Dream High 2 Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

Dream High 2 Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

“Dream High 2” Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

The four main lead roles for the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2” has been finalized, raising the anticipation level for the highly popular teen drama. SISTAR’s Hyorin, 2AM’s Jinwoon, T-ara’s Ji Yeon, and actress Kang So Ra will play significant roles in the second season of “Dream High,” bringing yet another star-studded lineup to the show.

Kang So Ra will play the role of Shin Hye Sung. After making her name through movie “Sunny” and MBC “We Got Married,” Kang So Ra has become one of the fastest up and coming actresses in the industry. “So far I only focused on my acting, so I feel pressure that I have to give dance performances too. But I think it’ll be a huge challenge so I feel both nervous and excited,” she said.

2AM’s youngest member Jinwoon will star as Jin Yoojin, a troublesome kid that aspires to be a rock star. “When I first read the script, I was really attracted to the rock star character. Especially, the fact that we’re both huge rock fans pulled me into the role. I’ll do my best to play it as best as I can,” he commented of his casting.

T-ara’s Ji Yeon is slated to play the role of Rian, a member of girl group Hush that dreams of going to the Cannes, despite her shortcomings in acting. She’s already appeared in several TV dramas, which brought positive reviews, and is expected to add strength to the drama series with her mature acting.

Nana, a gifted singer with various skills, will be played by SISTAR’s Hyorin. Nana is the lead vocal for Hush, but has a secret past and is expected to play a key role in turning around the storyline at the end of the season. “I feel more attached to the Nana character because we have similar personalities. I look forward to it,” she said.

The first season of “Dream High” cast some of the most popular idol stars, including 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, miss A’s Suzy, T-ara’s Eunjung, IU, and Kim Soo Hyun, leading to some of the highest TV ratings. In addition to these four stars, Park Jin Young, Choi Yeo Jin, and Kim Jung Tae have also joined the casting crew for Season 2. The first episode will air on January 30, so stay tuned for more information!

“Dream High 2” Finalizes Main Casting with Hyorin, Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Kang So Ra

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'Dream High 2' JinWoon-JiYeon Caught Napping

'Dream High 2' JinWoon-JiYeon Caught Napping

'Dream High 2' JinWoon-JiYeon Caught Napping'Dream High 2' JinWoon-JiYeon Caught NappingThe actors of KBS 2TV darma 'Dream High 2' were caught sleeping during filming on the 20th.

The cute pictures of JinWoon and JiYeon sleeping through the busy and tight schedule is stirring up laughter. It's especially impressive how their perfect beauty and looks is sustained even while they're sleeping.

The eyes of the netizens have been on the actors who have been encouraged by the viewers of their sleeping pictures.


2AMs Jinwoon and T-aras Jiyeon Fall Asleep on Set of Dream High 2

2AMs Jinwoon and T-aras Jiyeon Fall Asleep on Set of Dream High 2

2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon Fall Asleep on Set of “Dream High 2”

2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon were spotted falling asleep on the set of KBS drama “Dream High 2,” showing the strain after consecutive late night filming. In the photos, both Jinwoon and Jiyeon are seen fighting off their fatigue by taking power naps on the side of the recording set.

Despite wearing their heavy makeup and outfit for the drama, the two main leads appear to be enjoying their brief nap, making fans concerned of the poor working conditions they have to go through to finish a TV drama series.

The staff members were particularly impressed by Jiyeon’s unwavering beauty, as she still looked stunning in the worn out blanket and warm up jacket. The next episode of “Dream High 2” airs tonight at 9:55 PM KST!

2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon Fall Asleep on Set of “Dream High 2”


‘Dream High 2′, Kang So Ra, Jung Jinwoon, Hyorin, & Jiyeon confirmed as leads

‘Dream High 2′, Kang So Ra, Jung Jinwoon, Hyorin, & Jiyeon confirmed as leads

Dream High 2, Kang So Ra, Jung Jinwoon, Hyorin,Jiyeon confirmed as leads

Dream High 2s lead actors have been confirmed.

Following the very successful season 1 of Dream High, which helped discover mega stars Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Suzy, Ok Taek Yeon, Ham Eunjung, and IU, Dream High is coming back with its second season and with a cast just as impressive.

