Eric and Andy’s part in possible debut song was just 2 seconds?

Eric and Andy revealed that their part in a Shinhwa song originally planned as the debut title track for their first album was just 2 seconds long

Eric and Andy’s part in possible debut song was just 2 seconds?

and revealed that their part in a song originally planned as the title track for their first album was just 2 seconds long.

The March 28th broadcast of MBC’sRadio Star,’ continued with the second part of their interview with Shinhwa. The hosts asked, “Is it true that the song that was supposed to be the title track of your first album featured a rap from Andy and Eric that lasted only two seconds?

Andy responded, “Before we had the song ‘Problem Solver‘ we received a song entitled, ‘Oh, I Love You.’  All the members sang their parts, but there was no room for the rap portion. Our company added time for the rap, but it was just ‘I (I) love you (you) very much (very much).’  And [Eric and I] had to split that [line] between the two of us.

Hearing how short their part was host Kim Gu Ra quipped, “It’s like sharing one bean.

Source & Photo: Hankook Ilbo via Nate News

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