2AM’s Seulong hopes to act with Shin Min Ah

2AM’s Seulong hopes to act with Shin Min Ah

2AMs Seulong hopes to act with Shin Min Ah

On a recent episode of KBS Joys The Chair Korea 2, 2AMs Seulong chose Shin Min Ah as the actress he would most like to work with.

Seulong is known for his various activities in not only music, but acting and modeling as well. Still, his talents proved to be of little help in front of the pressing questions of MC Shin Dong Yeob, who promptly put him in the spotlight with questions that would make any idol shy away.

During their OX Talk, Seulong was asked whether he had a particular female celebrity in mind that he would like to act with. After some hesitation, he carefully replied, Id love to act with Shin Min Ah someday. Shin Dong Yeob answered back, Shes an actress that grew up beautifully.

Seulong was also asked a series of questions like Do you think 2AM is more popular than 2PM and Do you have the numbers of female celebrities, to which he replied yes to both.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate