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G-Dragon, EXO, 2NE1 and More Thank Fans for Soompi Awards 2013

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 G-Dragon, EXO, 2NE1 and More Thank Fans for Soompi Awards 2013

This is the moment K-Pop fans all around the world have been waiting for – the results of the 9th annual 2013 Soompi Awards!

Sponsored by the mobile application LINE, the Soompi Awards is bigger than ever with more votes, more awards, and more stars! From Artist of the Year to Best Fandom, we are proud to honor the top artists in K-Pop, as well as you, the fans.

K-Pop music continued to grow in 2013, and has become the leading genre in Asia and a force around the world. Many artists have expanded their fan base internationally with concerts and fan meetings, and Soompi has been working hard to help bring the artists closer to you through events like this.

For the first time ever, we presented trophies to the winning artists, who graciously responded with thank you messages to the Soompiers who love and support them. Click the image below to find out the winners of each category, and hear what your favorite artists have to say in response to receiving their awards!

Thanks for your support, and join us again next year!

2NE1 Proved They Were The Baddest Females In K-Pop In 2013: Year In Review

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2NE1 Proved They Were The Baddest Females In K-Pop In 2013: Year In Review 2NE1 for 2013 KBBE. 2013 was a year of evolution for YG Entertainment"s 2NE1.The year opened with speculations surrounding upcoming releases for the group, with rumors ranging from a full English language album to collaborations with label mates Big Bang.2NE1"s CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom celebrated numerous milestones throughout the year, however the group did not release a full album or extended play.With the release of three major singles, 2NE1 remained in the spotlight not only in Korea but internationally.

2NE1 started off the year quietly, with interviews which sparked many of the rumors of their upcoming releases. On March 14, 2NE1 released the previously recorded single Take The World On,a collaboration featuring will.i.am.The group would later be featured on will.i.am"s April release, #willpower with Gettin" Dumb.On March 31, 2NE1 helped kick off the opening weekend performance for G-Dragon"s 1st World Tour at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

2NE1 Proved They Were The Baddest Females In K-Pop In 2013: Year In Review 2NE1 with Snoop Dogg. On May 4th, 2NE1 further established their image as international trend setters by participating in the United All Originals Live performance with Snoop Dogg. The concert was sponsored by Adidas and reflected the ability of 2NE1 to serve as style icons, as well as performers. The performance was Snoop"sfirst official concert in Korea during his twenty year career and the group delivered an electrifying performance with the American hip hop pioneer.

On May 28th, 2NE1"s leaderCL released her solo single The Baddest Female. Produced by YG Entertainment"s Teddy Park, The Baddest Female featured elements of hip hop, dubstep, and electronic dance music. The video was innovative and featured appearances by Big Bang"sG-Dragon and Taeyang, as well as Teddy Park.With The Baddest Female CL was able to establish her personality as a solo artist.

2NE1 Proved They Were The Baddest Females In K-Pop In 2013: Year In Review 2NE1"s summertime concept for "Falling In Love". On June 29th, 2NE1 joined G-Dragon for two performances in Singapore.On July 8th, the group released the reggae influenced Falling In Love which was anuptempo single that was perfect for the summertime.Falling In Love was followed by the release of Do You Love Me which surprised audiences as 2NE1 had just completed promotions for Falling In Love.

2NE1 were named Korean Brand and Entertainment ambassadors for 2013 in October.As a result of this appointment, the group was present in London during the Expo.In conjunction with the November event, there was the YG Hologram Show which featured 2NE1 and PSY.On November 20th, 2NE1 would fully release the highly anticipated single Missing You.Missing You featured a melancholy feel and also a tastefully executed nude scene by CL.

2NE1 Proved They Were The Baddest Females In K-Pop In 2013: Year In Review 2NE1 MAMA 2013 Red Carpet.  

