Soompi x Innisfree: Special Sheet Mask Deal For Soompiers!

Soompi x Innisfree: Special Sheet Mask Deal For Soompiers!

Soompi x Innisfree: Special Sheet Mask Deal For Soompiers!TeamSOOMPI Would possibly 5, 2016 0 Soompi x Innisfree: Special Sheet Mask Deal For Soompiers! Everybody and their neighbor is raving about sheet masks. Why? Well, sheet mask are necessarily a facial in a package. They not bestsupplyfast results, they are so much more cheap than a real facial. You'll be in a position to become in at the K-beauty vogue of the use of one sheet mask an afternoonto reach more flawless skin!

So now you could be wondering about which sheet masks you should try. Innisfrees sheet masks are globally popular and known for being awesomeamong its competitors. Take a glance at their noted sheet masks underneath and get an exclusive Soompi deal!

Sign up at Innisfrees global buying groceries mall here and get a code for 15% off in addition a code for fiveunfastened sheet masks (You can use those codes at the similar fourth dimensiontillCan also 31)!Get 10 sheet masks for free while youpurchase 10 (Until Can also 15)! Here's a limited time be offering and so hurry now~ Now we could review the sheet masks in more detail below:

The Its Real Squeeze Sheet Mask line is the cheapest and arguably the maximum well liked from Innisfree. With 16 otherforms of essences derived from herbal ingredients, theres a mask for each skin care worry out there. These sheet masks are made of man-made silk that contributes to a upper absoprtion rate. Some Soompi team favorites come with the tea tree mask for acne vulnerable skin, green tea and aloe for calming skin, and manuka honey for dry skin. I'dsuggestwanting several to see which of themfit your skin the best.

The Skin Medical institution job is the latest option from Innisfree and can also beregarded as the mid-range option amongst their sheet mask lines. These sheet masks are made of one hundred% cotton and listen on ingredients to target particular skin care concerns. These sheet masks are tremendous thin and transparent which aids in absorption as well. The hyaluronic acid mask is the hottest of the bunch because of being super moisturizing. For greater skin elasticity check out the collagen mask and the BHA mask for progressed skin texture.

Innisfrees 2nd Skin line is the priciest of the bunch yet for excellent reason. These masks made of fermented soybean in point of fact feel like a moment skin as it adheres in your skin so as to maximize skin care benefits. Its steadilytrickyto discover a face mask that suits faces well because everybody has a alternative face up shape. However, these second skin masks feature a advancedare compatiblethat mightbe certain your skin gets the most out  of the skin vitalizing ingredients. Select your selection from moisture, nourishing, brightening, lift-up (anti-aging), and hassle (acne)!

So which sheet masks are you most interested in? Try the several masks from every onevarietyto peer which ones best possible suit your personal skin care wishes and let us know which ones you adore the most!

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Interview Han Hyo-joo,

Interview Han Hyo-joo, "If I used to be in a 3 way situation I might select to get hurt"

"I experience harmony. Whether it be existence or love, I love things to be harmonious and natural".

Han Hyo-joo method harmony. We see actress Han Hyo-joo when we arespeaking roughlypaintings and personayetin terms ofnon-public talk, she's truthful and natural.

We met Han Hyo-joo in a caf in Seoul at the 8th.

The film "Loves, Lies" depicts the contest between entertainers So-yool (Han Hyo-joo) and Yeon-hee (Cheon Woo-hee) who need songwriter Yoon Woo's (Yoo Yeon-seok) song.

Han Hyo-joo takes on the role of So-yool who dreams of being the biggest singer. She's created a natural and blamelesssymbol for herself in "Beauty Inside", "C'est Si Bon" and "Love 911" but this time she's more passionate and provocative than that.

"They say that there don't appear to besufficient scenarios for an actress to make a choice from, but I assumedthis may brand me stand out. I knew that I may issuethe extraordinary alongside this one. That is why I determined to be in "Loves, Lies"".

