SM Entertainment clears up Jessica’s plastic surgery rumors

Girls’ Generation member Jessica has been surrounded with plastic surgery rumors recently, and her agency attempted to put the rumors to rest

SM Entertainment clears up Jessica’s plastic surgery rumors

Girls’ Generation member has been surrounded with rumors recently, and her agency attempted to put the rumors to rest.

A set of photos recently surfaced on an online community site with the title, “Jessica put on a little weight while taking a break from work, looks good.”

One photo was from when Jessica was filming 2‘s ‘‘, and the other was taken at Girls’ Generation’s recent concert in .

Comparing the two, Jessica looked noticeably thinner in the ‘Wild Romance’ photo, causing some netizens to speculate whether or not she had undergone plastic surgery since then.

In regards to the speculation, Girls’ Generation’s label SM Entertainment remarked, “She definitely did not have plastic surgery.”

SM continued to explain that while filming her , Jessica was juggling a very busy schedule and became very thin as a result, but is feeling much better now and gained back some weight while taking some time to rest.

Does it really make any sense that someone as beautiful as Jessica while filming for ‘Wild Romance’ would get plastic surgery afterwards?

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate + Newsen via Nate

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