2PM’s Jun Ho and Kim So Eun are cast for ‘Music and Lyrics’

2PM’s Jun Ho and Kim So Eun are cast for ‘Music and Lyrics’

2PMs Jun Ho and Kim So Eun are cast for Music and Lyrics

2PMs Jun Ho and and actress Kim So Eun were recently cast for MBC Musics Music and Lyrics as the second couple.

The show is a romantic reality program, in which a musician and an actress collaborate on a song and tell a story along the way. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun were previously cast and drew a lot of attention.

Jun Ho, the second man for the show, is a member of popular idol group 2PM. He will show off his composition skills through the show and capture womens hearts. Since actress Kim So Eun was cast for the show as well, many people are looking forward to seeing the show.

A spokesperson for the show says, Since Jun Ho, who is a talented songwriter, and Kim, who is a beautiful and talented actress met together, I wonder what kind of song they will make. And I think they will create many fun episodes because they are of about the same age. Please pay attention to the fresh and young couple.

People responded: Jun Ho and Kim So Eun! Im already jealous of them. I cant wait to listen to their song. They are friends now but they might become a couple. Are you sure you are just going to make a song?

Since the first episode of the show starring Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun will air on March 18 at 11 oclock at night on MBC, many people who missed the first couple can see them again.

Source: TV Report