2NE1 performed Missing You as part of their 2013 MAMA stage and CL waswith Icona Pop.CL received the Best Dance Performance-Female Solo award at 2013 MAMA for The Baddest Female. 2013 began to come to a close with the release of Park BomLee Hi (BH)"s All I Want For Christmas Is You.The melancholy cover of the Mariah Carey classic was the first release of the new YG Entertainment unit.OnDecember 29, CL will appear with Lee Hyori at SBS Gayo Daejun.

2013 has beenan exciting year for 2NE1 and has definitely been a year of growth.In December, it was announced that 2NE1"s long time manager, Jjangmae would be going over to work with YG"s newest group WINNER.This move can undoubtedly be seen as the fact that 2NE1 is set to reach new height and are now seasoned performers in K-Pop.The group has promised another world tour in 2014 and new music, which will be highly anticipated.

M! Countdown Highlight: Hyorin Says Move Over Ladies Over 2NE1 as She Wins #1 on the December 12, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

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Hey everyone, another week of "M! Countdown" is here that features your favorite K-Pop stars all on one night.

For this episode, the stars that made their returns were CNBLUE's Jonghyun as well as Juniel by having a special night by getting together to become Romantic J as they sang "Love Falls", Koyote made their return by saying "Hug Me" on this cold night, and 2BiC came out to perform a "Lonely Christmas."

Your nominees that were battling for first place last night were the ladies of 2NE1 and SISTAR's Hyorin. The winner for this episode was Hyorin for her song, "One Way Love." Congratulations to her!!

Let's get into the performance recaps!

Hyorin is number this week as she performed "One Way Love" last night. Like always, she brought her great voice and choreography on-stage which the audience loved. Fan chants were amazing throughout her performance. Great job and congrats on winning last night!

Ladies group T-ara are number seven this week by asking, "What Should I Do." Great performance from the girls as they brought fun and energy. Screaming and fan chants was just phenomenal all through their performance! There is so much love for the ladies! Keep it up T-ara!

Koyote made their return last night by saying "Hug Me" for the holidays. The song is for the Christmas holiday and the group wore colors for the season. Crowd enjoyed it and were entertained. Welcome back Koyote!

F.T. Island is number nine this week for their song "Madly." Lee Hongki came out with black hair and great wardrobe for the night. From the mishap last week, he made sure that his zipper was up this time. It happens, let's just say you were excited and wanted to perform for your fans because you love them so much. Great job as the crowd screamed and loved their performance!

All the guys of EXO showed up last night to sing "Miracles in December" by being number three this week. Stage setting was nicely done by having that winter ambience. Crowd screamed and loved their performance. Good job!

The fabulous ladies of Nine Muses came out wearing red for the holidays by performing "Glue." They rank number fourteen this week which the crowd loves by screaming all through their performance. Make up is good as well for all the members; though a little more touch up will be great. Great job and beautiful still though!

M.I.B featuring A Pink's Bomi finally had a full performance last night has they performed "Worry About Yourself First." They are actually doing well by their song being currently number sixteen this week. Bomi and the guys looked great and crowd loved their performance. Great job!

Jevice are telling you "Don't Answer the Phone" as they came out with their great voices. The duo ranks number twenty-six this week which is okay. The audience liked their performance and stage setting was good by having purple butterfly's in the image board background. This ladies are almost like the younger side of Davichi. Don't you think so? Great performance though ladies!

The guys of VIXX are number thirteen this week for "Voodoo Doll" as they once again brought energy as well charisma on-stage last night. Screaming from the crowd was remarkable as they went throughout their performance. Awesome performance guys!

Decked out Christmas girls Crayon Pop came out with their catchy leg shaking for "Lonely Christmas." The girls are ranked number eleven this week which they came out with entertainment which the crowd loved by fan chanting. This song is definitely one in-which the ladies will be remembered this year after "Bar Bar Bar."

Duo TASTY came out this week by being number twenty for their song "Day 'n Night." The guys came out full of energy as well as charisma which they entertained the crowd. The audience loved their performance by screaming. Awesome performance as always guys!

