28817glowing She Check Out A Kiss Scene Between So Lee Hyun And Kim Hyung Joon

Glowing She: Check out a kiss scene between So Lee Hyun and Kim Hyung Joon

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Glowing She: Check out a kiss scene between So Lee Hyun and Kim Hyung Joon

A kiss scene of Glowing She’s stars, So Lee Hyun and Kim Hyung Joon, is in the limelight.

The kiss scene was already boded in last week’s episode. Kang Min (played by Kim Hyung Joon) gives an unapproved kiss to Jeon Ji Hyun (played by So Lee Hyun) on a street while being watched by everyone.

The kiss scene on the street is very shocking in that in the series, Kang Min is a top star and Jeon is a junior writer.

It’s no wonder the shooting was delayed for a while because of all the crowed with their cameras, surrounding the set. What’s more, the scene seems to add fuel to a love triangle among Kang Min, Jeon Ji Hyun, and No Yong Woo, which bodes more turbulence.

Netizens responded: “The love triangle seems to reach the climax.” “There are always two guys and a girl, but in the end only one guy will be successful.”

The KBS Drama’s series airs every Saturday at 11:00 p.m.

Kim Hyung Joon's Kiss Scene in "She's Completely Insane"

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Kim Hyung Joon's Kiss Scene in "She's Completely Insane"

Actress So Yi Hyun and SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon’s kiss scene from “Shes Completely Insane” is shown above.

In KBS Drama channel’s “She’s Completely Insane” that first broadcasted on March 10, Jeon Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun) refused to accept Kang Min’s (Kim Hyung Joon) proposal, and Min kissed her in the public.

The once top singer Min kissed Ji Hyun who is a variety program scenario writer, fans gathered and started taking photos of two kissing.

Besides the kiss scene, scenes of ice-cold star producer Park Gwang Hyun treating So Yi Hyun in a friendly way were released as well. And those scenes hint towards an interesting story line.

The drama “She’s Completely Insane” airs every Saturday at 11 PM KST.

Hong Jong Hyun in Talks to check in for Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, and EXO’s Baekhyun in “Moon Lovers”

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Hong Jong Hyun in Talks to sign up for Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, and EXO’s Baekhyun in “Moon Lovers” Actor Hong Jong Hyun has gained a casting be offering for the drama “Moon Lovers.” On November 18, his firm WIDMAY Entertainment said, “He is still thinking over the offer. The role has no longer been determined yet.”

“Moon Lovers” is a remake of the Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart.” The usual tale is ready a lady from the prevailing day who is going back in time to the Qing dynasty. If Hong Jong Hyun accepts the offer, he'll be joining actors Lee Joon Gi and Kang Ha Neul, who have also acquired casting offers, in addition EXO’s Baekhyun in his drama debut.

The drama could be directed via Kim Gyu Tae (his outdated projects come with “That Winter, the Wind Blows” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and may air someday next year.

Hwang Jung Eum Says Park search engine optimization Joon Acknowledged He idea He Was once Kissing a Wall Throughout Kiss Scene

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Hwang Jung Eum Says Park search engine optimization Joon Acknowledged He idea He Was once Kissing a Wall Throughout Kiss Scene

--> Hwang Jung Eum revealed, "After the kiss scene, Park search engine optimization Joon said, ′I idea i used to be kissing a wall.′"

Hwang Jung Eum attended a newshounds roundtable for the realization of MBC′s She used to be Pretty at the Shilla Hotel Youngbinkwan Emerald Room in Seoul on November 12, where she shared behind-the-scenes studies from the set.

On operating with Park Seo Joon for the 2d one time, following her outdated drama MBC′s Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwang Jung Eum said, "Seo Joon and I paintings in reality smartly together. If I do something, he gets it appropriate away, and when we′re acting, the back-and-forth is fun. I′m in no function to discuss his acting, yet I at all times thought he′s actually just right among folks my age. I actually liked him whilst acting. He made acting profitable and fun. When it ended, Park Seo Joon said, ′Nuna. Thank you for making up for the spaces I lack in,′ and I believe the similar way. The portions I can′t do, (Park Seo Joon) made up for."

