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Haha’s Sister published to Be Jonghyun’s Piano Teacher

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Haha’s Sister published to Be Jonghyun’s Piano Teacher

On the October 12 broadcast of tvN’s “The List 2015,” the list of “Elite Siblings of Stars” was once released.

On the list, entertainer Haha’s sister, Ha Ju Ri, took the fourth spot as a pianist who is an accessory professor at Myungji University‘s Arts and song Department. She teaches music composition and keyboard tools as a graduate of Berklee Faculty of Music.

Sandara Park provides Gift From Her center at “The Miracle Piano” Screening

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Sandara Park provides Gift From Her center at “The Miracle Piano” Screening

Sandara Park of 2NE1 gave a distinct gift to Yoo Ye Eun of the documentary movie “The Miracle Piano.” Sandara Park attended a screening of the movie, and ready a distinct gift of luxury headphones that she picked out herself for Yoo Ye Eun.

Yoo Ye Eun is blind, yet is often referred to as a piano prodigy, and it's far stated that Sandara Park was hoping to lend a hand Ye Eun in some way, ultimately deciding at the headphones.

The two have a not unusual acquaintance in the director of the movie, Lim Sung Goo. When Sandara Park used to be now no longer known in Korea, Lim Sung Goo helped her. Even after her debut as a 2NE1 member, she is related to have kept involved with the director, ultimately resulting in this heartwarming assembly with Yoo Ye Eun. She used to be already acutely conversant in her through seeing her on TV, and ready the existing after hearing that she may just meet her after the screening. She said, “It is a movie filled with hope that makes you happy. I'm hoping so to sing along Yoo Ye Eun’s piano gambling one day.”

Meanwhile, “The Miracle Piano” will open in theaters on September 3.

Get That K-Pop Look: Nine Muses 'Hurt Locker' Performance On SBS MTV's 'The Show'

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Get That K-Pop Look: Nine Muses 'Hurt Locker' Performance On SBS MTV's 'The Show'

Welcome to this week"s Get That K-pop Look, where we showcase an original K-Pop outfit and give you tips on putting together your own similarly styled, affordable outfit.

Now"s the time to get sporty with 9MUSES. On a recent SBS TV special, the group gave a kick-ass dance performance in matching active outfits that put other basic workout gear to shame. It"s sassy and fierce and comfortable enough to shake some serious booty in. It"d be perfect for a morning yoga and brunch session with friends or a Thursday night happy hour after the gym.

Good Vibes Crop Top, from Etsy

A fun white crop top will go with anything; especially if you get a simple one like this with great black graphics and a cut that"s flattering on everyone (whether it"s over a maxi dress or over bare skin.)

Hurley Maggie Tank, from Swell

Love this pairing of the crop with the t-shirt - great way to incorporate two fabulous tops that on their own might show a little too much, but together create an edgy look that keeps people guessing. This one is enough coverage to wear on its own, and versatile enough to be worn with anything from a pencil skirt to sweatpants to a bohemian skirt.

Gold Cool Chain Necklace, from May Kool

Okay, so 9MUSES has their initials on a custom-made, gold chain initial necklace .But us normal can also get super fun gold necklaces that give off our current vibes for only ten bucks.

Refuge Hi-Waist Shortie Colored Denim Shorts

Looking for the perfect dancing shorts? BUY THESE. They"re high waist, so they go great with anything from a crop top to an oversized sweater, but they"re also short enough to be comfy and show off the latest dance moves you"ve mastered.

Women"s Neo Knee Socks, from Adidas

Get these while they"re hot! These past few months have been full of K-pop knee socks of all varieties. They haven"t been as common in fashion editorials or western pop concerts - YET -but we have a feeling they"re the next big thing in international trends.

Black Contrast Lace Up Trainers, from New Look

No sore feet or swollen ankles after dancing all night in these puppies. This pair is perfectly sporty while still being fashionable. Plus, it"s the perfect canvas shoe - you can swap out the white laces for a neon pair and all of a sudden you"ve got a whole new pair of shoes.

Upcoming Korean documentary 'The Piano'

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Upcoming Korean documentary 'The Piano'

Added the impending Korean documentary "The Piano""s page to HanCinema database"The Piano" (2015)Directed through Lim Seong-gooWith Park Yoo-chun,...SynopsisYe-eun used to be born without eyeballs and abandoned through her blood parents as a result of her revolting appearance. It used to be atotally paralyzed father and a motherworking a social welfare facility who raised Ye-eun. She used to be thought to be a blind piano prodigy since she used to be found gambling the piano through herself at the age of three despite the fact that she had never played it before. yet she used to be notin truth a prodigy. She had the confidence to go into piano competitions but failed back and again. After she lost self-confidence and give up playing a piano, her oldsters asked for professional lend a hand to inspire her. With that help, she tried to go into a contest back andin any case won the prize. She used to be veryhappy with her fulfillment in overcoming her physical disability and prejudice. This movie tells the touching tale of a disabled primary character, Ye-eun and her mom who is helping her faithfully and tirelessly.Release date in Korea : 2015/09

[Video] Wonder girls′ Ye Eun plays robust Piano Solo

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[Video] Wonder girls′ Ye Eun 
plays robust Piano Solo

--> All eyes are on Wonder girls′ Ye Eun in the crowd′s newest comeback teaser.