For the role of Shin Hae Sung, who dreams of becoming an idol one day, will be played by actress Kang So Ra. Kang So Ra has appeared in the movie Sunny and she is currently starting in the drama Women of Our Home and as well as on MBCs reality program We Got Married with Super Juniors Leeteuk. Many call the year 2011, the year of Kang So Ra and thats how much of success shes seen this year.

Kang So Ra spoke about being cast in the drama, I only had to act so far, but the fact that I need to show performance too is a little bit of burden on me. However, Im also excited because its a new challenge.

2AMs youngest member Jung Jinwoon will play a big talker who dreams of becoming a rock star one day. Jung Jin Woon spoke about his role, I was drawn into the character Jin Yoo Jin from the moment I read the script. I really liked the fact that the character was into rock, which is the same with the real me. I will do my best to portray all the charms of the character.

T-aras Jiyeon will play the role of Lian, the member of an ultra populr girl group Hush, who dreams of one day becoming the queen of the Canne Film Festival. She stars in a drama but due to her lack of acting skills she becomes the poster-child for bad acting.

Finally, Sistars Hyorin will play the role of Nana, who has an amazing natural born vocal talent. Nana is the lead-vocal for the group Hush and shes also a character with a big secret. She promises to bring about some twists and turns in the storyline towards the midpoint of the drama.

Hyorin also talked about her role, I love the fact that Nanas super cool personality resembles mine. Im really looking forward to the drama, and she revealed her excitement.

Dream High season 2 is scheduled to premier on January 30th, 2011 on KBS.

Source: My Daily via Nate


T-aras Jiyeon, SISTARs Hyorin, and 2AMs Jinwoon Argue over Underage Working Hours

T-aras Jiyeon, SISTARs Hyorin, and 2AMs Jinwoon Argue over Underage Working Hours

T-ara’s Jiyeon, SISTAR’s Hyorin, and 2AM’s Jinwoon Argue over Underage Working Hours

T-ara’s Jiyeon and SISTAR’s Hyorin expressed their interest in creating a new law called, “Special Underage Protection Act.” At the press conference for KBS drama “Dream High 2,” the two lead actresses said, “In the drama, you get to see the ‘Special Underage Protection Act.’ We wish it existed in real life too.”

The law that appears in the drama applies to all underage idol singers. It prohibits underage artists from spending more than 30 hours a week on traveling, rehearsals, concerts, and all promotional activities. Also, they are required to attend school, as underage drop outs are not allowed to engage in any celebrity activity. In addition, all work related to celebrity activities (practice and training included) must be completed before 10PM, and they are required to attend class for more than 20 hours a week.

In fact, a similar law is already in place in Japan where minors are only allowed to work limited hours per week. In “Dream High 2,” this new law is the main reason for Hush and Eden’s transfer to Kirin Arts High School.

Jiyeon, currently a high school student, expressed her desire to spend some more time at school. “I did think about spending more time at school with friends, going to classes and having my own personal time as well. Promotional activities are good but I think some rest would be good, too,” the 18-year old artist said.

“Once you start promotional activities, your sleeping hours get really irregular and it’s hard to manage maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of the busy schedule, we have much less time to practice singing, compared to our trainee days,” SISTAR’s Hyorin added.

2AM’s Jinwoon, however, thought differently. He argued, “If the ‘special law’ does get enacted, we’ll inevitably have less freedom to promote. There are more lessons to be learned than you think from celebrity activities. I also debuted as a minor, but if you really want to, it’s very possible to simultaneously engage in activities while going to school.”

With more and more idol singers facing serious health issues, fans are increasingly voicing concerns over their hectic schedules. Do you think there needs to be a “Special Underage Protection Law” in place? Or is it not necessary to regulate their working hours? 


Son Ho Jun Thankfully Hands Over The Maknae Identify To Nam Joo Hyuk On Three Foods A Day

Son Ho Jun Thankfully Hands Over The Maknae Identify To Nam Joo Hyuk On Three Foods A Day

Son Ho Jun Luckily Hands Over The Maknae Identify To Nam Joo Hyuk On “Three Foods A Day”ilmare42 July 2, 2016 0 Son Ho Jun Happily Hands Over The Maknae Title To Nam Joo Hyuk On “Three Meals A Day” On July 1, tvN aired its first episode of the hot season of “Three Meals a Day,” which includes aalternate to the teams dynamic on account of the addition of Nam Joo Hyuk!

