2PM’s Chansung urges fans to vote

2PM’s Chansung urges fans to vote

2PM’s Chansung urged fans to vote.

Chansung is well known for being very politically aware and using his SNS to spread awareness on various issues in Korea. As the presidential election day is coming up very soon in Korea (on May 9th), and this is an important election after the impeachment of previous President Park Geun Hye, he took to his Twitter to urge his followers to vote.

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He wrote, “The election is coming up soon. Let’s all vote. It’s a fantasy to think that someone will change your and our lives for the better when you don’t vote. You might be busy, or you may not have time, so you may not know or you may just not do it. However, in that lack of interest, we miss the road to our justice. No one brings change for us. So we must vote so the politicians get afraid of us and our generation and get nervous. Let’s all vote. They may all look the same but they’re all different. Just have a little interest, do a bit of research, talk among others, and find your candidate.”

Hopefully people take his words to heart.

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