Shinhwa’s Eric runs around naked when drunk

Shinhwa’s Eric runs around naked when drunk

Shinhwas Eric runs around naked when drunk?

Shinhwa member Erics drinking habits have been revealed.

On the March 21st broadcast of MBCs Radio Star, 1st generation idol group, Shinhwa, appeared as guests.

During the interview, in the midst of discussing Erics 4D personality, member Kim Dong Wan revealed, there was a time when he got drunk and took off all his clothes, shocking the MCs.

He continued, Eric was drunk so I took him home but while I was washing up, he took off all his clothes and ran outside.  While naked he ran up and down the stairs of our apartment, and brought everyone to laughter.

Eric added to the laughter as he stated, I ran away so I would not get caught by him, but I ran bear foot and tore up my feet.  He found me by following the trail of my blood.

Source: TV Daily via Nate News