White Day Fashion for Guys

White Day is here. March 14 marks White Day which is celebrated in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. In South Korea, the men pay back the women who gave them chocolate on valentine's day

White Day Fashion for Guys

White Day is here.

March 14 marks White Day which is celebrated in countries such as , , Taiwan and China. In , the men pay back the women who gave them chocolate on valentine’s day. When it comes to deciding what to wear on the special day, guys can look at some of Korea’s top stars, such as Park Yoochun, Lee Min Ho and , for help.

White Day Fashion for Guys

At a press conference for the upcoming SBS drama “,” Park Yoochun wore a classic mix of black, white, and beige. The light colored pants and white V-neck shirt provide a nice color contrast with the black blazer. It’s casul and dressy at the same time, and gives a soft look.

Rather than those comfy shorts and plain T-shirts guys tend to wear regularly, we commend opting for something special on White Day.

With just a few staples, such as dark colored blazers and khakis, the wardrobe possibilities are endless. You can even take one of your old everyday T-shirts and dress it up with a dark jacket.

White Day Fashion for Guys
Lee Min Ho, who portrayed the young “Yang Myung” in the highly popular MBC drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” is quickly becoming a rising star and grabbing the attention of many female . At a press conference for his upcoming drama, he did not disappoint us with his fashion sense.

If you’re usually a stylish kind of guy, you can opt for something like Min Ho’s look. A patterned shirt under a jacket or vest adds a of uniqueness. The key here is layering. Striped scarves or even a necktie add a little pizzazz.

No need to go too formal though, you can also opt for a denim vest for a more casual look, like the guy in the upper right corner.

White Day Fashion for Guys

Actor Lee Tae Sung shows a chic black look. Because black is such a versatile color, he can go comfortable without sacrificing style. Even just dark colored jeans with a comfy black sweater will make you look polished and ready for a nice date. Add in a knit black scarf for added flair already look more fashionable.

Lee Tae Sung’s look is stylish and yet very simple, which allows more spotlight on the girl. What a gentleman.

Guys, which of these looks best describes you? And girls, which of these looks would you like on your or that special someone?

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