of JYJ Junsu’s Sasaeng fans shock netizens

In the midst of JYJ‘s current controversy regarding their sasaeng fans, a past photo of member Junsu‘s sasaeng fans has shocked netizens and allkpop readers.

And that wraps up this edition of allkpop’s Top 10 Stories of March 2012. Stay tuned for the next digest at the end of April!


*Note: Top 10 stories are generated by reader view counts.

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