Fashion King’s O.S.T receives wide attention

Fashion King’s O.S.T receives wide attention

Fashion Kings O.S.T receives wide attention The O.S.T of SBS TVs drama series Fashion King is currently receiving wide attention.

As Lee Jin Sung (of Monday Kids)s I Dream of You, which was unveiled in the first episode of the series, received a favorable review, other sound tracks are also receiving wide attention.

I Dream of You is produced by the popular producer RARA-AVIS and written by Kim Yi Na, and it is receiving an enthusiastic response from the viewers as Lees sad voice perfectly suits the series.

As befitted the big scale of the series as shown through the scenes shot in the U.S., many good songs are expected to be introduced.

Eyagi Entertainment, the production company of Fashion Kings O.S.T, says, The best producers and singers participated in the sound track album. The sound track will be introduced as the series goes on.

Because the drama O.S.T market is rapidly growing now, many people are expecting that the O.S.T of Fashion King will also succeed as the series becomes more popular.

As the series recorded a two-digit viewing rate in the first episode, many people are waiting for the part two and three of the O.S.T., as well.

Fashion King is a story about four young people who dream of becoming world-renowned fashion designers, and their work and love. It stars Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon, and SNSDs Yuri.

Source: TV Report