She continued, "He′s quick-witted and charming. He′s any person I′m thankful for. He followed my lead well, relied on me and made the ambience on set bright. If I became being icy, Park Seo Joon made it fun."

When asked to select one memorable scene, Hwang Jung Eum said, "The Xylitol scene and the scene where Kim Shin Hyuk says to stay in mind him as he was leaving was memorable. The creator wrote it so well, I didn′t must do much. Because I just had to observe the script. I′m no longer the sort that enjoys ad-libbing. They′re words that the publisher almost certainly wrote with painstaking care, going over it tens of thousands of times more than me, so in position of do more or do less, I feel it′s right to realize precisely what′s written in the script and act. They were all memorable scenes. all the lines were truly good, and I would like to work with the writer back soon."

Hwang Jung Eum continued, "The scene where I′m crying while packing was also really good. If I stated something, Move Joon Hee, Choi Siwon and Park Seo Joon never said, ′Unnie, that′s no longer it,′ but just followed my lead. Park Seo Joon has pretty thick lips. I take into account the kiss scene. Because Kim Hye Jin is an blameless character, I said I wasn′t going to do anything, and Park Seo Joon said, ′I thought I was kissing a wall.′ I laughed a lot. I also fell asleep for the duration of rehearsal. That took place twice, so Park Seo Joon laughed."

Meanwhile, She Was Pretty concluded its run on November 11. Hwang Jung Eum proved all over again that she′s an actress you just believe and watch via her role as Kim Hye Jin, an ′ugly′ woman-turned-beauty, who rekindles a romance with her first love Ji Sung Jun (Park Seo Joon).

Hwang Jung Eum relays Park Search engine marketing Joon's hilarious words after their kiss scene

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Hwang Jung Eum relays Park Search engine marketing Joon's hilarious words after their kiss scene

In a up to date interview with the click following of completion of her MBC drama, "She used to be Pretty," Hwang Jung Eum discussed her chemistry with her co-star, Park Seo Joon.  This marked their 2d production in combination since "Kill Me, Heal Me" in which they played siblings.

She said, "Park Seo Joon and I paintings rather well together.  He selections up on things in point of fact temporarily and has excellent sense.  If I act more or less in opposition to him on set, he makes the ambience bright.  I don"t have the rights to dare to discuss his acting, yet my friend Park Seo Joon does very well.  He"s fun, so there"s a flavor to his acting.  I thought, "Ah, nice~" whilst I filmed."

She then went onto speaking about their kiss scenes, making everybody laugh with, "Park Seo Joon"s lips are a little bit thick.  I told Park Seo Joon that I wouldn"t do anything else because Hye Jin is an blameless character."  However, after the kiss scene, she changed into hilariously told through Park Seo Joon, "I idea i used to be kissing a wall or something."

Also, after the final broadcast, Park Seo Joon had sent her a text message that read, "Thank you for filling the portions where I was lacking."  She acknowledged about this, "It was the similar for me.  Thanks for filling up the elements where I was lacking.  It felt like the balance was right."

Watch: Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Park SEO Joon’s Kiss Scene Sends Lovers Into a Frenzy

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Watch: Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Park Seo Joon’s Kiss Scene Sends Fans Into a Frenzy A behind-the-scenes video clip of a well-liked kissing scene between Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum of “She used to be Pretty” is sending fans into a frenzy.

On November 9, MBC’s “She Become Pretty” team released the video clip heightening fans’ anticipation for the impending ultimate episode. They titled the video clip, “Park Seo Joon’s Masculine ‘Against the Wall’ Kiss that would Wake You Up.”

In the video clip, Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum are operating difficult guaranteeing their each cross is choreographed just right. Park Seo Joon is jokingly comforting Hwang Jung Eum who looks tired ample to gain the producer’s sympathy.

The kiss scene lasted longer than what was actually aired. the 2 actors shyly phase and laugh it off once they listen the manufacturer yell out “Cut.”

“She Was Pretty” is Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum’s 2nd drama in combination since their paintings in “Kill Me Heal Me.” The last episode of “She Was Pretty” will air on November 11.

