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2NE1 Bom, "My Legs Won't Gain Weight So It's Hard When I'm Dancing"

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bom legs dont gain weightGroup 2NE1's member Bom said, "My legs don't gain weight that easily so it's hard when I'm dancing."

In SBS PowerFM "Cultwo Show" aired today, Bom said, "I tend to gain weight only in the upper half of my body. My legs don't gain weight to the point it's hard for me when I dance."

When other 2NE1 members burst into laughter, Bom said, "To me, it's something really hard. So I don't do specific leg exercises."

2NE1's Sandara Park Tweets Photo, 'Lifted Weight'

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2NE1, sandara park, Twitter Photos

2NE1's Sandara Park Tweets Photo, 'Lifted Weight' 2NE1s Sandara Park Tweets Photo, Lifted WeightOn the afternoon of the 30th, Sandara Park tweeted, "Proud of our San Miran player! Level one success! In Singapore doing lonely self management. Lifted weight," along with two photos.

Park is seen in the photo wearing a black zip-up jumper and grey training pants. She drew attention with a photo of herself getting ready and then one of her lifting the weight.

The group 2NE1 is scheduled for a comeback with the release of the reggae song, 'Falling in Love,' early next month.

2NE1′s Park Bom gained some weight

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2NE1′s Park Bom gained some weight

2NE1 members recently participated in a press conference for their “2NE1 GLOBAL TOUR” at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore.

Along with other members, Park Boom showed up with a sexy white top matched with a tight miniskirt. Despite her stylish look, netizens quickly noticed that the singer gained some weight. She looked a bit rounder than usual.

Netizens commented on the photos, “I miss the old Park Bom,” “It must be stressing for her but I think she needs to pay more careful attention to her diet,” and “She would look even better if she lost some weight.” and more.

Netizens Argue Weight Loss vs. Plastic Surgery over 2NE1 Minzy's Latest Selca

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Netizens Argue Weight Loss vs. Plastic Surgery over 2NE1 Minzy's Latest Selca

Earlier today, 2NE1’s Minzy uploaded a new selca. Netizens were quick to notice Minzy getting prettier and prettier. On April 25, she tweeted, “Hello!! Back in Korea~ T.T Splat…I’m about to go to a coma-like-sleep. Good night!”

In the photo, Minzy smiles looking directly at the camera. Her face appears slimmer than before, while her signature slit eyes look rounder and bigger. Her new short hairstyle created a sophisticated allure. Her improved appearance sparked a round of debate between netizens who argued weight loss versus plastic surgery.  

Netizens commented, “Aww, so pretty!” “Welcome back, good night,” “Beautiful as always,” “I like when you smile,” and more. 

2NE1 Park Bom's Old Photo Shows Weight Loss Can Do Wonders

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2NE1 Park Bom's Old Photo Shows Weight Loss Can Do Wonders

On April 23, an old photo of 2NE1’s Park Bom started circulating online. The photo titled “Park Bom when she was 19” showed the star singer in a much more innocent and youthful look. Without the heavy makeup and fancy hairstyle, Park Bom looks completely different from her current self, but the overall facial features are intact, and it’s not hard to identify who the person in the photo is.

Shortly after the release of the photo, some of the fans disputed that the person in the picture is in fact a different person with the same name. However, it’s easy to tell it’s the same 2NE1 Park Bom—only with slightly more weight around her cheeks and nose.

Netizens commented, “Park Bom always looked sweet,” “That corn diet must have served her well,” and “A lot of guys must have fallen for her.”

Justin Bieber Praises 2NE1's CL's Unmarried 'Hello Bitches'

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Justin Bieber Praises 2NE1's CL's Unmarried 'Hello Bitches'

(Photo : Facebook )2NE1's CL has won praises from some artists in the United States.

Pop famous person Justin Bieber had some fantastic words to mention about CL's solo debut unmarried titled "Hello Bitches."

On Thursday, Nov. 26, Justin Bieber shared CL's dance functionality video, at the aspect of the caption announcing "This is dope" on his respectable Twitter page.

CL's dance performance video for "Hello Bitches" used to be released on Nov. 21, and reached on the topic of1,000,000perspectives on that same day.

