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Lee Seung Gi Will Release His First Album Since 2012

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Lee Seung Gi Will Release His First Album Since 2012

(Photo : ) On May 21, Hook Entertainment announced the June 4 release of new music from solo vocalist and actor, Lee Seung Gi. In a report published by Star News, a representative from Hook Entertainment provided a statement for the upcoming release.

"Lee Seung Gi will release a new album on June 4," said the representative. "It will be his first album since "Forest," in 2012."

In a statement published by eNews, the representative provided clarification about the upcoming release. "This isn"t the 10-year anniversary album," said a representative from Hook Entertainment.

The report when on to detail Lee"s dedication to his sixth album. June 4 marks 11 years since Lee delivered his debut performance of "Because You"re My Girl." The consummate actor, singer, variety show performer and emcee debuted when he was 17-years-old. In 2004, he was the recipient of the Best New Male Artist award at the Mnet KM Music Festival, a ceremony which is currently known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards. His debut was also applauded with accolades from including the SBS and Seoul Music Awards.

He maintained a successful variety show run, appearing as an on-going member on KBS" "2 Days, 1 Night" from 2007 through 2012, before serving as the emcee of "Strong Heart."

Korean drama fans have grown accustomed to his unique performance style. In 2009, he delivered an award-winning performance in the weekend series, "Brilliant Legacy," opposite Moon Chae Won and Han Hyo Joo. He followed the success of "Brilliant Legacy" with his starring role in the 2010 drama "My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox." Lee continued his successful K-Drama run with MBC"s "The King 2 Hearts," followed by "Gu Family Book." In 2014, he returned to television with his starring role in the police drama "You"re All Surrounded."

Lee appeared at KCON 2014 but served as an emcee and did not deliver a K-pop performance. According to the report published by Star News, his highly anticipated return to music will reflect his trademark musical style.


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Instiz Reveals K-Pop Album Sales Data For 2012, SM-YG Dominates!

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Instiz Reveals K-Pop Album Sales Data For 2012, SM-YG Dominates!

instiz chart, sm entertainment, yg entertainment

The Instiz chart is a chart that combines results from all variety of chartsused in Korea, and is used to compute whether someone gets an All-Kill.Recently, Instiz released the numbers in terms of album sales for the year2012. To show a fair computation for fans and stakeholders alike, Instiz showedthe data many different ways. Now, let's break it down.

Album Sales According to Agency:

Here, wedetermined where the agencies rank in terms of album sales.Thechart shows how SM and YGdominatethe chart at 28% and 15% of the sales respectively. Thisleavesonly a veryfragmented playing field among other agencies. Third place is almost a tie thisyear between Woorim Entertainment (INFINITE'sagency) which has a slight lead at 6% over the next two who are tied in fourthplace, CUBEEntertainment and FNCEntertainment who each get 5% of the pie. The entrance of Woorim into theTop 5 certainly is proof of INFINITE's ascent in the 2011 and 2012.Notablymissing in the Top 5 is JYP Entertainment which got 3% of album sales in2012.With 2PM and 2AM resuming activities recently, it will be interesting tosee where JYP Entertainment will sit in the ranking.

Woorim Entertainment (6%)

Album Sales According to Artists

Some fansperhaps onlycare about where their favorite artistsfallrelativeto other artists.That data is even more fragmented from theInstizinformation. At the top, with10% of album sales is ta-da! SuperJunior!While this is not entirely surprising given the passion of E.L.Fand the strength and creativity of Super Junioras musicians, sometimes it isgood to know that the groupcontinue their hold in terms of album sales. Inclose second is BIG BANG,while Various Artistsand TVXQ are tiedin third place.So, who are these 'Various Artists'contending with Yunho andChangmin, you ask? Given the heavy influence that dramas still have on theindustry as a whole, 'Various Artists' likely comes from drama soundtracks (i.e.OSTs). This data proves how SM got to their 28%, as the two of the Top 5artists in terms of album sales are from their stable.

Various Artists (likely OSTs) (7%)

Album Sales Within Each Agency- SM Entertainment

Now we know that SM made up first place in overall agency, but I'm sureSMTOWN fans would like to know how their favorite SM artists stack up. We knowthat Super Junior made up the top of the pack in terms of overall artist albumsales. This automatically translates as well to their ranking within SMEntertainment itself. Super Junior makes up slightly over a third of SM's albumsales at 34%, followed byTVXQ at nearly a quarter of SM album sales. SHINEe comesin third with 13%. EXO and GirlsGeneration are tied at fourth place,thus rounding up the Top5. This isbecoming even more interesting asit will be nice to learn how much of thesesales numbers are contributed by international fans purchasing albums.

