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Tall, Fair And Handsome: The Model-Actor Generation

(Photo : Trugen, The Star, Asianwiki, Pinterest)

The Korean entertainment industry has no lack of good-looking idols, be it from K-Pop or K-Drama. This article explores 5 of such talented and dashing gentlemen who have made their mark in both fashion modeling and acting – both highly desirable skills in the industry.

Kim Woo Bin, 24

(Credit: Vogue girl, 1st Look, Harper"s Bazaar)

Debuted in 2009 was fresh-faced Kim Hyeonjung (birth name) who had then pursued a career in the modeling industry. Gradually, as he ventured in the acting industry in 2011, he adopted stage name Kim “Woo Bin” and have had experienced a great deal of success as of late.

Most notably, Woo Bin’s breakout role was in School 2013 where he starred alongside good friend and model-actor Lee Jong Suk

2NE1 is colorful and sassy with Marvin Scott Jarrett in BTS clip for ‘Nylon’

2NE1 met up with "Nylon"s Marvin Scott Jarrett who became their photographer for their latest pictorial for the Korean branch of the magazine.

With CL"s fluent English, the girls had no trouble getting close and becoming "long-lasting friends for life" with Marvin Scott Jarrett. The sassy and colorful looks displayed in the shoot left fans eager to get their hands on the May issue of the magazine.

Check out their fierce style and poses in the BTS clip below!

Blackjacks Cry For 2NE1 ‘Gotta Be You’ Music Video Premiere

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As 2NE1 continues their world tour and promotions, one thing that is distinctly missing is the promised "Gotta Be You" music video.

In early April, YG-Life wrote that not only will 2NE1 continue promotions for "Gotta Be You," but a music video will also debut the following week.

"2NE1 caught eyes when they disclosed the music video of "Come Back Home," for its mystical concept of virtual reality. Now, music fans are expressing high expectations for what kind of new appeal 2NE1 will show in the music video of "Gotta Be You.""

However, the week has come and gone, and the music video remains to be seen online.

Blackjacks are certainly used to YG delaying premieres and releases, but they are not taking this one quietly.


— ♤♡#2NE1◇♧ (@lkveamatahau88) April 14, 2014

for real when is the 2ne1 gotta be you music video coming out they said it was coming out next week like 2 weeks ples— Michael Ingram (@MickyIngram) April 11, 2014

Recently 2NE1 not only performed the title track at their "All or Nothing" concert in Shanghai, but also at the YG Family Tour in Osaki

SBS postpones the broadcast premiere of ‘Roommate’ #PrayForSouthKorea

SBS has decided to postpone the broadcast premiere of its new reality show 'Roommate's first episode.

To join the mourning on the 3rd day since the sunken ship tragedy, SBS moves the date from 20 to 27th. Thus, SBS's 'Roommate'is going to air its first episode a week after its original airing date.

"Roommate" cast are actors Shin Sungwoo, Seo Kangjoon, Park Minwoo, comedian Jo Saeho and EXO's Chanyeol and actress Hong Soohyun, After School's Nana, 2NE1's Bom, MMA fighter Song Gayeon and model Lee Sora.

The cast are going to be monitored through 60 cameras which will reveal their most candid and natural living routine with their roommates.

Chad Future teases ‘Rock The World’ featuring VIXX’s Ravi

After just releasing his first episode of "I AM CHAD FUTURE", Chad Future returns with a hot new MV teaser for "Rock The World" featuring none other than VIXX"s Ravi.

In the teaser, fans are able to see both Chad and Ravi as they show off fierce looks and epic personality. Fans are also able to hear a snippet of the catchy song as well, which is causing further excitement.

The concept shares similar bearings to artists we love and know, such as 2NE1 and B.A.P. The "I"m so bad" theme has worked very well with many K-Pop idols, and it seems that Chad and Ravi will be going through and taking it to the next level.

The full music video is slated for release on April 21. Until then, enjoy the teaser below!

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Review: Postmodern Jukebox Vocalist Robyn Adele Anderson Reexamines ‘Come Back Home’ By 2NE1

(Photo : Official 2NE1 Facebook Page)(Photo : courtesy of Robyn Adele Anderson)

It may come to a surprise to some people that as a musician who sings jazz reimaginings of modern pop hits with Postmodern Jukebox, I actually enjoy most of the original versions of the songs that we cover.

But I have a simple rule of thumb for good music: if a song is good to sing and dance along with, it is a song that I enjoy.

As it turns out, many K-pop songs meet this criteria, which is perhaps because so many of them resemble iconic American pop tunes.

While considering which song to review for my KpopStarz column this week, I came across a few current hits on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 that immediately upon hearing them, I could instantly pinpoint their American doppelgangers

CL Gives Herself Uneven Bangs Before Going Onstage for “GLACEU”

2NE1 member CL recently gave herself an impromptu haircut before going on stage!

On April 17, stills from CL’s “GLACEU Vitamin Water” advertisement shoot were revealed! In the photos, CL sports a different style of bangs. Before going onstage, CL appears to be checking herself in the mirror once more before deciding to go for a radical change of hairstyle- that is, cutting her bangs for an edgy and different look.

According to sources, CL cut her bangs 30 minutes before she went onstage for the “Show Your Color with GLACEAU” show. The sudden change in hairstyle seems not completely out of the ordinary for CL, who is known for picking out her own accessories and wardrobe items to satisfy her eclectic and edgy taste.

Jackie Chan’s Idol Group JJCC Hope To Be Global Idols Like Shinhwa-2NE1

Jackie Chan"s K-Pop idol group, JJCC,features 5 members both Korean and Chinese members.

They have begun their Korea promotions with their debut single and have gone through 5 years of training to become a hip-hop idol group. 

Many people have asked the members about their relationship with Jackie Chan, in which SimBa replies, "He is like a father to us and we were pressured at first because we were known as Jackie Chan"s "kids". I think it was because we were given that much spotlight and we felt that for as much as we have prepared, failure could be that big as well. That is why we were always working hard in order to not let him down."

JJCC chose Shinhwa as their biggest role models and stated, "We want to become a long-run idol group like Shinhwa. We also want to be like 2NE1 in style of music as well

2, 3, 4 Songs… Why Does YG Release Multiple Title Songs?

(Photo : TV Report)(Photo : TV Report)(Photo : TV Report)

2NE1 had 2, Akdong Musician had 3, and G-Dragon had 4 title songs. While the vast majority of other singers usually go with 1 title song, YG Entertainment artists usually succeeds with at least 2 title songs.

Akdong Musician came out with their debut album Play on the 7th. They first came out with double title songs "200%" and "Melted," two very different songs. They then opened up voting polls for fans to choose their favorite song as their 3rd title song. On the 14th "Give Love" was the final selection. Akdong Musician is currently filming the "Give Love" music video in Japan.

2NE1 released their 2nd full length album in February, and chose double title songs "Come Back Home" and "Gotta Be You."

G-Dragon"s album released last September had a whopping four title tracks

2NE1′s CL goes for a daring look by cutting her bangs for ‘Glacéau Vitaminwater’

2NE1"s CL always goes above and beyond with her fierce concepts and surprised fans this time with her unbalanced hairstyle for "Glacéau Vitaminwater"!

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"Glacéau Vitaminwater" unveiled the still cuts from CL"s new CF which was filmed in Gwangjangdong, Seoul. It showed CL daringly cutting her bangs and making them uneven for a rebel look. Although her bangs may be uneven, it was her fabulous figure that stole all the attention on the shoot.

CL"s CF will start airing on TV this month!