2PM's Nichkhun Is Losing His Hair?

2PM's Nichkhun Is Losing His Hair?

Recently, 2PM’s Nichkhun has been suffering from some sudden, minor hair loss. 2PM’s Chansung revealed more information about Nichkhun’s dilemma and fans were quite surprised.

On the August 9th installment of MBC’s ‘Radio Star,’ 2PM member Chansung made an appearance and discussed Nichkhun’s hair loss.

The topic came up when MCKim Gu Raquestioned about Nichkhun’s whereabouts. Chansung answered saying he was busy performing back and forth between China and Korea. Changsung was then asked the following,“Nichkhun was worried about his hair loss, is he doing alright?”Chansung replied,“It’s not hair loss, he just has thin hair,”causing the MC’s and guests to laugh. Who knows if Nichkhun really is losing hair!

The show carried on and other questions were asked such as“Are there idol groups who tighten discipline?”Chansung replied,“There were during the time of our debut.TVXQsunbaenim,Shinhwasunbaenim, in addition toWonder GirlsandBig Bangsunbaenims promoting on stage.” What do you think of Chansung’s statements regarding his fellow member’s thin hair? Hopefully, it stays thick and voluminous for some time.