This new spin-off of “Three Meals a Day” is determined in Gochang Village, and lines three contributors of the solid of the ultimate season of the “Fishing Village” edition: Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, and Son Ho Jun. In addition, 22-year-old actor Nam Joo Hyuk also joins the guys on their biological farming adventure.

Although Son Ho Jun used to be the youngest (or the “maknae”) in the group, Nam Joo Hyuk joining the cast way he no longer has to be the group’s errand boy.

When the pair meet for the primary time, Son Ho Jun is surprisedto determine that there’s a 10 year age hole between them, and Nam Joo Hyuk jokes that he will have to boss him around. “You had to suffer,” issues out PD Na Young Suk to Son Ho Jun. “You must makethe similar to him.”

“What suffering?” says Son Ho Jun with a fake serious voice. “It used to be all a finding out experience.

Nam Joo Hyuk abruptly gets up and says, “Do you need some coffee? I must always get you a coffee…”

“I most often just do thismore or less thing without being told,” jokes Son Ho Jun, and says to the crew that Nam Joo Hyuk isn’t observant. The display then stocks clips of the pair coming up their bromance as Son Ho Jun teaches Nam Joo Hyuk how to do the paintings of a maknae.

After Nam Joo Hyuk cleans up the pair’s beverages afterwards, Son Ho Jun says to himself, as althoughunderstanding how fantastic this new arrangement is for the 1st time, “It’s so simple since there’s any individualmore youthful than me.”

Check out more in the premiere episode of the new season of 3 Meals a Day! Even if this episode does now notcome with Yoo Hae Jin because ofagenda conflicts, he'll exist joining the cast later on.

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2AM Jinwoon Becomes “King” of Twitter with His Hilarious Responses To Fan Tweets

2AM Jinwoon Becomes “King” of Twitter with His Hilarious Responses To Fan Tweets

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJung Jinwoon is having enthusiasts in a are compatible of laughter with his random yet witty responses he leaves on Twitter as he answers to random tweets.

The 2AM member and previous JYP Entertainment artist is well known among fans for randomly looking up his own call on Twitter and answering random things he revealsall through his searches. A fan has compiled a couple of responses from the artist in an internetnetwork board, striking fans in a fit of giggles as they read.

In one fan tweet, she tells her fans that her mom had stated, My mother onlyacknowledged anehandiest know Jung Jinwoon from EXO.. you seriously are trending those days, and during his random seek of his own name, the 2AM member spoke back with, Yay, I just was a member of EXO.

cb7529eec08a44a6f5a90b3e8d1ae1da Image: Fan on Twitter  My mom just said I only know Jung Jinwoon from EXO..you seriously are trending these days.

98e82a91bbb1e1128d332e8e099df490 Image: Jung Jinwoons tweet  Yay, I just have become EXO.

In every otherdiscovered fan tweet, this fan asks whether he was once in 2PM, 2AM or 2NE1. In response, Jinwoon writes, 2wice TWICE. 2weet searching shy shy shy.

And when some other Twitter user asks who Jung Jinwoon is, he wittingly replies with a quick biography that describes his accomplishment in his profession equallyeither a singer and actor.

Read on for the remainder tweets!

b20ebc1e05e8765feb24c9dd324aa2d3 Image: Fans Tweet Jung Jinwoon is trending these days, was he from 2PM, 2AM or 2NE1.

Jung Jinwoon 2weet searching shy shy shy

Fan Celebrities shouldnt make a laugh of stupid non-celebrities

a118475a9feafbd98ed50a76a628219b Image: Fan on Twitter Who is Jung Jinwoon?

Jung Jinwoon He was born on Would possibly 2, 1991 and debuted in 2008 with 2AM. In 2016, he became the dancing-god king of dancing and made history in the sector of dance. Currently, he is operating in sort shows, dramas, and music. He's currently selling as a solo artist and is lonely.