Duo Romantic J which are Jonghyun and Juniel sang a love song for the holidays about falling in love with "Love Falls." Song is about that love can sometimes occur during the holidays. Crowd loved by by screaming. Have you found your love yet?

Other performances for the night were K.Hunter, 2BiC, Noel, MR.MR, Younha, and San E which all kept the crowd entertained.

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Lee Hyori To Be Joined By 2NE1's CL For First Post-Marriage Performance In SBS Special 'Gayo Daejun 2013' On Dec. 29

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Lee Hyori To Be Joined By 2NE1s CL For First Post-Marriage Performance In SBS Special Gayo Daejun 2013 On Dec. 29 (Photo : Cosmopolitan)Lee Hyori To Be Joined By 2NE1s CL For First Post-Marriage Performance In SBS Special Gayo Daejun 2013 On Dec. 29 (Photo : Facebook)Lee Hyori will return to the stage for the first time since marrying Rollercoaster guitarist Lee Sang Soon back in September, in the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) television special "Gayo Daejun 2013," with a little help from her friend.

2NE1 rapper and frontwoman CL will join Lee Hyori for the live televised performance, scheduled for Dec. 29, according to the group's record label YG Entertainment.

"Lee Hyori and CL will be holding a collaborative performance at SBS's '2013 Gayo Daejun,' an annual music program to be aired live on Dec 29," read a YG press release from Monday.

"This is the first time the two will be showcasing a performance together."

The two K-pop superstars have been reportedly been speaking frequently to discuss their upcoming performance.

"Lee Hyori and CL are contacting each other on the phone often to discuss what they will be showing [the crowd] at the 2013 SBS 'Gayo Daejun,'" the record label release read.

The collaboration reportedly grew from a conversation the two artists had at an afterparty for this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.

According to the YG Entertainment statement, CL and Lee have become quite close.

"The two have shown great affection for each other," the label's statement read. "Such friendship played a big role in making the upcoming collaboration happen.

The 2NE1 rapper and former Fin.K.L singer's friendship may come as a relief to some fans, who wondered whether Hyori was serious when she took to the microblogging website Twitter back in May to call out CL's group (along with the K-pop boy band BEAST) for knocking her single "Bad Girls" out of the number one spot on the charts.

"CL, yo gizibe," Lee tweeted, referencing CL's Korean nickname, which roughly translated means "bad girl."

"Your senior was trying to be number one, but you won't come down. Yo, bad gizibe. And then there's BEAST. Yo punks, pre-releasing a song now? You bad punks!"

But fans of K-pop's original bad girl have to be a bit used to this sort of thing by now.

K-Pop Crossover: Photo Of 2NE1 Meeting Stevie Wonder Uploaded By 2013 MAMA!

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K-Pop Crossover: Photo Of 2NE1 Meeting Stevie Wonder Uploaded By 2013 MAMA! (Photo : Instagram)2NE1 recently got a chance to meet Stevie Wonder at the 2013 Mama Awards, and now fans can check out the moment in a new photo!

In the backstage photo, Minzy of 2NE1 and Taeyang of Big Bang can be seen meeting and greeting Stevie Wonder, who is shaking hands with someone else.

Scene of #2013MAMABackstage with #1stLook(@firstlook_T)! Stevie Wonder, MINZY, TAEYANG pic.twitter.com/W7XzO4WfiE

2013MAMA(엠넷아시안뮤직어워즈) (@MnetMAMA) December 5, 2013

"I met Stevie Wonder at MAMA 2013 and had a [great talk] with him," said 2NE1 leader CL."He gave me many words of good advice. Listening to him, I thought that we have been using the power of music for other purposes rather than for sharing love. I reflected on myself and on that [subject], a lot."

At the 2013 MAMA Awards, Stevie Wonder also performed a duet with Sistar singer Hyolyn, who can be seen preparing for her performance below.