Han Hyo-joo ideademanding to make her character greater and she's decided to make it work. Cheon Woo-hee had discussed that Han Hyo-joo used to be unshakable despite the reality that she looks weak. She's robust and desperate at sure points.

"I becamecussed about my character. I advisedquite so much ofideas to the director and I worked hard to make So-yool persuasive. As an actress I used to begrasping to make my character an excellent one. Then I learned that I should notat all timesconsider me, but I mustglance at the overallimageand notice where it is going. I learned that I have to beexcited aboutthe alternative things but even so precisely act".

Han Hyo-joo's hobby for her character stood out from the beginning. So-yool was born in a gisaeng call-office and when Yeon-hee arrived there one day, So-yool approached her first and suggested they be friends. However, her perfect friend had the voice of an angel and other folksbegan to be attracted to her in additionthe guy she loved. Here's when So-yool develops a feeling of jealousy and inferiority in opposition to Yeon-hee.

"I sought after to make So-yool brighter than she is in the beginning. I wished to bring out the innocence in her. So-yool is best 19 or 20 in the movie. She was born in a call-office so she does not know much about the outdoorglobal too. She was only told she was lovely and that she was talented her total life. But ifanythinglargeis going on around her, she can notsettle for information technology and adjustmentsthe manner she does in the movie. If So-yool was older and more mature, I do now not believe she would've grow to be so extreme. So, to make her seem more extreme, I had to make certain she was as harmless equallyimaginable in the beginning".

Han Hyo-joo is goingviaa chain of changes from a tender So-yool to an old girl who drops silent tears reminiscing about the past. Han Hyo-joo said that she was afraid her hide as an old ladywould possibly bring side effects to the movie. However, she overcame that worry as an actress.

"I talked much about the old woman phase with the director. He told me I had to be liable for So-yool from the starting to the end. He stated it would not existappropriate if I spent an hour and 50 mins of the motion picture as one character and have becomean entireother lineament in the ultimate 10 minutes. The disguise by myself would had been unnatural, but I'm hopingindividuals watch it with a wide heart".

Han Gyo-joo started education herself with singing, classic Korean dance and Jap three months earlier than the filming of the movie. Therefore, she was in a position to sing the normal Korean songs with a transparent voice and discussthe japanese language smartly in the movie.

"I spent the last 3 to four months practising myself. I sang three times a week and 3 times a week dancing. It was hard, but it was a laughstudying something new. I also learned many stuff that I did not know".

Yoon Woo calls So-yool 'peach blossom' which also occursto intend a 'slave for love'. Perhaps it was the director's purpose but it foresees So-yool who turns wretched in the procedureof having retrieving the affection her most sensible friend took from her. Will Han Hyo-joo make the similarresolution So-yool did if she was in that situation/

"I have not been in a state of affairs like that but I believeI might give up. I would wish to be harm myself and just accept things for a way they are. But who knows".

Han Hyo-joo was cute and giggly duringall the interview. She's a typical female who needs to fall in love.

"I have many faces inside of me. I'm calm once in a whileand infrequently ane am hyper. I do not like being made up so I don't fake to be something that i am not. I wish to spill in love too. I envy the onesfanatics who walk by hand in hand. I adore the 10CM song, "Do You favor Spring?" I hope one day I will be one of thesefolks in love".

Han Hyo-joo was awarded primary awards since she was young. She's made her way up slowly till now. She doesn't care about the prizes but she just wants to act.

"I'm glad when I am awarded something but that implies that a lot moredrive has been loaded on me. Not anything about the fact that I wish to act has replaced about me. I aim to act and nothing more".


Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for Reply 1988 Functionality at Chinese Awards Ceremony

Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for Reply 1988 Functionality at Chinese Awards Ceremony

Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for “Reply 1988” Functionality at Chinese Awards Rite notclaira April 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for “Reply 1988” Performance at Chinese Awards Ceremony The 16th Most sensible Chinese Song Awards came about on April 9, and Korean actor Park Bo Gum gave an overly special performance!