"Hello Bitches" will also be downloaded for unfastenedat thetrack sharing provider SoundCloud. Also, on iTunes.

YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, currentlymentioned CL's U.S. debut and is inspired with her solo single.

"Personally, I'm very happy with the dance performance clip of Hi Bitches,'" acknowledged Yang Hyun Suk, as reported by capability of K-Pop Herald.

Yang also talked about how CL changed intono longerin a position to exhibit her demandingand strong dance moves whilsta phase of popular feminineteam 2NE1.

"Frankly, CL hasnt shown such robust dance moves, following an intense-tempo track, when she was component of the group."

While "Hello Bitches" is in the end out, Blackjacks (2NE1 fans) are wondering when they is also able tobe expectingto peer CL carry out on stage.

According to Yang Hyun Suk, enthusiasts volitionneed to wait till next yearas she is currently doing some completing touches on her album.

Since CL isn'twell known in the United States, YG determined to perform a little promotions ahead of her album comes out. Thus, "Hello Bitches" was released, which was to counterbalance her rookie status.

Meanwhile, CL might be attending the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong on Dec. 2. She will be able tooperate and divulge her new songs that may exist contained in her upcoming album.

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Choiza gains attention for his surprising weight loss

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Choiza gains attention for his surprising weight loss

Dynamic Duo just made their comeback, and Choiza has been getting some more attention, no longer on account of his dating with Sulli this time, yet due to his replaced looks!

An online network post has been gaining pastime as it presentations Choiza has lost numerous weight from the past. The post says, "A vitamin is the maximum productive plastic surgery". We think in a way, this is completely true. Choiza"s face does glance leaner and smaller after the weight loss.

One of the comments joked, "When you date, you transform prettier and higher looking."

How do you watched Choiza looks after wasting somewhat of weight?

2NE1′s CL to Drop New Song ′Hello Bitches′ on November 21

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2NE1′s CL to Drop New Song ′Hello Bitches′ on November 21

--> YG Entertainment has published that CL is next up to bat.

YG up to date its reliable blog on November 18 with a poster titled ′CL - hi Bitches.′ Consistent with the poster, CL′s new song Hello Bitches is determined to drop on November 21 at nine p.m.

YG hinted at ′Who′s Next′ on two separate instances earlier than the massive reveal, leading many to wonder which YG artist would take over on November 21 after Jinusean, giant Bang and iKON.

On November 17, Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park posted a chain of mysterious letters on Instagram, losing more hints about the artist set to arrive at the scene on November 21.

CL signed with SB Projects, an organization helmed by skill of Scooter Braun, who helped Psy effectively advance into the U.S., and has been getting ready to make her debut in the U.S. She used to be featured on Skrillex′s Dirty Vibe, which turned into released in December of ultimate year, and collaborated with Diplo on Doctor Pepper in May.

CL also shared the level with one of the vital world′s most up to date stars on the Mad Decent Block birthday party excursion in the U.S. and Canada, receiving attention from media retailers abroad.

Many are curious to look what charms CL, who is enjoyed for her commanding air of mystery and strong performances, will exhibit via Hello Bitches.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

2NE1′s Sandara Park Posts candy Photo with SHINee′s Jonghyun

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2NE1′s Sandara Park Posts candy Photo with SHINee′s Jonghyun

--> 2NE1 member and Sugar Man MC Sandara Park shared a candy moment with this week′s display man SHINee′s Jonghyun.

She posted a photo with Jonghyun on November 17, writing "This week′s #SugarMan #Showman !!! He′s a good-looking boy with a sweet voice, yet he has a monster voice, SHINee′s major vocalist #Jonghyun !!! Even though I′ve observed him on song systems all of the time, we′re at all times waiting backstage, so I′ve most effective heard him or visible the back of his head. But seeing him carry out with my own eyes, I know now why they say SHINee SHINee!!! I believe like this week′s fight is going to be a pageant between polar contrary charms!!! though it′s a competition, revel in the nice music, win or lose~!!! Ah, having a look ahead to it!!!"

Sandara Park and Jonghyun are considered status facet by ability of side, posing sweetly for the camera.

Tune in to JTBC′s Two Yoo Task - Sugar Man tonight, November 17, to catch Jonghyun take the stage.

Photo credit: Sandara Park′s Instagram