3 View Points of “Individualist Miss Ji-yeong”

3 View Points of “Individualist Miss Ji-yeong”

A woman who lived as an individualist, cutting off all human relationship meets a dependent man who can’t live without others. This is a beautiful, lighthearted healing romance.

Actress Min Hyo-rin’s back on the TV screen after a period of absence! It’s also her first time acting in a short one-act play. The show consists only 2 episodes, so it is important to portray a character in short period of time. Also, sometimes this type of short and sweet dramas are needed to refresh our routine from all the long series we are watching.

Adorable younger boy and frosty older gal’s chemistry that tingles your stomach with butterflies! Look at the difference in the temperature between these two, and how they melt together to create a perfect, harmonious temperature when they are with each other.

This show is created by an award winning newbie screen writer, Kwon Hye-ji and a veteran producer Park Hyeon-seok (Who produced “Uncontrollably Fond”)! Their synergy made this show possible.