‘Holyland’ releases movie teaser featuring U-KISS’ Dongho

‘Holyland’ releases movie teaser featuring U-KISS’ Dongho

Holyland releases movie teaser featuring U-KISS Dongho

Last year, we reported that U-KISSs Dongho was cast for a made-for-TV movie called Holyland.

Directed by Park Ki Hyung of Whispering Corridors, the four-part movie released a teaser video featuring U-KISSs Dongho showing the groups maknae looking anything but young.

Holyland is about a high school student who doesnt fit in at school or at home. After spending endless nights rebelling against society in the streets, he picks up boxing and begins to learn his worth, picking up love and friendship along the way.

The movie is scheduled to release next month, but until then, check out the teaser below!

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