#2013MAMABackstage with #1stLook(@firstlook_T)! #EXOLay #SandaraPark(@krungy21),#CL,#Hyolyn#INFINITESungyeol pic.twitter.com/dKdqayYob02013MAMA(엠넷아시안뮤직어워즈) (@MnetMAMA) December 5, 2013 But it seemed like CL was the one who gained the most wisdom from the legendary singer, who has 10 number one singles under his belt.

"Stevie Wonder is a person who has a great and broad-minded view of the world," CL said.

"I thought a lot of things, seeing his mind [which is clearly] beyond that of ordinary people. As a musician, having a boyfriend and relationship is very important, but I came to think that I want to use the power of music for bigger purposes, too."

"Spreading warmth to as many people as possible and making them unite is something that only music can do," she added. "I want to do such things with my music, and that is my concept of love."

M! Countdown Highlight: 2NE1 Says Move Over Girl Over Hyorin as They Win #1 on the December 5, 2013 Episode + Performance Recap

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Hey everyone!! Did you miss reading what occurred at "M Countdown?" Well, it is back again after two weeks due to "MAMA!"

So on this episode, numerous stars made their return last night. When I mean numerous, it means a lot. The stars that made their return last night were T-ara by asking the audience "What Should I Do?", Younha made her return by saying, "Please Tell Me", The Boss made their return with "Why Goodbye", the ladies of Nine Muses came back with "Glue", DickPunks said "Goodbye Girlfriend", the colorful girls with their helmets Crayon Pop had a "Lonely Christmas", male group EXO made "Miracles in December", HEYNE made her comeback with "LOVE 007", and TASTY duo performed "Day 'n Night. So, a lot of returns last night after the show was canceled for two weeks.

Your nominees for the night were SISTAR's Hyorin and 2NE1 battling it out for first place. In the end, it was 2NE1 who won for their song "Missing You." Congratulations to them!!

So with that, let's get into the performance recaps from last night.

SISTAR's Hyorin made her solo debut on "M Countdown" last night by being number one this week. With her Egyptian style dance and crab style, the crowd was entertained and enjoyed her performance by screaming. Like always, Hyorin brought her great voice last night. Great job.

The beautiful ladies of Nine Muses came out looking innocent for their return by singing "Glue." The girls decided not to go black and be seductress's and chose to be pure. Crowd loved their return by screaming and fan chanting. Welcome back ladies and good job last night.

T-ara brought back the late 70's by asking the crowd "What Should I Do." The ladies made their return which the crowd was entertained. The ladies showed everything during that year which was the flip phone and the jackets like what people wore. Great return ladies.

The guys are The Boss and they asked "Why Goodbye" to the audience which the ladies screamed by saying they are not leaving. All of the guys are talented with great voices. Great job guys! They rank number twenty-five this week.

2NE1 decorated the stage by having chairs as they wanted to talk because they were "Missing You," the audience on "M Countdown." Nice wardrobe for all of the ladies; plus the audience loved their performance. Great job and congrats again for winning first place!

F.T. Island are number ten this week for their song "Madly" and had a nice stage setting. The crowd were entertained and enjoyed their performance. Great job!

TASTY are number twenty this week for "Day 'n Night" as they brought energy last night. The crowd was entertained and screamed through their performance. Nice choreography guys!

San E feat. Sanchez of Phantom sang about a true story which is a "Break Up Dinner." The crowd was entertained and enjoyed his performance. Nice stage setting by having the dinner props. His song is number seven this week.

HEYNE made her return by singing "LOVE 007." She is so young which I am sure the crowd was entertained. The song is cute which she sings about her first love or crush which is a James Bond. Anyway, nice performance.

Beautiful ladies of Miss A are number three this week for their song "Hush." This is their last week so enjoy the gorgeous four. The crowd cheered and screamed. Very good ladies! Keep hushing the crowd for the last few days Miss A.

