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[Live] 2NE1 Sings 'Stay Together' and 'I LOVE YOU'

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[Live] 2NE1 Sings 'Stay Together' and 'I LOVE YOU'

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2NE1is continuing to rock Prudential Center.

Their sixteenth song was "Stay Together" which was successful in pumping up the crowd's energy after a technical malfunction with the microphone system put a slight damper on the concert. Once the problem was resolved, the girls got right back to it and the audience was right there with them.

"I Love You," their recent mega hit single, entailed special stage effects that impressed the fans and onlookers. The audience was incredibly excited to hear their most recent hit and it transitioned into "Ugly," which the girls sang with their backs to the audience.

2NE1 comes to the New York area as part of their first global tour, "New Evolution" debut stops in the US. The girls will head to 10 cities in seven countries this summer, having successfully completed their concert in Seoul last month. The first stop in the US will be Newark, New Jersey tonight, 8PM EDT, at the Prudential Center and the concert is in preparation with nearly 80 staff members, volunteers and security officers.

They will continue on to San Francisco for their visit to Facebook HQ for the 'Facebook Live QA' on August 22 then to L.A. for their performance on August 24 at the Nokia Theatre.

Please be on the lookout by visiting the special coverage page of "2NE1 Global Tour New Evolution in US" for continuous updates.

2NE1 Has First Live Performance of "I Love You" on Inkigayo

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2NE1 made their first comeback performance of their new song I Love You on Inkigayo today.

The song was previously released on iTunes on July 5 as a digital single. According to YG, 2NE1 will be releasing its album one song at a time, similar to what they did last year with “Lonely,” “I Am the Best,” “Hate You” and “Ugly.”

In celebration of their comeback, we had a special look back at many of their past hit songs. Be sure to let us know which of their past songs was your favorite.

Before “I Love You” was even released, we shared our exclusive review of the song. Be sure to check it out along with our footage of 2NE1 and Blackjacks at the CANNES LIONS

2NE1's 'I Love You' MV reaches 50 million views!

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2NE1's 'I Love You' MV reaches 50 million views!

Say whaat. 2NE1"s "I Love You" MV just reached the 50 million perspectives milestone on YouTube!

The MV got here out a couple of years ago in 2012, and it never stopped garnering non-stop passion from lovers and tune lovers. This is going to turn how popular and enjoyed the ladies of 2NE1 are. a large congratulations to 2NE1 and Blackjacks achieve this implausible feat!

If you haven"t yet observed the MV, move try it out now!

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G.Soul serenades with live version of "Stop Running from Love"

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G.Soul serenades with live version of

G.Soul, the soulful voice ofJYP Entertainment, recently made a comeback with his "Love Me Again" single album and now has released a live studio version of one of the single"s tracks "Stop Running From Love"!

The song is a pop ballad that speaks of a person not acknowledging love even when it"s right in their face. Working with producercollapseoneagain, G.Soul has crafted a song that effortlessly combines a more pop sound then the RB-infused melodies we are used to from him. In any case, the song has a dreamy quality about it that makes it easy to appeal anyone. Visually his facial expressions and the lighting of the studio give a sorrowful vibe that the song needs.

Is this your favorite song on the single or do you prefer the title track?

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Watch KARA"s showcase for 7th mini album "In Love" live!

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Watch KARA

KARA are finally back with their new mini album "In Love", and they"re meeting fans for the first time through a showcase!

This is a chance for you to watch KARA perform the title track of their 7th mini album, "Cupid", which they"ve already revealed the music video for. Gyuri, Hara, Seungyeon, and Youngjiare ready to make you fall "In Love"!

The live event will be on in just a bit, so check it out above!

[Beijing / HongKong / Kuala Lumpur / Manila] 19:00 PM

[Paris / Stockholm] 13:00PM

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The Nuts release live performance of "Love and Love"

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The Nuts release live performance of

Rock ballad band The Nuts just released a live version of their newest digital single "Love and Love"!

Although the quality of sound is low, the outstanding vocals of The Nuts" singer was clearly captured in the video, melting fans with his powerful and sentimental sound.

Meanwhile, "Love and Love" released on February 12, and the band had their comeback performance on MBC"s "Show! Champion", receiving praise for preserving the original sound of The Nuts.

Check out the video above!

YG Released Live Performance of 2NE1's “I Am The Best”

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YG Released Live Performance of 2NE1's “I Am The Best”

As soon as YG Entertainment treated fans with the live performance “Don’t Hate Me” of EPIK HIGH, they continues to release live performance for 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” from the 2014 YG Family Tour in Japan as well.

The girl group performed their hit track in Japanese, making it easier for the crowd of fans to sing along to the empowering, upbeat tune. The ladies began the performance cooly at the top of a set of stairs. Accompanied by the appropriate sound effects, the music blared with intensity. 2NE1 sat atop their stylish motorcycles before coming down the stairs one by one.

Their sequined, colorful outfits matched the high energy level of the song, giving fans a great performance with sexy, powerful dance moves as well. The excited screams of fans in the first few seconds of the introduction more than prove the popularity of this song as their many voices can be heard singing along to the track as well.

Check out their performance here:

Vote for 2NE1 at the 2014 International Hallyu Awards for SONG OF THE YEAR, BEST MUSIC VIDEO, and more!

2NE1"s live performance of "I Am The Best" from "2014 YG Family Tour in Japan"

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On December 20th, YG Entertainment uploaded a video featuring 2NE1.

The video is the live performance of 2NE1"s "I Am the Best" from the 2014 YG Family Tour in Japan.

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SHINee Lives Up To Fan's Love With Live Concert Album "SHINee World III in Seoul"

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SHINee Lives Up To Fan's Love With Live Concert Album

SHINee will make their comeback with third live concert album, ‘ SHINee World III in Seoul.’

The tracks in the album are from their concert "SHINee CONCERT SHINee WORLD III in SEOUL" last March 3,8, and 9 which was held in Seoul Olympic Park, Gymnastics Stadium.

Fans could relive the successful concert and hear the vivid live versions of SHINee"s hit tracks that they perform on stage such as "Julier", "Lucifer", "Dream Girl", "Everybody" and more all included in 2 CDs containing a total of 33 tracks.

Fans can also listen to the studio version of their Japanese track  "3 2 1" in Korean version as the bonus track.

2BiC"s live piano version of "If We Love Again"

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After releasing the official MV of their new song "If We Love Again" on November 25th, 2BiC dropped a live piano version on November 27th.

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