Fan Sorry.Im no longeraccustomed to celebrities Ah, Im embarrassed, Im sorry.

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Jeong Jinwoon Jokingly Celebrates Turning into A Member Of EXO, Thank you To A Fans Mom

Jeong Jinwoon Jokingly Celebrates Turning into A Member Of EXO, Thank you To A Fans Mom

Jeong Jinwoon Jokingly Celebrates Changing into A “Member Of EXO,” Thank you To A Fan’s Mother ilmare42 June 23, 2016 0 Jeong Jinwoon Jokingly Celebrates Becoming A “Member Of EXO,” Thanks To A Fan’s Mom 2AM member Jeong Jinwoon, who lately staged a comeback with his solo unmarried “Will,” is once back cracking fanatics up with his funny conversations on Twitter.

On June 22, a Twitter user posted, “Wow, my mom just stated that the sole EXO member she knows is Jeong Jinwoon. You're seriously hot those days..”

Jeong Jinwoon saw the message and replied, “Hooray, I’m in EXOㅋㅋ.” Some other Twitter user replies, “Congrats on being in EXO,” and Jeong Jinwoon says, “Hoorayㅋㅋㅋ.”

He also recently answered to a user who wrote, “Jeong Jinwoon is in point of fact popular on Twitter these days, was once he in 2PM or 2AM or 2NE1?” Jeong Jinwoon jokes by way of replying, “TWICE.” He adds, “I’m ‘shy shy shy’ whilst aneseek on Twitter,” referencing Sana’s noted line in TWICE’s “Cheer Up.”

Another Twitter user asked, “What team is Jeong Jinwoon from…? If I just see the call I think.. B1A4..?” Jeong Jinwoon replied, “Went solo after beginning in 2AM, transferred to Two timesyet recently have become a member of EXO at the command of a mother.”

In respond to another Twitter user who asked, “Who is Jeong Jinwoon?”, he replied, “Born Might 2, 1991. Following being active with 2AM after debuting in 2008, he has ascended to the throne as a King of Dance, happening in history in Korea’s dance world. He's active in variety, drama, and music, and currently is lonely while selling solo.”

Aww! You can practice Jeong Jinwoon on Twitter here.

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2AM Jinwoon Cracks Up By skill of Claiming To Be An EXO & Two times Member

2AM Jinwoon Cracks Up By skill of Claiming To Be An EXO & Two times Member

2AM Jinwoon Cracks Up Via Claiming To Be An EXO Two times Member Jun 22, 2016 10:19

Sense of humor? Jeong Jinwoon has various this!

Now active as a solo singer, Jeong Jinwoon currently cracked fanatics up on Twitter with his jokes. Jinwoon now notmost effective replies some fans on Twitter yet also plays comic story amongst them.

A fan stocks on Twitter how his/her momdoes not know any EXO participantsexcept for Jeong Jinwoon which Jinwoon especially replies with "Assa! I haveturn out to be EXO kk". Moreover, every other user writes how Jeong Jinwoo becomes related every bit member of 2PM, 2AM and 2NE1 and Jinwoo wittily adds, "Twice" and adds "Sha sha sha".

Later on, some other user turns out to had beenin realitypuzzled and asks "But.. which team Jeong Jinwoon is in? I only see his name..oh..B1A4?" In regard to this, Jinwoon in any case explains,

"I pop out as solo from 2AM and turned into Twice and then just recently a mother ordered me to grow to be EXO (referring to his previous tweets)". Jinwoo so funny!

Meanwhile, Jinwoo is currently selling as solo artist beneath the call Jeong Jinwoon with his first maxi unmarried "Will" after leaving JYP and moving to Mystic Entertainment.

@mooooo_b 아싸 엑소됨ㅋㅋ — JIN WOON JEONG (@2AMjinwoon) June 22, 2016

@_Han_J 2AM에서 솔로로 나와 투와이스로 이적했으나 최근 한 어머님의 명령으로 엑소가 됨 — JIN WOON JEONG (@2AMjinwoon) June 22, 2016Similar Videos2AM,Jeong Jin Woon,Jinwoon,NEWS Facebook Twitter Google

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