Check out the behind-the-scenes of the kissing scene here:

Watch the newest episode of “She Was Pretty” here:

Son Ho Joon Is Bashful After Kiss Scene With Lee Da Hee on “Mrs. Cop”

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Son Ho Joon Is Bashful After Kiss Scene With Lee Da Hee on “Mrs. Cop” Though Son Ho Joon is a macho guy in “Mrs. Cop,” he printed to be shyer in genuine life, especially after a kiss scene.

On the episode of SBS‘s “Night of television Entertainment,” the closing episode celebration for SBS’s “Mrs. Cop,” which ended on September 29, is revealed.

“We can have aimed for a couple award all the manner through award ceremonies if the kiss scene was once previous into the season, yet it became too a long way into the end,” Lee Da Hee says.

“We filmed the kiss scene 3 days aga, and I haven’t been in a position to seem her in the attention since then,” Son Ho Joon confesses.

Afterwards, the 2 are given a time to replace glances, but the two soon glance away and down their beer to keep away from the awkwardness.

Check out their kiss scene under (near the 52 minute mark):

CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Had to movie Kiss Scene With search engine optimization Yi An the primary Time He Met Her

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CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Had to Film Kiss Scene With Seo Yi An the 1st Time He Met Her During CNBLUE‘s exhibit for their 2nd full-length album “2gether,” Lee Jong Hyun shared a behind-the-scenes secret that made him somewhat nervous.

He discussed actress Seo Yi An, who is the key lady in their “Cinderella” song video, saying, “The director told me to pose as though i'm about to kiss her. It made me nervous.”

During the time of the music video shoot, it used to be Lee Jong Hyun’s first time assembly the actress. in spite of never having met her before, he did a super task in the music video forming a romantic chemistry with her.

Check out Lee Jong Hyun’s scenes in the “Cinderella” music video!

Later, Lee Jung Shin chimed in and complained about this music video, saying, “All the alternative participants had skinship scenes yet me. Mine were so simple.”

CNBLUE Vol. 2 - 2gether Enhance the artist by way of purchasing CNBLUE- 2gether from YesAsia Source (1)

Lim Ji-yeon, 'Hyung Sik led the kiss scene'

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Lim Ji-yeon, 'Hyung Sik led the kiss scene'

"My call is Lee Ji-yi. Lee Ji-yi the opposite direction around, too". The rap she did in the SBS drama "prime Society" displayed her persona.

Like the "hu guy diet" that she is, Ji-yi b correctened up the drama. fair Ji-yi"s expression of love for Yoo Chang-soo (Hyung Sik) become once as adorable as ever. Lim Ji-yeon"s role of Ji-yi made everybody smile.

"prime Society" become once like nutrients to me. i used to be glad to get the entire compliments too. i'm very similar to Ji-yi. I"m b correct. change for me is being all secretive like the videos. I didn"t feel drive in having to turn a other facet of me. I just acted out myself".

Ji-yi has at all times been honest about her emotions. She even played challenging to get occasionally. She would be keen to turn Chang-soo her love at one point yet hesitated when she learned his circle of relatives background and made him fear. This took place because she become once too honest.

"Ji-yi doesn"t do the math when she plays challenging to get. If she did, she wouldn"t were as advantageous looking. Her honesty would possibly have gave the impression of she become once fiddling with him".

Ji-yi isn't your habitual drama lady. She"s Jang Yoon-ha"s (UEE) friend yet her ro guyce with Chang-soo become once nearly the key tournament of the drama.

" i used to be attracted to Ji-yi the instant I saw the state of affairs. I"ve simplest acted out much heavier personas earlier than so I sought after to take a look at anything more like me. I knew I may just pull off Ji-yi because she"s similar to me".

Ji-yi talks straightforwardly. She worries about breaking apart with Chang-soo yet she never concealed her true emotions for him.