Crayon Pop made their return last night by bringing Christmas early by looking like a tree and wearing the colors of the holiday. The song is cute which the guys like by fan chanting. Also, their helmet is in the spirit of Christmas as well.

EXO are making "Miracles in December" by returning last night with a ballad style song which is perfect for the month as well as season. Crowd had glow sticks and screamed in the end of their performance. Welcome back guys!

Younha made her return by saying "Please Tell Me." The audience just watched though were entertained. She has a great voice and looked great for her return. Great job Younha!

VIXX were "Voodoo Dolls" last night by wearing red and being number nine this week. The guys turned up the fire last night which the crowd fan chanted and screamed through their performance. Keep turning up the heat guys!

What is that smell?? That is the smell of "Memory of Your Scent" which Huh Gak sang last night. Nice background and ambience which you can feel the essence and scent. Crowd was entertained and enjoyed his performance. Huh Gak is ranked number six on the chart this week.

Ladies of Fiestar, are you still pondering and saying "I Don't Know" about love or who loves you? It is your fans that do love you. The ladies came out with their cute song which the crowd enjoyed their performance by fan chanting and screaming. Great job ladies and nice wardrobe for the night! The ladies rank number twenty-eight this week.

DickPunks said "Goodbye Girlfriend" as he made his return last night. Very sad song which the audience just watched. Great stage setting and voice!

100% V are "Missing You" as they rank number twenty-three this week. All of the guys have great voices which kept the crowd entertained. Great performance guys!

Shin Ji-hoon and Hi.Ni performed last night which they kept the crowd entertained.

Big Bang's G-Dragon & 2NE1's CL Start Off 2013 MAMA On A Winning Note

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MAMA 2013, G-Dragon, CL, INFINITE, Crayon Pop, 2NE1, Seungri, Big Bang

Big Bang's G-Dragon2NE1's CL Start Off 2013 MAMA On A Winning Note G-Dragon wins the Best Music Video Award. Within the first hour of the four hour 2013 MAMA ceremony Big Bang's leader G-Dragon received the Nissan Juke Best Music Video Award and 2NE1's CL was the winner of the Best Dance Performance-Female Solo Award.During the Red Carpet, many artists expressed excitement for the comeback stages of Big Bang, TOP's solo stage, as well as 2NE1.G-Dragon also received the award for Best Male Artist, which was given to him by America's very own living Barbie, Paris Hilton.G-Dragon thanked YG Family and his fans, VIP for the win. Audiences were treated to humorous expressions and plenty of aegyo from G-Dragon, as well as his group mate Seungri.

MAMA 2013 opened with performances by Jaurim, Jay Park, and Lee Ha Neul with the Enter the Dragon stage.It was a fusion of rock and hip hop that was very well received by the audience.

Other performance highlights included a very sexy stage by Trouble Maker of Now.Audiences went wild for HyunA's sensual dance and a very passionate kiss at the end of the stage.Big Bang's G-Dragon and Seungri were particularly funny throughout this performance showing approval for the artists.

INFINITE delivered a very powerful rendition of BTD which segued into Destiny.The group highlighted their trademark synchronization, as well as their rap skills throughout their performance.It is obvious that the group has gained a lot of skill from their world tour.

2NE1 closed out the first hour of MAMA, beginning with their performance of Lonely which led to the live stage of their new ballad Missing You.

Other winners in the first hour of the award included Sistar's win for Best Dance Performance-Female Group and Crayon Pop for Best New Female Artist. The Discovery of the Year award was given to BaechiGi and Best Asian Artist China was awarded to Aaron Kwok.

With the performances and awards just beginning, it is obvious that there will be many more surprises to come.2013 MAMA is definitely a reflection of the worldwide votes and the 2 billion plus worldwide viewers. With broadcasts and live streams held throughout the world, 2013 MAMA has proven to be an event for true music fans.