The awards ceremony, held in Shenzhen, used to be Park Bo Gum’s first legitimatematch in China. He collaborated with popular Chinese singer Hua Chen Yu to accomplisha distinctedition of the “Reply 1988” OST ‘Hyehwadong.”

Park Bo Gum played the grand piano with unexpected skill, whilst Hua Chen Yu sang the lyrics, that have beenbecome Chinese for the performance.

Park Bo Gum also won the Foreign Megastar Award at the ceremony. “Even despite the reality thathere's my first official occasion in China, I’m thankful that I were given to be invited to a large awards ceremony or evenbought an award,” he said. “Thank you for loving and supporting ‘Reply 1988.’”

He also asked audience to make stronger his upcoming KBS drama “Moonlight Drawn by means of Clouds” as well, which is scheduled to air on August.

Other stars provide at the developmentintegrated EXO, Wallace Chung, Wei Chen, Hua Chen Yu, and Wu Lei. Watch the performance below!

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Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Didn’t Use an Understudy for the Piano Scenes in His Upcoming Film

Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Didn’t Use an Understudy for the Piano Scenes in His Upcoming Film

Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Didnt Use an Understudy for the Piano Scenes in His Upcoming Movie orionight March 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Didnt Use an Understudy for the Piano Scenes in His Upcoming Film Actor Yoo Yeon Seok finds that he himself plays the piano in the approaching film, “Love, Lies.”

On the March 20 broadcast of “Section TV,” his co-stars in the film, Chun Woo Hee and Han Hyo Joo, sign up for the actor for an interview. The interview tells him, “I heard you conducted a piano piece for the film.”

Yoo Yeon Seok replies, “Even at the beginning, we didn’t have any stand-ins, so I done for the portions that I used to be in.”

Actress Chun Woo Hee comments, “He’s very captivating when he’s gambling the piano. Especially when he’s playing whilst in agony.” Han Hyo Joo chimes in, “I hope that he best plays when he’s no longer in agony.”

“Love, Lies” is because of premiere in Korea on April 13.

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Younha Stocks How She Convinced Her Folks to Give Her Piano Lessons

Younha Stocks How She Convinced Her Folks to Give Her Piano Lessons

Younha Stocks How She Convinced Her Folks to Give Her Piano Classes notclaira March 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Younha Shares How She Convinced Her Parents to Give Her Piano Lessons In a contemporary pictorial for KWAVE, Younha published that she had began begging for song lessons from her parents at the precocious age of five.

In the pictures, Younha is dressed in a warm red sweater with minimum makeup and blonde highlights in her brown hair. She provides off a girl-next-door feeling with her low-key style and set opposed to a backdrop of plantsand imagine frames.

“I think I’m the form ofuser who, when I wish to do something, I must do it,” she shares in the interview. “I used to be like that since I used to be young. At the time my circle of relativesturned into in tricky circumstances. Even such things as food was a concern, yet 1in realitysought after to take piano lessons. My parents told me that I sat down in the street in front of the piano faculty and cried like loopytill they agreed.”

It turns out like music is in the singer’s blood! The remainder of the pictorial and interview will also bediscovered in KWAVE’s March issue.

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Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun Get started  Candy Piano Romance in “Pageturner” Posters

Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun Get started Candy Piano Romance in “Pageturner” Posters

Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun Get startedCandy Piano Romance in Pageturner Posterskokoberry March 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun Begin Sweet Piano Romance in Pageturner Posters KBS 2TVs three-part formative years drama Pageturner has printed five posters starring Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, and Shin Jae Ha.

Kim So Hyun portrays Yoon Yoo Seul, Ji Soo acts as Jung Cha Shik, and Shin Jae Ha plays Search engine marketing Jin Mok. In the key posters, a love triangle seems to be foreshadowed as Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo are paired taking a lookgladwhilst Shin Jae Ha is cut loose them with a chilly expression. The tagline reads our early life ends here and hints at crucial fateful event.