"there become once a scene where I ask Chang-soo if i can touch his ears. Hyung Sik and I were shocked to read that at the script. I have become shameless after that. We either have become grasping for more and agreed to make it a laugh. We went overboard to make it a laugh and enjoyed doing so".

there become once numerous touching with Hyung Sik. They met every other at the SBS tv display "Law of the Jungle" first earlier than they joined the drama. Wouldn"t they've been awkward since they"re already close buddies?

"There"s the scene where they spend an evening at a hotel. We called it the "sexual scene". it would"ve been awkward yet it become once a laugh. Being shy become once a laugh. We kissed in the rain and it become once over earlier than we knew it. Hyung Sik is in genuineity excellent at acting. i used to be shocked because he concentrates in genuineity smartly and i used to be led by way of him".

the solid of "prime Society" enjoyed every others" corporate. Seong Joon. UEE, Hyung Sik and Lim Ji-yeon are a noisy bunch.

"We had a excellent time among ourselves. The director even had to let us know to forestall speaking such rather much. Ji-yi is a noisy one in the drama so UEE had to calm me down".

Chang-soo and Ji-yi were stunning. Their honest and blind love become once supported by way of everybody gazing the drama and a few even become hoping they have become a couple in genuine like.

"Hyung Sik says i'm like a neighboring "brother". Hyung Sik is a movergeous guy. He"s good-looking and well mannered. He"s guyly and highly regarded. guyy of us asked if we"re in genuineity moveing out yet I don"t think Hyung Sik thinks of me as a lady".

Lim Ji-yeon de yeted ultimate year with "Obsessed" and persevered to famous person in "The Treveryerous" and now "prime Society". She is now a emerging famous person rookie and is in the highlight.

"Being in a drama approach you'll see the reactions instantly so I had to do higher. Even for the those who helped me out such rather much, I had to do my easiest. i need to take a look at out other personas too".

Lim Ji-yeon is easymoveing and curious. She appealed to the public in "Law of the Jungle" or even attempted rat meat. She isn"t afraid of take a look ating anything new. She loves to be active so she is these days finding out how to scuba dive.

" i'm a curious lady. i need to take a look at new things. i'm careless. Everyone else freaked out at the jungle yet I wondered when else i could take a look at rat meat and i used to be very hungry. It become once al correct. I did take parasiticide when I were given back house"..

Lim Ji-yeon is the hot MC for the MBC display " segment tv" too. Her first display went smartly ultimate week.

" i used to be frightened yet it become once a laugh. It become once my first re facet display yet the ambience become once in genuineity great and worried about doing a bad task yet everybody helped me and it went al correct".

Active Lim Ji-yeon, what about the navy? MBC tv display "Real Men" are rounding up feminine contributors for a unique edition. We asked her about it.

"I listen that rather much. I listend they move via numerous pain. I"ve observed other girls at the display. I do need to take a look at it".

Source : www.osen.co.kr/articl...

Nam Tae Hyun appeared to have expressed how he felt when doing the First-Ever Kiss Scene

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WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun Shares Thoughts on His First-Ever Kiss Scene WINNER’s Nam Tae Hyun and actress Seo Min Ji recently revealed their thoughts on their kiss scene with one another during filming.

On May 4, Nam Tae Hyun, Seo Min Ji, Son Jin Young, G-Friend’s Yerin, and Topp Dogg’s Sangdo were in attendance at the press conference for the web drama “Midnight’s Girl.”

When asked about his first-ever kiss scene with his co-star Seo Min Ji, the WINNER member expressed, “I worried a lot because it was my first time filming a kiss scene. I had a lot of expectations and I think it was sweet.”

He also added, “It was a bit hazy since we filmed it early in the morning. So I don’t remember [what happened] very well,” causing laughter.

Seo Min Ji also shared, “I was also very worried for the kiss scene. I thought about what to do in order to make it look pretty. I was focused on the situation. I thought it was sweet as well.”

Meanwhile, “Midnight’s Girl” is a fantasy-based romantic comedy music web drama that tells the story of Gong Ji Dan after he experiences a life-changing event at a karaoke room. It will be revealed first through Naver TV Cast for two weeks starting May 4, before airing on MBCEvery1 on May 7 and 14.