2NE1 and CL were the inspiration for ‘Overwatch’ character D.Va?

2NE1 and CL were the inspiration for ‘Overwatch’ character D.Va?

Voice actress Charlet Chung of the popular video game franchise ‘Overwatch’ recently shared her thoughts on voicing the character D.Va.

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Back in May, the voice actress shared her thoughts about the inspiration for voice acting D.Va at an Overwatch panel discussion at MomoCon 2017 held in Atlanta, GA. With D.Va being the only Korean-based character in terms of design and expressing strong feminine power, Charlet revealed that K-pop, specifically former group 2NE1 and CL inspired her to shape the unique voice of D.Va.  When also asked what kind of music her character would listen to, the actress mentioned CL’s “Hello B*tches”.

It’s pretty cool to see the influence of K-pop in other areas of entertainment including gaming.

Overwatch voice actress, Charlet Chung credits 2NE1 especially CL in shaping her character voice for D.Va pic.twitter.com/YgQ9j19prP

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