Ye Eun′s device teaser used to be released on July 24, showcasing the sweetness girls member′s tough piano solo.

Wonder girls is determined to go back as a 4-member band on August 3 after 3 years away and member adjustments.

Sunmi has rejoined the crowd as a bassist, whilst Yubin will play drums and Hye Rim will play the guitar. Ye Eun can be at the keyboard.

take a look at the clip underneath.

Nine Muses to switch their "hurt Locker" degree outfits beginning with this night"s "M! Countdown"

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Nine Muses 
to switch their

It"s been reported that Nine Muses could be converting their level outfits for performances in their hit song "hurt Locker" from now on.

Nine Muses" corporate "big name Empire Entertainment" just said, "The level outfits for "hurt Locker" could be ex replaced from their " unfashionable go well with glance" to a surprising "sporty glance" thought."

Their representative uploaded, "As here is their fourth week of promotion for this comeback, we"ve discovered some way to turn a new aspect of them. up to other individuals had been loving their "hurt Locker" level from, we've got ex replaced their outfits to bring out their perfect issues."

it turns out they've determined that it"s a great time to inter exswap up their outfits to upload anything new to their performances as they input their 4th week of promotions. we can"t wait to glance this new "sporty glance", and we bet you'll"t either!

So remember to test back to glance their new outfits on this night"s "M! Countdown"!

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Nine Muses" "Hurt Locker" surpasses the million view mark!

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Nine Muses

Nine Muses" popularity has steadily been growing and we"re happy to report that their latest MV "Hurt Locker" has reached over a million views!

The girls actually have nearly 2 million views total for "Hurt Locker" on YouTube, as the million mark was recently surpassed on the official video released on "kt music" channel, while the MV on their official channel, "NineMusesCh" also has nearly 750,000 views!

You can rewatch their MV here to raise the view count even higher! You can watch the "kt music" one above or the "NineMusesCh" one below. Congratulations to Nine Muses!

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INFINITE"s Woohyun feels hurt when he"s asked about his solo promotions?

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During the recent showcase for INFINITE"s mini-album, "Reality," Woohyun revealed his hopes for his own solo debut following the two solo releases by leader Sunggyu. He has been in a unit with SHINee"s Key before, but has yet to go solo despite being one of the main vocalists in the group.

MC Park Kyung Lim asked him, "Do you have ambitions to go solo?" he replied, "To be completely honest, it would be a lie for me to say I had no ambitions to go solo. Honestly, a lot of people [ask me that], too. It hurts my heart the most when they ask when my solo will be out, when I will put it out."

He continued, "There is a time for everything. There is luck and a time for people. Because [my solo release is] a confirmed thing, I also think that I will be able to try it sometime. I"m not crying over it. I will diligently prepare for it because I"ll probably be able to find and greet you all sometime."

MC Park Kyung Lim continued on, "Honestly, didn"t you try singing Sunggyu"s "The Answer"?" Woohyun personally sang a bit of it and then said, "I did sing it a couple times. I monitor his image on TV a lot and was so happy when Sunggyu got first place.

"I asked Sunggyu to talk about INFINITE separately and say something about Woohyun once, please. When he got first place on "Music Core," that was during the Dream Concert, and Sunggyu agreed to talk about me, but he didn"t to the end," showing some disappointment.

Sunggyu spoke up here, "I was unable to mention Woohyun by name and just said the members."

How badly do you want to see Woohyun as a solo artist?

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9MUSES has reportedly wowed people with the introduction of their dance practice video for the song called “Hurt Locker”

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9MUSES  has reportedly wowed  people with the introduction of  their dance practice video for the song called   “Hurt Locker”

9MUSES has released a full dance practice video for their song Hurt Locker for their fans!

The group recently joined the girl group comeback storm by releasing their music video for Hurt Locker, as well as their new album 9MUSES S/S Edition.

In the dance practice video, the girls are wearing sporty sneakers, shorts, and black and white tops. This fits with the groups concept for this comeback, which is both sporty and summery, as was seen in their outfits for their recent comeback performances on Music Bank and Music Core.

Now that you can see all the moves, are you going to try out 9MUSESs Hurt Locker dance?

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9MUSES has reportedly wowed people with the introduction of the MV for the song called “Hurt Locker”

News via soompi.com
9MUSES  has reportedly  wowed  people  with the  introduction of the MV  for the song called   “Hurt Locker”

9MUSES officially joins the girl group comeback storm with the release of their music video for title track Hurt Locker off their new album 9MUSES S/S Edition.

Hurt Locker is 9MUSES first song since their debut that was composed by a non-Korean team, namely producer Erik Lidbom (Girls Generations Catch Me If You Can and Genie, BoAs Hurricane Venus), Herbie Crichlow, and Anne Judith Wik.

Meanwhile, in tandem with the release of 9MUSES S/S Edition, which contains a total of 5 songs, 9MUSES also dropped a 92-page photo book that highlights each of the individual members.

Check out their new music video below and share with us your thoughts! How do you think Hurt Locker compares to the competition?

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