Photo Credit: Mnet America

2NE1 Scores an All-Kill with 'Missing You' and Dara Talks About the Group's Upcoming 2013 MAMA Performance

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2NE1 Scores an All-Kill with 'Missing You' and Dara Talks About the Group's Upcoming 2013 MAMA Performance 2NE1 Missing You K-Pop girl group 2NE1released their newest single "Missing You" at midnight on November 21 KST and already the song has had a huge impact on the fans.

In just a matter of hours "Missing You" soared to the top of all ten of the major real-time digital charts achieving the coveted all-kill status.

The new song is a different approach for the high-energy group. The melancholic tune is full of emotion and takes on an artistic approach that allows members CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzythe chance to flaunt their incredible vocal talents.

2NE1 will hold the very first official live performance of "Missing You" at Friday night's Mnet Asian Music Awardsin Hong Kong.

Member Dara seemed beside herself thinking about the upcoming performance when she posted a message to fans via the group's official Naver Line account on November 21.

"It feels new and exciting as it has been a while since we were able to do a performance in which we could focus on the song instead of running around everywhere to shake the stage up multiple times," wrote Dara."We did a rehearsal a little while ago and woo... overflowing emotions."

The emotional new track has been hitting a chord not only with the 2NE1 members, but also with their fans, and even the wife of their agency's CEO.The day before "Missing You" dropped, Yang Hyun Suk was quoted as saying the single brought his to tears when she first heard it.

"I'm getting choked up again thinking that we are able to share this feeling with the Blackjacks," continued Dara's post."I hope that many people will listen to this song so we can share this feeling."

Dara and her fellow 2NE1 members will join the long list of Korea's top artists and celebrities at the 2013 MAMAin Hong Kong on November 22.

If you haven't already checked out "Missing You," watch the music video below and stay tuned for more 2NE1 and MAMA updates.

2NE1 Successfully Performs at 'KBEE 2013' in London

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2NE1 Successfully Performs at 'KBEE 2013' in London 2NE1 Successfully Performs at KBEE 2013 in London Girl group 2NE1, who are the ambassadors for 'KBEE 2013', were invited to come to London and perform at the event.

KBEE 2013 is an event that introduces Korean culture and entertainment to Europe.

From November 4-6, 'KBEE 2013' was held in London where fans could come and experience the Korean culture and entertainment.

There were many different events at the expo including dance time, make up show and an autograph session with the group.

They also showcased their first YG Entertainment hologram concert as well.

YG revealed both 2NE1 and Psy's performances at the hologram concert for their fans who could not see them as often.

Through this presentation, it gave YG proof that these hologram concerts could become successful overseas.

2NE also performed several of their popular songs and gained much attention from fans.

'KBEE 2013' goal is to spread the news and culture of Korea all over the world.

Inside KBEE 2013: 2NE1&

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Inside KBEE 2013: 2NE1&

At KBEE 2013 in London, fellow YG Entertainment artiste PSY is known for this Gangnam Style and as CJ Korean restaurant chain Bibigo Ambassador. Fortifying the power and prowess the one and only Hallyu wave expo in the world 2NE1 to be appointed as the honorary ambassadors of KBEE itself, their performance was long-awaited by Blackjacks in the city as it was their first appearance.

As the Expo remains free entry for anyone to attend as well as to queue for the worlds first hologram technology concerta 2-song length concert teaser featuring the four girls on a small stage. With digital technology bringing hyper-reality come to life, again, fans are entitled to take photos of themselves in the photobooth with 2NE1 face cuts and it would be shown on screen. Digital renditions of a room lit up and magicians hands to lure and play the game in the 2NE1 concert concept remains surreal and newsinging Fire with Daras iconic 8-arm dance to I Am The Best Park Boms Egyptian Queen-like moment brings the best of them!

KBEE 2013 will end today (6/11) in London, Old Billingsgate. Missed out on our on-location updates? Check them out here and stay tuned in Korea.com for more exciting Hallyu Wave events here in London.