Each primary actor has particular personpersonality posters as well. Kim So Hyuns says Im now not a genius? Youre just not anything special. It turns out that every biteven though her character has fantasticself assurance and self-esteem.

Ji Soos poster states Because the dream is so wonderful I beganshort of to reside in that dream. Smiling brightly, he seems to be cheerful.

Lastly, Shin Jae Has poster reads Please pass judgement on them via hells pillars of fire. The ominous remark coupled with his glare looks as if his character may be an antagonist.

Pageturner will mix the youths studies of love, friendship, and dreams as they grow. The ladies episode is slated to air on March 26 at 10:35 p.m. KST. The next episodes will air at thenext Saturdays.

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Yoo Yeon-seok VS Search engine marketing Kang-joon, either  gambling the piano

Yoo Yeon-seok VS Search engine marketing Kang-joon, either gambling the piano

Yoo Yeon-seok from the film "Haeeohwa" and Seo Kang-joon from the drama "Cheese in the Trap", are romantic men who can play the piano.

Yoo Yeon-seok starred in the tvN drama "Answer Me 1994" as an ace pitcher. He also starred in videos "Architecture 101", "A Werewolf Boy" and other Televisionpresentations and musicals.

In "Haeeohwa", he plays Yoon Yoo, the biggest composer of the year 1943. Yoon Yoo is a personality who needs to make a song that would touch the hearts of everyone. Yoo Yeon-seok fulfills the role of his character viagambling the piano himself in the movie.

Director Lee Byeong-hoon of "Haeeohwa" says, "Yoo Yeon-seok played the piano himself. He practiced eternally and created a greatedition of the movie.

Seo Kang-joon could also be a genius pianist in the drama "Cheese in the Trap". He starred in films "Beauty Inside" and "My Love, My Bride - 2014". In "Cheese in the Trap", he plays Baek In-ho, to take into accounta good piano player.


Number of Idols who Can’t Read Sheet Track Is at the Rise

Number of Idols who Can’t Read Sheet Track Is at the Rise

Number of Idols who Cant Read Sheet Tune Is on the upward push orionight February 19, 2016 0 LINE it!Number of Idols who Cant Read Sheet Music Is on the Rise In a stunning turn of events, it’s been reported that the number of idols who can't read musical notation, or sheet music, is on the rise.

Industry insiders have reported that where singers used to at once sing the accompaniment or lay down the fundamental beat for recordings, songwriters have now taken to offering “music recorded” (otherwise referred to as “MRs”), or pre-recorded versions of waysthey suspect their songs must exist sung. Thank you to the rage of the use ofthose “guide vocals,” being ready to read sheet music is turning into obsolete where it once used to be a required skill.

According to a couple of studio engineers, idol singers will now bring just their lyrics into the recording studio, in its place of the entire sheet music like their predecessors. Already the fashion of employingbook vocals has taken root, and where singers used to listing the complete song in one sitting, now singers record the songs measure through measure.

With this type ofmeans on the outs, it’s no longerdemanding to wonder how idols are trained in music. Many industry insiders say that the fact is, idols aren’t taught about harmonization or projection all through their vocal training. Here is because even supposing a mistake is made during recording or if any person is off-key, post-processing and auto-tune makes solving such mistakes simple.

An insider from a wide record label told XsportNews, “Lately, the focal point has been on the idols’ appearance and their dancing abilities. For singing, there aren’t many songs that call fora robust song talent, in huge partbecause of the ease of post-processing.”

When asked how idols sing continue to exist stage, the insider replied, Idols will apply the reside MR. The engineers will purposefully take out sounds or mismatch the breaths. Even if netizens post MR got rid of versions of live performances, these kinds of changes are undetectable.”

So you tell us: must always idols be required to be told how to read musical notation, or do you watchedstudying by ear is perfectly acceptable?

