2PM wrap up their ‘6NIGHTS’ concert

2PM wrap up their ‘6NIGHTS’ concert

2PMhas wrapped up their ‘6NIGHTS’concert with their last performance on June 11. This is the last concert tour for the boys before they begin enlisting in the military.

On this day, they opened their concert with “GIV U CLASS” and continued to electrify the crowd with “PROMISE”, “MAKE LOVE”, MAGIC”, “MY HOUSE”, and more. How they controlled the audience and the series of performance they showed exactly why they’re considered veterans in the market.

Wooyoung said, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but the crowd is absolutely crazy tonight. I’m shocked at how you guys are able to raise our performance even further, we hope to make you even more crazyfor another 10 years”.

Jun.K attended the concert with a cast on his arm this night and performed as if nothing was wrong. He said, “I’m sorry for making everyone worried the past three days becauseI got hurt. I’d like to say thank you to everyone here, especially the fans whose have been supporting us consistently over the years and it is such an honor to be on this stage”.

J.Y. Park was also in attendanceand sent them a heart in which the members joked back, “He never sent us a heart before. This is the first time seeing this. You usually send hearts to TWICE, why are you sending it to us?” to cause a laughter among the fans and the members.

Despite their busy schedules through variety shows, dramas, and international activities, they came together to gift the fans with a series of concerts they won’t forget. They sang and danced to their past hits as well on this night such as “I’LL BE BACK”, “WITHOUT YOU”, “HEARTBEAT”, “AGAINAGAIN”, “ONLY U”, “ANGEL”, and “10 OUT OF 10”.

‘6NIGHTS’ was carried out from June 2-4 and June 9-11 at theKorea University’s Hwajeong Tiger Dom Center. Congratulations 2PM!

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