Album Sales Within Each Agency - YG Entertainment

BIG BANG was the only YG artists who made it to the Top 5 of the per artistlist, hence BIG BANG also should lead the pack under YG Entertainment. Indeed,they take up half of the album sales within YG. G-Dragon takes up the other quarter while Psy, even with his breakthrough year only fallsinto third with 12%. 2NE1 only takesup 4% of total album sales for YG, but this is due largely to the fact thatthese ladies did not really release a full album or an EP, except for therelease of "I Love You'". The YG data shows that G-Dragon is reeling in theincome for YG --being the main producer of BIG BANG, and also a successful soloartist under the family.

A key takeaway from this Instiz yearly data is that K-pop is still arelatively fragmented market, what with the many groups debuting each day plusall the other artists who are still working hard, maybe even working harder tomaintain their spot in the industry. This fragmentationspells both anopportunity for those who are trying to get in, while also a challenge to otherswho are already in theindustry. It isa matter of right timing to debutproperly and secure a slice of the chart, while it also is a matter of greatresponsibility to maintainone's place, no missteps are allowed.

The rankings of K-Pop groups on ‘Oricon 2012 Album Chart’

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The rankings of K-Pop groups on ‘Oricon 2012 Album Chart’

Girls’ Generation and Kara have proved their popularity in Japan this year.

On December 27th, the well-known Japanese music chart Oricon announced its “2012 CdDVD Annual Charts”. Kara and Girls’ Generation’s albums both had high ranking on the top 100 of the “Oricon Annual Album Chart.”

Kara sold more than 295,000 copies of their 2nd Japanese album “Super Girl”, ranking #18 on the chart. Kara had other albums such as “Girls Forever” ranked #66 with over 100,000 copies, and “Kara Collection” ranked 99th with over 7,000 copies sold.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation sold more than 229,000 copies of their album, ranking #25 on the chart. Girls’ Generations second Japanese album sold 140,000 copies and also appeared on the chart at #41.

Other K-Pop groups who made it to the top 100 were Big Bang’s “Alive” (#31) and Tara’s “Jewerly Box” (#65).

On the “Singles Top 100” chart group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong sold 200,000 copies of his single “Hit” and ranked #31. Super Junior had two singles on the list. “Opera” reached #35 with 180,000 sold and “Sexy, Free,Single” reached #59 with 120,000 copies. Label-mate DBSK also had two rankings with “Android” at #40 and “STILL” at #48. 2PM reached #47 with “Beautiful” and #52 with “Masquerade”. Finally, SHINee ranked #71 with “Dazzling Girl.”

Kara and Girls’ Generation also appeared on the singles chart. Kara’s “Step/Girl’s Power” took #49 place. Girls’ Generation reached #58 with “Paparazzi” and #92 with “Oh!

On the “DVD Chart Top 50” DBSK’s concert video “Live Tour 2012~TONE” reached #5 place with 170,000 copies sold. Girls’ Generation and their “Japan First Tour Girls’ Generation” DVD ranked #7 with 150,000 copies.

KARA and Girls’ Generation have high rankings on Japanese Oricon album chart for 2012

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KARA and Girls’ Generation have high rankings on Japanese Oricon album chart for 2012

KARA and Girls’ Generation have recently named as the highest selling Korean artists in Japan. KARA placed #18 and Girls’ Generation ranked #25 on the Oricon album chart for 2012.

KARA released album ‘Super Girl’ last November and has already sold 295,651 copies while Girls’ Generation’s self-titled Japanese album sold 229,043 copies.

Meanwhile, Japanese group Mr. Children ranked #1 on the Oricon chart for this year by selling 1,170,298 copies of their album ‘Mr. Children 2005-2010′.

Congratulations to KARA and Girls’ Generation!

Kim Jongkook releases "2012 Remake: Recollection" single album

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Singer Kim Jongkook has a released a special treat for his fans! In the midst of promoting his latest title track "Men Are All Like That," the artist has revealed a single album featuring remakes of his previously released tracks.

"Recollection" was recorded in collaboration with rapper Joosuc and features a pleasant acoustic guitar accompaniment and a catchy bass line. The released single album also includes another previously released track from 2005 titled "White Love," and it was re-recorded this time around with Mighty Mouth's Sangchu. "White Love" is a decidedly more upbeat track, with heavy dance beats and addicting synth melodies.

Check out Kim Jongkook's new single below! What do you think of his remakes?

The single "2012 Remake: Recollection" can also be purchased on sites like Bugs, Melon, or Olleh.

01. White Love (feat. Mighty Mouth's Sangchu)

02. Recollection (feat. Joosuc)

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Best of 2012: Album/Mini

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  Best of 2012: Album/Mini

Next up in our year-end poll series, we turn our attention to albums.

