allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 4

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 4

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 4

Official Synopsis: A prince from the Chosun era, Yi Gak (JYJ‘s Yoochun), along with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo (Lee Min Ho), Do Chi San (Choi Woo Shik) and Woo Young Sul (Jung Seok Won),are catapulted 300 years into the future. As he attempts to investigatethesuspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the princess heloved, he unexpectedly finds himself in the city of Seoul in the year2012, where he comes across a woman who looks exactly like his belovedcrown princess…

Ratings: Although the ranking remained stagnant, all three shows were able to benefit from a ratings increase. MBCs The King 2 Hearts remained at first with a high 14.6% rating. SBSs Rooftop Prince achieved an 11.4%, inching closer to the coveted first place, while KBSs Equator Man increased to an 8.5% rating.

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 4

Recap of Ep. 4 Although Park Ha (Han Ji Min) is prepared to sign the contract for her new vegetable and fruit store, she discovers her missing check for the property rental. Unbeknownst to Park Ha, Se Na(Jung Yumi) had stolen the money and uses the opportunity to lend Park Ha money if she agrees to return to America.

Meanwhile, Prince Yi Gak is waiting forlornly in the rain for Park Ha to pick him up after having a bad day unable to meet his princess. The two take their flaring tempers out on each other, bickering. The next morning, Park Ha leaves the house angrily without feeding the four men. The three servants decide to take matters into their own and taken on odd jobs, only to fail miserably.

Park Ha meets up with her American friend, who returns her personal belongings left in America, and is offered a job at the restaurant that her American friend is planning to set up. While Park Ha ponders the possibility of returning to America, her friends try to help her failed business by selling strawberries. The three servants dress up in animal costumes, dancing to attract customers, and Prince Yi Gak secretly joins them in a panda costume.

With Prince Yi Gak becoming fatigued in his costume, Park Ha offers him water, whom she thinks is Becky. Hearing her confessing to Becky that she might have to return to America and leave the rooftop room, Prince Yi Gak is angered at the thought of her abandoning them and remains sullen during dinner.

After dinner, Yi Gak catches sight of Se Na and Tae Mu (Lee Tae Sung) getting married for a modeling show, and rushes to the scene, yelling for the princess. Tae Mu grabs Yi Gak forcibly and punches him overboard. Yi Gaks body floating on water much like how Tae Youngs body had. An ambulance rushes Yi Gak to the hospital, who at first seems to be dead but later is resurrected. During those moments, Yi Gak is flooded with memories of his own life and Tae Youngs. When Tae Youngs grandmother, Park Ha, Se Na, and Tae Mu return to the hospital, Yi Gak greets them with a slight smile and, Grandmother, its me. Tae Young.

allkpop TV Guide: Rooftop Prince Ep. 4

kdramacrazy’s Thoughts:

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Such an interesting twist to the plot line at that right, sweet moment. Although the comedic moments between Prince Yi Gak and his entourage were quite entertaining and carried the true heart of the episodes, the true main conflict that the viewers were supposed to root for were the doppelgangers and their battles against the antagonists. The only effect the snippets of the plot had was me trying to pull my hair out in anger, having a brain hemorrhage, and wanting to strangle Se Na. But with the new development of the conflict with Yi Gak being thrown into the mix, it just might be the spark that could save the waning conflict.

And once again, Rooftop Prince shines in weaving in heartwarming moments with laughter. I love the family dynamics and the bonding relationships between the entourage, Yi Gak, and Park Ha, and How Park Ha is like a mother to the four boys essentially as she helps them adjust to the scary 2012. When Yi Gak is shivering in the rain, waiting for his mom to pick him up, or when the three men (later joined by Yi Gak), do their utmost best to help out Park Ha after seeing her break down crying. I thank the writers for not trying to leap to romance between Yi Gak and Park Ha, since we usually see writers trying to force it onto viewers by the fourth episode.

Itll be quite interesting to see how Yi Gak will usurp Tae Mus position (and please get rid of Se Na on the way), in addition to how Park Ha will miss her four children.