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Seven K-Drama Actors Who Also Play The Piano

Seven K-Drama Actors Who Also Play The Piano

Several actors do not precisely hit the correct note when they seem in dramas, they also understand how to play a couple of notes at the piano.

For example, Henry Lau played an athlete's manager and So Ji Sub's sidekick in "Oh My Venus," yet in genuine life, he isanything of a musical prodigy. He plays the piano, violin and drums. Henry's mother taught him to play the piano when he used to bebest five and he learned to play the violin at six. Some time afterward the Tremendous Junior M singer mastered the electric violin.

Park Shin Hye turned into once asked what she would have done had she no longer been an actress. She almost definitely would had been a piano teacher, she stated in a KBS Global interview. She beganfinding out the piano when she was in preschool, because her entirecircle of relatives is musical. Her brother plays guitar and composes.

Lee Sung Kyung, who lately plays the spoiled and sassy Baek In Ha in "Cheese in the Trap" was a student at a songcollege when she followed a friend's lead and entered an excellentstyle contest. Modeling resulted in acting but it was now not the occupation she in the beginning envisioned for herself.

"I have played the piano since I used to be seven," said Lee in a etoday interview. "Piano was the #1 thing in my life. In the beginning one rejected the advice that I is repeatedly a model."

But her pals encouraged her not to restrict herself so she entered the contest.

Seo Kang Joon who plays her brother and a piano virtuoso in "Cheese in the Trap" can in reality play too. He and EXO's Chanyeol had a piano struggle when they gave the impression on the truthdisplay "Roommates." His firmshowed that his piano abilities were some of the reasons he was forged in the drama and that he incessantly plays at fan meetings.

Kim Sun Ah is understood to k-drama lovers for her winning roles in such dramas as "My Beautiful Kim Sam Soon," "I Do I Do," and "Masked Prosecutor." But she's also talented in languages and music. She can discussJap and English fluently. She mastered Japanese, when her household lived there, and English, when she went to university in the U.S. She attended Ball State University in Indiana as a piano major.

Kim startedgambling when she was five but later admitted she didn'ttrain every bitnormally as she must have. Her peers sometimes practiced 8to ten hours a day.

Some actors were givenfascinated by the piano later in life.

"Gunman of Joseon's" Nam Sang Mi had a few courses as a kid justmade up our mindsto sweep up on her talents in 2009 after completing her role in the SBS drama "Gourmet." She described it as a amusing hobby.

Yoo Ah In learned to play the piano for his role in the drama "Secret Love Affair." He only had to faux the movements for his role as the piano prodigy in love with his teacher, but he was serious about applying himself.

Kim So Hyung, the pianist who served as classical music manager for the drama, praised the actor's determination to the role.

"It turns out like Yoo Ah In is a true genius," said Kim So Hyung. "He didn't know how to play the piano earlier than but I appreciatethe style he is ready tonotice and apply along when I tell him something only once."

And he did not just pass his palms to make it glanceas though he was playing.

"If I give him a troublesome piece to learn, he returns the next day to come having memorized it," said Kim. "I learned that whilst he is in a position to immerse himself in the music and has remarkable concentration, he is trulyan overlychallenging worker."


Piano Prodigy Returns for Concert in Seoul

Piano Prodigy Returns for Concert in Seoul

Pianist Cho Seong-jin smiles at a press tournament in Seoul on Monday.

Pianist Cho Seong-jin is back in his house country for the primary time since his win at the World Fryderyk Chopin Piano Festival in Poland ultimate autumn.He and five other Chopin winners are acting in a gala concert in Seoul on Tuesday. At a press event, the prodigy statedhe'll existfreeingsome other album with classical label Deutsche Grammophon. His first solo album used to be released in November at the same label and integrated 30 tracks of are living performances. It posted listing sales here with more than 80,000 copies sold last year alone.Cho said that he may beoccupied with the opportunity to record a functionality for his approaching album with maestro Chung Myung-whun in Dresden this April.