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2NE1’s Park Bom Is Thinking About Revealing Her Bikini Body on “Roommate”

On April 9, 2NE1’s Park Bom appeared on KBS radio program “Lee So Ra’s Music Plaza” as a guest along with member Sandara Park. She briefly talked about SBS variety program “Roommate,” where it will closely follow the daily lives of ten male and female top stars as they live and interact with one another in one house.

“I’m just throwing this out there, but I’m thinking about showing my bikini body on ‘Roommate,’” confessed Park Bom. “I bought a pretty bikini just in case I had to show everyone.” MC Lee So Ra, her roommate in the variety program, joked, “We’ll soon show you.”

Sandara Park inserted, “I want to wear a bikini too. I can’t wear it, but I’d like to wear one

2NE1 Meets ‘The Walking Dead’: Dara Uploads Instagram Photo With Steven Yeun!

(Photo : Instagram)

2NE1 may just have a new fan in "The Walking Dead" star Steven Yeun!

Recently, 2NE1 member Dara Park uploaded a selca on Instagram showcasing none other than Steven Yeun, who portrays Glenn on the widely popular show "The Walking Dead."

"It was very nice meeting you," wrote Dara on her Instagram.

It is unclear where this meeting took place, but given that "The Walking Dead" is currently on hiatus before season 5 begins, it"s possible the Korean-American actor is visiting Seoul.

After uploading the photo and tweeting about it, Steven Yeun not only re-tweeted the photo, but also began following Dara on Twitter!

Currently, 2NE1 is preparing to continue their promotions for their full-length album "Crush" with the follow-up single "Gotta Be You

Dara snaps a photo with ‘The Walking Dead’ actor Steven Yeun

2NE1 Dara shares a photo taken with 'The Walking Dead' actor Steven Yeun who plays the role of 'Glenn Rhee' in the hit American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series.

She captioned, "It was very nice meeting you :) with #StevenYeun".

The two look great in their contrasting black and white outfits while giving off a warm expression. Steven Yeun is one of the main cast in the hit American TV series 'The Walking Dead'. He is born Korean but migrated to Canada and grew up in America. He is one of the successful Korean-American actor in Hollywood to date.

CL Holds Auditions To Recruit A New Singer For KGB Commercial Duet

An audition will be held to select a singer to record a duet with 2NE1 leader CL.

Anyone can audition by signing up through the KGB Facebook page before May 6. The winner will also have the opportunity to film a commercial with CL.

KGB, whose slogan is "Stylish model, Stylish advertisements, Stylish brand KGB," announced the audition through a teaser advertisement.

CL will select her duet partner through online auditions, and the final winner will be awarded the opportunity to appear in a KGB commercial with the K-Pop superstar.

CL will encourage and monitor the entire online audition, and the process will be revealed through Facebook.

Jun Hyung Jin, the director of Independent Korea, stated: "We decided to recruit CL for her style and skill

‘K-Pop Star 3’ Sam Kim Collaborates With 2NE1

Audition program "K-Pop Star 3" contestant Sam Kim had a chance to collaborate with girl group 2NE1 onstage.

The April 6th broadcast of SBS entertainment program "K-Pop Star 3" featured Sam Kim"s collaborative performance with 2NE1. They sang the girl group"s hit song "Lonely".

Sam Kim started off the performance by calmly playing his guitar, which was specially signed by the members of 2NE1. He sang "Lonely" in a manner that was far from amateur.

Sam Kim"s soulful voice mixed with 2NE1"s unique and charming voices to create a sound that was completely different from the original song. It was a collaborative performance with 2NE1, but they almost seemed like they belonged in one group.

Net users commented, "K-Pop Star 3 Sam Kim, I think he"s really going to win", "His talent seems to increase as he goes", and "His voice goes really well with 2NE1"

2NE1 Takes First on Album and Artist Chart for 6 Weeks

2NE1 has ranked number one on MelOn’s ‘Album Top 20’ and ‘Artist Top 20’ charts for six weeks straight.

2NE1’s second full-length album, which was released on February 26, first ranked number one on ‘Album Top 20’ chart for the week of March 2 and continued to keep its spot for six weeks, until the week of April 6. It also took the top spot on ‘Artist Top 20’ chart during the same time period.

2NE1’s second full length album also ranked number 61 on Billboard’s album chart ‘Billboard 200,’ setting the highest record for a Korean album on the chart.

After successfully promoting Come Back Home, 2NE1 is carrying out promotions with Gotta Be You.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is launching a world tour concert in Shanghai on April 11.

Photo credit: Newsen

Hallyu Is Riding The Wave To China – K-Pop Risk Factors To Watch Out For

(Photo : SM)

Recently the Hallyu wave has been leaning strongly towards China. SBS drama "My Love from the Star" is a record-breaking hit in China, and caused a "chicken & beer craze". Now Chinese fans can"t get enough of the drama stars Jung Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. The same goes for SBS" "The Heirs" star Lee Min Ho. It"s as if we"re once again witnessing the "Winter Sonata" craze that hit the Japanese market years ago.

K-Pop stars are becoming much more active in entering China as well. K-Pop stars are focusing not only on the Japanese market, but targeting a wider audience. Is China the new resting place for the Hallyu wave?

Hallyu"s mecca is Japan. Along with Japanese Yen phenomenon, the Japanese broadcasting networks" revenue was reborn with top stars Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo

Instiz chart for first week of April 2014 is out!

Instiz chart is a combination ranking from various music charts in South Korea. With this chart, artist can received an ‘All-Kill’ tittle for being a top of the chart.

Take a look at the chart rankings for the first week of April (from March 31 to April 6) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Park Hyo Shin – “Wild Flower” – 43,267 Points

2. A Pink – “Mr. Chu” – 30,063 Points

3. Lee Sun Hee – “Meet Him Among Them” – 20,485 Points

4. Soyu & JungGiGo ft. Lil Boi – “Some” – 19,103 Points

5. Mad Clown ft. Hyorin – “Without You” – 15,897 Points

6. Bro – “That Kind Of Guy” – 15,354 Points


2NE1, 2PM, and Mystic89 artists to appear on the upcoming episode of ‘Running Man’

On April 7th, 2PM and 2NE1 were spotted filming for SBS‘ variety show “Running Man” around the Digital Media City in Sangamdong.

Filming along with them were Mystic89‘s artists including Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi, and Muzie.

The episode featuring these artists will be aired later in April.

Meanwhile, watch some fan-cams below!



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2NE1 Gets Over 7 Million ‘Likes’ On Facebook

(Photo : 2NE1 Facebook)

There is no denying that K-Pop girl group 2NE1 is a huge success with fans all around the world and the proof is in their Facebook page.

As of April 7, YG Entertainment"s ever-popular group surpassed a whopping seven million "likes" on their official Facebook page.

With followers from all around the world, 2NE1"s popularity is five years in the making.

Made up of members CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy, the group first hit the music scene in May 2009 with the single "Fire" after announcing their debut and starting the band"s official Facebook page two months prior.

Buzz around the group began when, in late March of that year, they collaborated with label-mates Big Bang for "Lollipop," a promotional song used for LG"s Cyon cellphone