’2012 Paeksang Arts Awards’ releases its list of nominees

’2012 Paeksang Arts Awards’ releases its list of nominees

2012 Paeksang Arts Awards releases its list of nominees

Nominees for the 2012 Paeksang Arts Awards have finally been revealed!

On March 23rd, the official homepage for the awards ceremony updated with a list of nominations for the film and TV categories that have been the topic of much discussion online.

Check out some of the names below!


Best Movie Award

- Nameless Gangster

- Broken Arrow

- Sunny

- Punch

- Helpless

Best Actor Award

- Gongyoo (The Crucible)

- Kim Yoon Suk (Punch)

- Park Hae Il (War of the Arrows)

- Ahn Sung Gi (Broken Arrow)

- Choi Min Shik (Nameless Gangster)

Best Actress Award

- Kim Min Hee (Helpless)

- Son Ye Jin (Chilling Romance)

- Shim Eun Kyung (Sunny)

- Uhm Jung Hwa (Dancing QUeen)

- Jung Ryeo Won (Pain)

Rookie Actor Award

- Kim Sung Kyun (Nameless Gangster)

- Lee Kang Soo (Wonderful Radio)

- Lee Je Hoon (Introduction to Architecture)

- Joo Won (SIU)

Rookie Actress Award

- Kang Sora (Sunny)

- Go Ara (Papa)

- Kim Hye Eun (Nameless Gangster)

- miss As Suzy (Introduction to Archiecture)

- Oh Nara (Dancing Queen)


Best Drama Award

- The Princess Man

- Brain

- Deep-Rooted Tree

- The Greatest Love

- The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Best Variety Award

- Gag Concert

- I Am a Singer

- Jjak

- K-Pop Star

- 1 Night 2 Days (Season 1)

Best Actor Award

- Kim Soo Hyun (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)

- Park Shi Hoo (The Princess Man)

- Shin Ha Gyun (Brain)

- Cha Seung Won (The Greatest Love)

- Han Suk Gyu (Deep-Rooted Tree)

Best Actress Award

- Gong Hyo Jin (The Greatest Love)

- Kim Sun Ah (Scent of a Woman)

- Kim Hyun Joo (Shiny Shiny Shining)

- Moon Chae Won (The Princess Man)

- Soo Ae (A Thousand Days Promise)

Rookie Actor Award

- Kang Dong Ho (Shiny Shiny Shining)

- Park Yoohwan (A Thousand Days Promise)

- Park Yoon Jae (Indomitable Daughters-In-Law)

- Yeo Jin Goo (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)

- Joo Won (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Rookie Actress Award

- Kang Sora (Dream High 2)

- Kim Yoo Jung (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)

- Im Soo Hyang (New Tales of Gisaeng)

- After Schools UEE (Ojakgyo Brothers)

- Jung Yoomi (A Thousand Days Promise)

Check out the rest of the nominees on the official homepage here. The ceremony will be held on April 26th.