The more mainstream K-pop album releases of 2012 proved in many cases to be a continuation of an unfortunate trend of recent yearsthe decline of the full-length album in lieu of the minialthough there were definitely some veterans as well as relative newcomers that admirably chose to step up to the plate this year.

That being said, regardless of whether the songs came from a studio album or mini, its undeniable that a ton of great music came out of the Korean music scene this year.

Looking back over the entirety of 2012, which Korean mini-album and full-length album do you consider to be a cut above the rest?

Polls stay open for only one week, so be sure to get your vote in!

Note: Although certain music industries differentiate between the mini-album and extended play (EP) while categorizing albums, K-pop appears to use the two terms interchangeably.

We ask that our visitors observe proper internet etiquette while commenting. Please keep in mind that the moderators reserve the right to close down the comments section once things start getting out of control. Thanks!

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Best 5 Music-MV-Album of 2012

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Best 5 Music-MV-Album of 2012

Psy, Busker Busker, SISTAR, Big Bang, Super Junior

This year's highlight in K-Pop has undoubtedly been Psy.

After taking a look at music charts, digital charts, album charts and YouTube views, OSEN came up with the 'Best 5' for this year. Psy has been double crowned due to his great popularity on YouTube and music charts. Super Junior has been number 1 for the past 4 years in album sales. Many other artists have been nominated as well in music video and album charts.

Aside from 'world star' Psy, group Busker Buskerproved to be a great hit as well as they beat idol groups for the number 1 spot on music charts.

SISTARhas also risen to the top with their sexy yet cute appeal. Their two hit songs, "Alone" and "LOVING U" have been seen at the top of many music charts.

This year, the music video with the most hits was recorded with Psy's "Gangnam Style."

Super Junior has also shown their popularity with their never ending album sales. Big Banghas also done well with being in the higher part of the chart for album sales.

The Best 5 in music-mv-album for this year are Psy, Busker Busker, SISTAR, Super Junior and Big Bang.

With the continuous Hallyu, many predict that K-Pop will be even hotter in 2013.

Super Junior's 'Sexy, Free, & Single' Wins Album of the Year at MAMA 2012

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Super Junior's 'Sexy, Free, & Single' Wins Album of the Year at MAMA 2012

Super Junior, K-Pop, Sexy Free Single, MAMA, Hong Kong

Super Junior's 'Sexy, Free,Single' Wins Album of the Year at MAMA 2012Last night at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, the best of K-Pop came together to celebrate the success and the achievements in music all year round. One of the most awaited categories of the night was the Album of the Year award which reflects on the album that not only topped the charts, but also in sales, views and listens via online music sites.

Super Junior's album Sexy, FreeSingle was crowned Album of the Year and the group was also complimented as being one of the leading K-Pop icons of the hallyu wave.

MAMA broadcasted live from theHong Kong ConventionExhibition Centre (HKCEC) and will be rebroadcasted on MNET America. American fans in Southern California can relive the wonderful show at CGV's special screening of the show at the CGV Cinema in Los Angeles on December 4th. More information on that can be found onCGV Cinemas Facebook Page.

Jellyfish Entertainment artists to release Christmas album "2012 X 2013 HEART?PROJECT" +"Because It's Christmas" MV teaser

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Jellyfish Entertainment artists to release Christmas album 2012 X 2013 HEART?PROJECT +Because Its Christmas MV teaserThe artists of Jellyfish Entertainment will be coming together for a special Christmas album titled "2012 X 2013 HEART♥PROJECT," made specially as a gift for fans.

Along with the announcement of the Christmas album, the music video teaser for the title song "Because It's Christmas" was released through Daum Music, which featured Jellyfish artists Sung Sikyung, Park Hyoshin, Lee Seokhoon, Seo Ingook and VIXX.

The teaser features all of the male artists entering a room, looking clean with black suits on. A delicate and soothing music plays in the background, which features an arrangement of string instruments.

The "2012 X 2013 HEART♥PROJECT" will be released on December 5th.

Are you looking forward to their Christmas album release next week?

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New male group, K-Boys, releases debut single, "K-Boys 2012 First Album" + dance practice video

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New male group, K-Boys, releases debut single, K-Boys 2012 First Album + dance practice videoK-Pop is introducing their latest male group, K-Boys! K-Boys released their new single on August 8th, marking their official entry into the music industry. K-Boys is a 5-member male group under NSB Korea made up of rapper Kohyun, vocalist Gwanghun, vocalist Dohyeong, vocalist Jongchan, and vocalist Seongri.

The title track to their debut single is "K-Boys," an upbeat tempo track. The K-Boys' charms and personalities is caught in their 2nd track, "Love."

On August 1st, the dance practice video by K-Boys was also released, revealing the choreography behind their self-named title track.

You can purchase their debut single at Bugs.

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